In this theory I’m going to compare the SH to some people in the old generation but are still active. Once these certain people die/quit/etc I believe the Straw Hat I describe will take something similar to their role. This will be very weird, trust me


Monkey D Luffy is the new Roger, old Pirate king

I think this because, well, you know of course. Luffy carries on Rogers will, and becomes the new Pirate King. No trouble there..


Roronoa Zoro is the new ..Dracule Mihawk Silvers Rayleigh

Mihawk because of the World’s greatest swordsman. Rayleigh cause he’ll be the pirate kings right hand man. Many think he’ll awaken CoC Haki once he opens his left eye. I think that could be a possibility. Most likely after beating Mihawk or Shiliew, he’ll become the WGS.


Sanji could be the new .. Red Leg Zeff Monkey D. Dragon

Yes, you saw it correctly. Monkey D Dragon. Now, put down your pitchforks. Remember this scene:


Now I believe Oda put that for a reason. This could be major foreshadowing for around the end of the series. And Dragon is currently the most feared man, so Sanji taking his place is like being the new Dragon. Plus, many theories of Sanji being a Noble or a Celestial Dragon could affect the outcome of his future. Red Leg Zeff was put because, well, both cooks, same fighting style, the basic stuff. But I don’t think Sanji will have that revolutionary army and stuff like that. I think he’ll be feared for something.. Maybe his heritage?


Franky, Cutty Flam as the new Dr. Vegapunk

It was between Vegapunk or, Ceaser Clown. But CC is too much of a jerk and not at all like Franky. And Dr. Vegapunk is a similar scientist type engineer like Franky. This could be possible. But we don’t know much about Vegapunk and there could be some other people from Roger’s crew that could fit in. And Franky being the new Vegapunk would actually be really awesome.


Nico Robin as the new Dr. Clover

I chose this and not her mom because we don’t know much about Olivia, and I didn’t choose Kuma cause they’re nothing alike. Clover was the major archaelogist in Ohara, and Robin could carry on his will and surpass him, aiding the future Pirate King. A great fit.


Brook as the new ..Brook

Brook was already from the elder times, and is not really similar to anyone else. Brook will be his own man and continue on with his own goals. GO BROOK!


Usopp as the new Shanks Noland Yasopp or Buggy

Montblanc Usopp? Seems Plausible. Usopp is very similar to Noland, and his lies are all becoming true. He could actually be the Usoland. Shanks was just a cabin boy, but became a very strong person. Usopp could awaken CoC and become like Shanks. The usopp pirates and Usopp leaving them is similar to Shanks leaving Luffy and giving him his straw hat. Usopp and Yasopp are both excellent snipers; though Usopp will get stronger and surpass him. Buggy and Usopp both have great luck and have very similar personalities. Both make themselves seem super powerful, but actually aren’t as powerful as they boast. Lol.


Tony Tony Chopper as the new Dr Hiluluk

Chopper will carry his will of becoming an amazing doctor, who can cure any disease.


Nami as the new Boa Hancock

Both are pretty tough females and very pretty, and they do show off their body most of the time. Both have a deep love for something (Money, Luffy) and both are overall very similar. I don’t think Nami has CoC and will be a Warlord as well as an ex-slave, but might have a similar role at the EOS as Hancock does. Nami could become the most tough navigator and female in One Piece. I can see Nami becoming a queen-type person. Oh and if Nami becomes the head of Amazon Lily at sometime that’ll be hilarious.

Law = Whitebeard
Kid = Shiki
Thousand Sunny = Oro Jackson
Coby and Smoker are hard ones, but I think Smoker will join the SH.

*Theory by Red Beard


    Viola is one of my favourite characters. This is my theory explaining every reason why she should be the next Mugiwara, how events will unfold leading to her recruitment and arguing against common remarks made to derail her support and chances.

    I understand you’ll probably disagree, but please hear me out, it’s worth a read

    Parallels with Robin:
    What stands out to me the most is her uncanny similarities with Robin in terms of plot role. This is not to be confused with physical similarities so many people miscomprehend, there are about as many physical similarities between Robin and Viola as there are similarities between Nami and the latter two. So anyways, Viola and Robin have very similar plot roles, a reason that works strongly in her favour:

    1. Nico Robin was working for the enemy, although for her own protection, this is very similar to Viola working for the enemy to protect her family
    2. The country of their recruitment arc is under the control of a very tactful Shichibukai
    3. Viola and Robin both sided with the Strawhats, initially in secret
    4. Both have very useful devil fruit abilities, it is important to note both are good at assassinations. All three (including Nami) are skilled with stealth, a pattern on the Strawhat crew which Viola fits very well
    5. Both fought the arc villain in a futile attempt to defeat them before Luffy comes to finish the job
    6. Both have nowhere to go after the defeat of the Shichibukai enemy is defeated, I will explain this in more detail later
    7. The port where she plans to leave is filled with Marines, like when the Mugiwara’s left Alabasta with Robin on board

    Recruitment Pattern:

    There are several recruitment patterns which she fits into:

    1. MFMM gender pattern: within each sea the Strawhats have recruited a Male, Female, Male Male sequence. After Jinbe on Fishman Island (an unofficial member as of right now), Viola is the second, and Female recruit.
    2. Most Strawhats decline invitations from crewmates, but accept invitations from Luffy. Sometimes even initially declining Luffy’s invite at first, although eventually changing their mind. As we can see:
        1. Zoro accepted Luffy’s invitation
        2. Usopp accepted Luffy’s invitation, but declined invitations from both Zoro and Nami
        3. Sanji accepted Luffy’s invitation
        4. Nami accepted Luffy’s invitation
        5. Chopper accepted Luffy’s invitation but declined Nami’s invitation
        6. Robin didn’t even ask for an invitation, although it is inferred Luffy invited her, although this is unclear
        7. Franky accepted Luffy’s invitation, he also declined invitations from Sogeking and Sanji
        8. Brook accepted Luffy’s invitation
        9. Jinbe accepted Luffy’s invitation
        10. Viola has declined an invitation from Sanji already, this is foreshadowing that Luffy will invite her aboard, afterall, he will save her from Doffy, which almost matches Robin’s recruitment
    3. Luffy likes her:
        1. Luffy has always liked crewmembers before they join, and interacts with them. The recruits also interact with other members of the crew. They also always end up fighting the Arc villain at some point, even if it’s very brief: of course, Luffy himself likes himself and fought Alvida, so even he fits the pattern.
        2. Zoro was considered a good person and fought against Morgan
        3. Nami was considered a good person and fought Buggy and had conflicts with Arlong
        4. Usopp was adored by Luffy due to his lies, he helped Luffy against Kuro
        5. Sanji fought briefly with Krieg. Luffy witnessed his caring nature when he fed Gin and thought he was a good person
        6. Chopper was seen as a badass meat supply with 7 forms that fought with Wapol, and we know how much Luffy loves meat
        7. Robin was saved by Luffy, Robin fought Crocodile, Luffy deemed her a good person and expressed this view on the Merry before she joined
        8. Franky fought briefly with Luffy against Lucci. Luffy also therefore deemed Franky fit to join
        9. Brook fought and helped fight against Moriah, Luffy loved the guy!
        10. Jinbe was already a good friend with Luffy after Marineford and briefly tossled with Hody
        11. Viola has helped Luffy muliple times, he likes her and she is currently fighting DoffY
    4. She had a chapter named after her. As every other Mugiwara did. This was not the case with Vivi or Monet… so yeah.
    5. She is designed incredibly accurately:
        1. Luffy is Oda’s own reflection on what he was like as a teenager and child
        2. Zoro is an amalgamation of Francois L’ollonais, a buckeneer who was very skilled with swords, who’s name sounds similar to Roronoa when pronounced in japanese. On top of that, his parallels with El Zorro also are clear as he is a good person and yet a wanted man and considered a ‘Demon’, again, Zorro is a good swordsman
        3. Nami is based upon Catwoman. Both have an obsession with money and specialise in stealth and other dastardly deeds. Nami’s epithet is ‘Cat Burglar’, which is another name Catwoman goes by in the comics. She even has a sister and an adoptive mother, like Catwoman. The ambiguity of their allegiances matched back in Arlong Park and they even have similar fighting styles (with Staffs and gymnastics)
        4. Usopp is named after Aesop, the man who initially orated the tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Usopps lies are amazingly all becoming true, he is the ultimate foreshadowing device, much like the boy in the story. He also has a long nose based upon Pinocchio and is an articulate amalgamation of liars
        5. Sanji is based upon Steve Buscemi and Romeo Capulet. The ultimate ladies-man. He dresses similarly to Steve in Reservoir Dogs, but also looks like Leonardo Dicaprio in his role as Romeo from the 1998 Hollywood movie – Romeo and Juliet. On top of that he is a chain smoker, like Steve.
        6. Chopper is obviously designed on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not just due to his discoloured blue nose, but due to the fact he was called an outcast. He also pulled a sled “through the sky” on Drum Island.
        7. Robin is based upon Cinderella. She has a horrible aunt and did a lot of chores around the house, exactly like Cinderella and her step sisters. Robin running away from the World Government is exactly like Cinderella running from the ball. Kuzan’s ice pathway symbolises the glass staircase and glass slippers Cinderella wore.
        8. Franky, at least pre timeskip, looked like Ace Ventura and Popeye the Sailorman. I don’t know much about Ace, but Popeye consuming Spinach made him much more powerful, likewise, this is the effect Cola had on Franky. Franky building the Sunny is also like Popeye building his own ship.
        9. Brook is like a sailor from the poem ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, in which a man’s crew dies because of disease, and they all sing one last song together as they drop dead one by one. He was the first mate of the Rumbar pirates (as was the sailor), and their pasts match this perfectly. The sailor also, like Brook, had the goal to find his friend at the end of the ocean (Laboon).
        10. Viola is based on a woman called Violet Gibson. Of course, the names are very similar, but even greater parallels can be drawn. Both were skilled dancers. Both attempted to assassinate a fascist dictator (Mussolini and Doflamingo, this is symbolised through their fight going on right now). And lastly, her last words were “I can see everything”, alluding to her Giro Giro no Mi. She was remarked as insane and mentally ill which also parallels her decision to fight Doflamingo, her behaviour around men and surely knowing what everyone is thinking would drive you mad.

    Clearly, Oda puts in a lot of effort into making the Strawhats very accurately designed. I understand that a lot of people will say he does this with a lot of characters. Which is true, but all of the characters like that are incredibly important to the story and unless Viola becomes a Strawhat, she won’t fulfil this role. It’s a lot of wasted effort if Viola is so well designed and planned if she doesn’t have immense relevance to the story, as she isn’t a world leading figure, she will have to be a Strawhat.


    Of course, her past is incredibly sad. Like the rest of the Strawhats. I don’t feel I need to explain them all, but surely being held to ransom for 10 long years, working to save her family and watching everyone getting killed whilst she is helpless is very similar to two other Strahwats:

    Nami and Robin. This is yet another pattern she fulfils. Not just as a member with a sad past, but a member with a similar past to the other two members of the same gender. Afterall, Nami was held to ransom and worked to save her village, and watched helplessly as many got killed. Likewise, Robin was helpless to stop the buster call or her fellow researchers from being slaughtered.

    Her dream can easily be revealed later. It’s possible her dream relates to the abolition of the Shichibukai, or taking Shichibukai down. Other possiblities are to reduce or abolish corruption in the world, afterall, she can see it all, and she used to be very trusting. This dream would involve taking down or changing the World Government: which ties into the Shichibukai system which relates to Doffy, the villain that shaped her life.

    Plans to leave Dressrosa:

    Viola had explained to Sanji that she already had plans to leave Dressrosa. This debunks the arguments made about her needing to stay because she is royalty. Besides, she is third in line after Riku and Rebecca


    She, being a former pirate of one of the most evil groups we’ve seen thus far will have a bounty and become a wanted woman. We know this to be true because of the Strawhats send off from Alabasta: the Strawhats couldn’t vocally respond to Vivi because she could have been associated with pirates and become a wanted woman:


    This is exactly what will happen to Viola. And for her own protection she will join the crew. She already intended to leave the country.

    Position on the Sunny:

    Obviously she would be a lookout and dancer to go with Brooks music. A perfect combination.

    Running gags:

    As she has a habit of stabbing those who betray her or cheat her, Viola could have a running gag of chasing Sanji around with her knife trying to stab him after he flirts with Nami and Robin. Due to Usopp’s lies, she could also have a running gag with him as her powers are the antithesis of his habits. She fits perfectly with the crew.

    Why she won’t be overpowered:

    Her clairvoyance isn’t always active. If it was she would have seen the Donquixote Invasion hours before it occurred.


    Simply put, she wouldn’t ruin the suspense or thrill of the sea journeys in the slightest. Her powers probably use a lot of stamina, which also makes sense. A further parallel with Robin, making her a likely candidate is that their fruits are perceived as ‘overpowered’ and yet Oda could and has easily nerfed the fruit powers.

    She’s ‘not too’ similar to Robin:

    1. Viola is a close combat fighter whilst Robin fights in long range
    2. Viola is 20cm shorter than Robin
    3. Robins face looks completely different. Eyes are different sizes, and Robins nose is far more flat and square, their hair is also a different style and slightly different colours
    4. They even dress differently
    5. Differences in terms of plot also exist, such as the fact it took Robin 4 arcs to join from introduction, whereas Viola only one (most likely)
    6. Robins history had no reveal until 180 chapters after she joined. Viola’s past has already been touched upon

    The argument about being too similar is also very wrong.

    Recruitment saga:

    What will likely transpire is Viola, already wanting to leave, also being an outcast will say goodbye to her family and find Luffy, Zoro, Kin’emon etc.

    She will also show us what is happening on Big Mom’s ship with her Devil Fruit. She will become a plot device.

    She will have a bounty placed on her head like the rest of the crew, who may have theirs increased (like when Robin and Franky joined) due to her taking part in defeating Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family. Being a wanted woman, she would have to leave her family behind. Her father: Riku, would probably want her to travel with the Dressrosa heroes: Luffy and Law. As we saw with Vivi, if she became wanted she would have had to leave Alabasta. Because Viola will be wanted, she will have to leave.

    *Theory by L o g i a


      In this theory I will discuss about the CP0 and Straw Hats in the EOS.


      Cipher Pol Zero of the World Government

      Let’s talk about the ending of One Piece, the war on Marijoies. In this war, the Straw Hat crew and many allies will face against the Government; from the Cipher Pols to the Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. Many think that the CP0 will face against these guys


      But I actually believe the CP0 true enemies will be against Dragon and the rest of the RA

      The reason why I think the Straw Hats won’t battle them is because they already are dealing with many enemies. The CP0 are destined to be extreme powerhouses and definitely ensure their enemies much trouble, correct? Well, why would Oda design them to have a battle with the Straw Hats. With the battle against Kaido and the Yonkou coming up, where are we going to get time for a full-out brawl between the Straw Hats and CP0. And, because of the CP0 speculated-power, we’re going to most likely need a whole arc for the straw hats to battle them. Wouldn’t that destroy the whole time flow of the series?

      I think the CP0’s strengths will probably be hinted soon in the series, but a battle from them will be fully shown with the RA in the final war.

      So basically I think that the SH will be fighting in the war, and then Dragon will come and blow away a CP (The agent could be leaping up to Luffy, and then Dragon attacks him right before Luffy gets hit) like very far away with a super attack. This will give time for Luffy to talk to Dragon and then Dragon to quickly show his son his powers in a super battle against the CP. While he does that the things will continue normally and etc. There will most likely be more than just 3 CP0 agents, so they might have battles with every member of the RA. Or Dragon might take them all on and unleash his full capability and also show the power of CP, and maybe some other people will help Dragon out because CP have to be very powerful.

      Maybe Dragon will fight against a Gorosei or Fleet Admiral. But we all want Luffy to fight Sakazuki, right?

      *Theory by Red Beard


        Being a huge fan of Zoro I have come up with one plausible theory.
        Enjoy the read.

        Zoro is holding one of the cursed sword the Kitetsu.
        What does a Cursed sword mean ?
        A cursed sword’s are swords in general which is not different from a normal sword,in terms of physical look.
        But unlike normal swords which are mere tools,these sword posses spirit or a part of spirit,now not every swords having a spirit is cursed.
        Cursed swords have spirit of demonic or evil nature and some also contains restriction which might cause its wielder harm.
        As we all know Swords are made by skillfully swords maker.
        If you guys notice not only in OP but other series also in real world Mythology Cursed swords are generally created by skilled and famous swords maker.
        Making a sword requires lot of dedication,hardworking and spirit of the creator.Wait a sec !!
        Did I just say spirit ??
        Hmm yes spirit,the intent at which and for which the sword was made.
        A bad intention or a violent intention will seal a demon spirit inside it.Seal doesn’t mean its sealed by some method its just that the demon spirit has given it a part of spirit for the intention of the swordmaker and give it power.
        Now interms of Kitetsu’s swords its being called blood thirsty means that these swords were made with an intent to kill no matter who it is.
        So once a swordsman have the sword with them,the sword will try to control them and when they can’t meet the requirement of the Sword the demon spirit inside it will bring them harm.
        Zoro’s awakening.
        Now Zoro is having one of the kitetsu,



        Now here if you take a closer look at the sword,which Zoro used to attack Kuma at the last moment was Kitetsu,is it just a coincidence ?? That when Zoro was helpless he couldnt do much the last attack he used on Kuma,he was wielding Kitetsu.
        Is it just a coincidence that Zoro used Asura after getting Shandai.


        Now if you look at the part where Zoro says Demon Spirit !! “Kyuutouryuu ASURA”,here also if we recall Zoro has used all his attack and was having difficulty handling Kaku also time was running out,Kaku said something about Robin and something happened the Demonic Aura.

        What i mean is Zoro has subconsciously asked for the power of the cursed sword couple of times.
        What happened in 2 yrs of training with Mihawk ??
        Zoro’s training made him a better swordsman but the main development was controlling the cursed sword.How he did it ??
        Two possibilities.
        1.Zoro said he knew the sword is cursed the moment he touched it.Which makes me believe the spirit inside the sword tried controlling Zoro but because as we all know Zoro has exceptional will power,the spirit couldnt do anything.But when Zoro gets weaker by getting beaten or suffers alot,it still tries to do it and Zoro awakens the true power of kitetsu in desperate situation.With his subsequent training with Mihawk i believe Mihawk had set some challenge for him for his final course or say as a test.Where Zoro awakened the true power of Kitetsu,now I believe just like Luffy self training of Six Months,Zoro did something similiar to understand the spirit of Kitetsu.And hence he cut his left eye to keep it closereason being Zoro uses his left hand to wield Kitetsu.
        Blind with one eye of the side in which he weilds his Kitetsu kind of helps him ignore the sword while fighting,
        and in a way sealing the blood thirsty nature of the sword.That way it will just be a normal Katana when Zoro is using it.
        2. Second Possibility is Zoro wants to be WGS but without any help like DF or any special power,he believes in his own hardship,so when he awakened the Asura form,Mihawk might have noticed something unnatural in Zoro’s fight,And he explained to him about it,hence sealing it in his left eye only to open it when in dire situation.
        But Mihawk helped Zoro sealing it by keeping TWO RULES.
        1.Zoro will only awaken it when he is not fighting for his cause that is to become WGS.
        2.Zoro will only awaken it as a last resort when everything fails.
        by setting these rules the spirit was sealed.

        So next time if we see Zoro putting his Bandana and opening his left eye, Asura is coming back.
        Now people who think Zoro’s left eye is just an injury.
        Have you noticed the Confidence level in Zoro after TS,
        “Over the nine mountains and across the eight seas.over this earthly realm, thers’s nothing i cannot cut”-Zoro.


        And is it just a coincidence that the sword shown here is Kitetsu,the dendrils are coming out of it,Its not CoA leaking or any kind of effect its the resistive nature of Kitetsu which is being engulfed by Zoro’s strong will or CoA.

        *Theory by Zorro6


          Here’s a quick snap theory I made up on the spot with regards to Eustass Kids usage of his Devil Fruit powers.

          So, to a lot of people Kids fruit is unclear as to exactly what it is. Some people say it’s a simple Magnetic fruit, given his ability to attract metal objects and compile them into masses such as gigantic hands to rival Luffy in Gear Third. However, this was not Kids only usage. He also uses a technique called Repel and even created a current of electricity running through his giant mechanic arms. This leads me to believe he is an Electro-Magnet Man


          He’s probably got the Electrode Electrode Fruit, otherwise known as the Denki Denki no Mi

          What does this mean? It means he can repel and attract objects and manipulate electrical currents and magnetic fields.

          His awakening or future abilities:

          1-Everything has a Magnetic field. Kidd could basically replicate Shiki and control anything he wanted to, it’s possible he could reach a level where he turns Islands over or levitates them/throws them around


          2-Shifting Magnetic Fields will allow Kid to create natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunami’s, similar to Whitebeard


          3-Kid could electrocute anyone in contact with metal, remotely. Like Enel, although unlike Enel, he is not producing electricity, he is simply shifting a Magnetic Field


          4-Using Magnetic pulses he could cut off communication lines for Den Den Mushi, or disable electrical equipment and weapons

          Another power:
          Metal benders in Avatar, the Legend of Korra are actually manipulating the bits of earth and other compounds in metal. Reverse this, and we see it’s possible for Kid to Earthbend or perform something similar. This allows Kids powers to remain effective even where there is little metal, by manipulating compounds of Metals and Ores in rock. Like I mentioned earlier, imagine him levitating Islands or turning them over like Shiki



          This is also a reference to Captain William Kidd’s buried treasure consisting of Gold, Silver and Platinum objects, these are all found in Ores in rock. William Kidd is the man whom Oda used as inspiration for Eustass.

          Kidd’s awakening (or current) DF powers will allow him to manipulate Magnetic fields, causing widespread destruction. He will also be able to manipulate Ore-rich Earth.

          *Theory by L o g i a



            In the new world their hasn’t been much that has challenged Zoro , neither the 8 sword wielding FishMan or the DD family Elite Pica, he cut down a mountain sized behemoth in a single slash of his swords only causing him to break a little sweat. We all know and believe that both Zoro and Sanji have yet to show their true potential and we all cant wait until that happens.

            But Ive been wondering about Zoro lately as a few of the things he has done and said in the new world has made me wonder just how far has he increased he strength and what new abilities has he mastered. Now there are multiple theories on what happened to Zoro’s left eye and the belief that a malicious demon was behind his injury and I do agree that theory is true but slightly different to the general idea that has been thrown around on the forums. What I believe Zoro did in his 2 years training was not just pushing his physical limits but master what was lying dormant inside of him. Let me list what I believe Zoro has learned and then I will provide evidence and a scenario to back those predictions.

            1) Skilled in all 2 types of Haki and learned of his own CoC potential
            We has already seen Zoro CoO and CoA in the series, his actions in Dressrosa show him finding Pica with CoO and cutting him with blades infused with CoA, but he also learned that he has CoC whilst his training and meditation. One very subtle but obvious hint was his statement once Luffy showed his CoC in-front of the Straw Hats for the first time. After Sanji says that Luffy must be using Conquerers Haki, Zoro swiftly replies that he would expect no less from the captain of the crew. Now Zoro has strong beliefs in what aspects define a captain and the respect that he should always have from his subordinates, his actions in Water 7 regrading Ussop’s temporary disassociation and the Going Merry end strongly support this claim. So his statement suggests that Luffy should have that ability or he would be an unfit captain, now Zoro could only make such a claim if someone else in the crew also had CoC making them superior to Luffy in potential and that person must be Zoro himself. Now he may not have awakened the ability to use it, a dire situation is required to do so examples being both Luffy’s and Ace’s first time using CoC, but he learnt that he has such a strength within him from the demon in the Sandai Kitetsu. Now why would such a blade agree to Zoro using it when all the previous owners of the blade died in battle? because of Zoros animalistic nature, so no swordsman who wielded it before Zoro had bloodlust? Id disagree with that any day but Zoro having the potential to unlock CoC would definately intrigue a demon.

            2)Zoro’s eye was lost whilst he made a deal with the demon/cursed demon that resides with the Sandai Kitetsu

            Whilst Zoro meditated with his swords to master CoA with his blades before he could continue his training with Mihawk he encountered a problem. He could perfectly turn the Wado Ichimonji and the Shusui into completely black blades that were as strong as his will but the Sandai Kitetsu was not abiding by his will flickered in between states of being normal and black blade. Now knowing that he could not further his training with Mihawk and have his beloved Sake returned until he had completed this task Zoro went into deep concentration and meditation over the blade and was greeted with the demon that resided within the blade. Now in order to have complete control over the blade Zoro must have had to make a blood sacrifice to the demon to create a blood contract between them allowing Zoro free control over Sandai Kitetsu and access to the demon strength if needed. Zoro would not hesitate on such an offer as he believes he could over come such a ordeal.(NOTE like the situation with Mr. 3 and the candle wax cake Zoro was content with cutting his own legs off and continuing his fight.) Thus the demon may ask for one of his limbs he may say that his hands are off limits but other then that the demon could take what ever limb hie choose if it would not kill Zoro. The demon choice his eye as it something valuable to a swordsmen. Now all this may sound absurd but listen me out first but if was only cut then he could open that eye just like Fujitora and on Zoro’s first encounter with Sandai Kitetsu he mentioned an aura that the blade had and once he masters CoA with that blade he can even infuse that Aura with CoA thus showing that blades abides by his will now.


            I honestly believe that this is what has happened to Zoro, as physically Zoro is a extremely talented individual amazing strength, a great healing factor and the ability to withstand ungodly amounts strains put on his body . LIKE HE CANT CUT A BLOODY MOUNTAIN WITH SHEAR STRENGTH ALONE. And mentally he has shown great deal of improvements as well.

            What do you guys think?

            *Theory by TickTocxk


              Sanji and Horus have a lot of similarities if you guys did not know, this is why I think Oda could have taken inspiration from Horus to make Sanji.
              Some of you guys might ask who is Horus ? Well he was a deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, and he was an offspring of one as well. Which was Ra, the sun God.


              Horus was also one of Egypt’s Pharaoh’s, he was believed to have a human form for when he became a Pharaoh and an original form, for when he was not human.

              Now on to the similarities with Sanji, first of all Sanji’s eyebrows are really similar to the eye of Horus.
              As you guys can see Sanji’s eyebrow is similar to the curl at the bottom of the eye of Horus.

              Also Horus was known to be the sky God, in Ancient Egyptian times. This is because he was known to be a falcon in his non human form. Just like Horus Sanji is able to fly, also sometimes when Horus flew in the air people said that he represented the sun. This is just like Sanji when he uses Diable Jambe, he does not represent the sun but he burns like it lol.

              This leads to my next point it is said that Horus’ left eye represented the moon and his right eye represented the sun. And whenever he flew in the air he would represent either one, so could this be why Sanji only shows one eye ? What if showing both eyes disrupts his body’s normal balance in some supernatural way ? Maybe he doesn’t even have both eyes open at the same time.

              This is why Sanji probably is the observation haki specialist in the strawhat crew, before I thought that it should be Zoro, but if Sanji is the “Horus” of One Piece then this is correct. Why I’m saying this is because the eye of Horus is the mostly used as the symbol for the all seeing eye in our world if you guys did not know. Yes the same eye used by the “illuminati”, the eye in the pyramid !
              Notice how Sanji’s eye seems to be inside of a triangle as well like the pyramid, because of how his hair is shaped.

              Horus was also known to represent protection and this could be Sanji because if he can see everything he can protect everything. Even if he is not strong enough he can still warn people ahead of time.

              Horus was also Royalty as some of you guys could already tell and some people have theorized that Sanji is a descendant of Royal blood, which I believe. Just like Horus.

              Could Sanji be the descendant of a Sun God like Horus, and could this explain why he is able to summon flames out of no where with out a devil fruit ?

              Lastly, could this become true, Horus had a rival named Set which killed one of Horus’ parent’s. He ended up becoming Horus’ life long rival. He was also able to gouge out one of Horus’ eyes and that eye was the one that represented the moon thus making Set the ruler of the night and Horus the ruler of the day. Set always won during the night and Horus during the day, ever since he lost his eye.

              Could Sanji end up having a rival like Set in the future, or does he already have one ? Will Sanji lose an eye ?

              *Theory by SpeedEyes


                Lot’s of people have dismissed Smoker’s Moku Moku no Mi as a very weak logia. I understand where you’re coming from, and the argument does make sense. Afterall, the high surface area of the Smoke he creates makes it easy to harm him and he lacks destructive power beyond what he can do with his own body and Jitte. But, the untapped potential of the fruit, possibly it’s awakening is startling. Truly frightening.

                As we know, smoke is a biproduct of many chemical reactions. There are two types of chemical reactions: Endothermic and Exothermic. Most smoke is made from Endothermic reactions, in which heat is absorbed by chemicals, making the temperature of the smoke quite cold. This is what Smoker’s abilities are: his smoke is cold. And therefore lacks destructive power and ferocity, however, he will soon be able to use Exothermic Smoke, either as an awakening or a simple power up.

                Why is Exothermic smoke a powerup? Glad you asked. This smoke has a very high temperature. Smoke we see from fires: Exothermic (up to 2000 decrees c approx). Smoke we see from eruptions: Exothermic (up to 8000 degrees c approx). Smoke from lightning strikes: Exothermic (up to 16000 degrees c approx). Smoke given off by stars and solar m*fokin flares: Exothermic (unlimited temperature but usually around 32000 degrees c). As you can see, that’s pretty hot! Exothermic chemical reactions release heat, making the products hot. So Smoker in theory could create smoke hotter than anything Sakazuki or Enel are capable of creating.

                That’s right: Smoke > Magma and lightning


                Other features of Exothermic smoke products: This includes being toxic and having a choking effect, Smoker could use this to hinder opponents. This has been foreshadowed through Smoker’s experiences with Caesar’s toxic smoke, he may copy techniques as such, which does make sense. The smoke can also cause damage to soft body tissues like eyes or skin. On top of that, when ignited, some smokes can explode. If Smoker were to light a cigar then bam:

                A large explosion of confiscated mortar rounds, grenades, guns and other explosive devices set up by Army explosive ordnance disposal technicians on Contingency Operating Base Q-West, Iraq, Dec. 31. The controlled blast, which contained more than 1,500 pounds of explosives, was set off at midnight as a way to ring in the New Year from Iraq.

                A large explosion of confiscated mortar rounds, grenades, guns and other explosive devices set up by Army explosive ordnance disposal technicians on Contingency Operating Base Q-West, Iraq, Dec. 31. The controlled blast, which contained more than 1,500 pounds of explosives, was set off at midnight as a way to ring in the New Year from Iraq.

                So please, don’t write Smoker off just yet. The guy’s a future monster.

                *Theory by L o g i a


                  The Revolutionary Army is comprised of many characters whom have an animal theme. Based upon this observation, I will explain who could join the army in future if they haven’t joined already, and also explain what to expect from some characters in future. This theory is purely speculation and is highly controversial in places as I know many people are divided on some of the matters I will write about below.

                  So far, we have been introduced to nine named members of the Revolutionary Army and we have seen two unnamed members of the Revolutionary Army who frequently appear around Dragon. There are also a grand total of eleven characters who may also join in future or already have joined over the course of the timeskip.

                  Monkey D. Dragon:


                  This is one of the more obvious cases. Monkey D. Dragon, unsurprisingly is Dragon themed. His character design features sharp, defined and bold facial features, giving him a dragon-esque appearance. His subordinate and most probable apprentice and student; Sabo fights using “claws” and has Dragon based attacks like “Dragons Breath”, and most likely learnt his fighting style from Dragon himself. Dragon’s ship is enveloped by two Chinese Dragons, one on either side, slicked down the sides of the boat and he draws many parallels to Chinese Dragons in a sense that he can most probably control the weather through unknown means, as seen in Loguetown and Grey Terminal.

                  Terry Gilteo:


                  We don’t know much about Terry, but he’s clearly Kangaroo themed based upon his head dress/hat thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a member of the Long-Leg tribe and/or a Kangaroo Zoan fruit user

                  Bartholomew Kuma:


                  Bartholomew Kuma is bear themed. Kuma translates into Bear, and Bartholomew Kuma has an appearance similar to one. He has Bear ears and an incredible bulk for a torso. He also stands at 6 meters + in height. Although that’s a huge exaggeration of a Bear’s height, some species of bear (in fact, most large species) can stand over 3 meters tall when on their hind legs. His height is another parallel. The greatest similarity of all though is obviously the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. This gave Kuma paws, like a Bear. Kuma’s face also parallels a Bears. His square skull draws similarity to a characteristic Bear snout (most commonly seen in Brown, Grizzly and Honey Bears).

                  Emporio Ivankov:


                  Possibly the hardest to parallel. Ivankov is themed on Cows. His tattoo has horns, like a Bull, and he is of gigantic proportions yet again. His chunky physique bares a slight, although weak parallel. Emporio’s transgender transformations and abilities can be seen as a representation for homosexuality, which is amusingly quite common in cattle.



                  Inazuma is themed as a Lobster. Many would say a crab, but due to his fine-dining theme, and always drinking Wine, I would say a Lobster as a more luxuriant alternative to Crab meat. His scissors and ability represent the pincers of a Lobster, while his coat colours (Orange and White) are the colours of a cooked lobster.



                  Sabo, as previously explained is also based on a Dragon. He’s more of a European Dragon whilst Mr Monkey D. is an Oriental Dragon. As stated earlier, Sabo fights using Dragon based attacks. In Western culture, especially Middle-Aged Central Europe, Dragons were consistently described as having fire-breathing abilities and metallic, impenetrable scales (paralleling the pipe and powerful Busoshoku Haki).

                  Bunny Joe:


                  Like Terry, we know very little of him, except from his association with Robin and his high ranking position. He is obviously Rabbit themed based upon his name and fluffy hair. He may have a Rabbit Zoan fruit.



                  She is obviously based on Koala bears. Not just due to name though: Koala’s are pacifists, and do a lot to avoid conflict or danger: Koala, as a child was incredibly submissive to Fishman demands, this portrays immense fear and avoidance of danger. Koala bears are also highly susceptible to learnt behaviours, which is exactly how she behaved during Jinbe’s flashback.



                  Obviously, Hack is based upon fish. Due to his ability to use Fishman Karate and being a Fishman.

                  Now, it’s clear there’s an animal theme. Oda loves to use animal themes and has created many characters following such a theme. Including the original Shichibukai and the Admirals. There are 10 characters we have seen that I believe could join or rather, would join the Revolutionary Army. Namely, these are Kuzan, Crocodile, Bon Kurei, Lucci, Kaku, Khalifa, Blueno, Jyabura, Fukuro and Kumadori. It’s important to note that none of these characters have clear affiliations, although we do know they are all unaligned with the World Government.



                  Aokiji, meaning Blue Pheasant, is evidently themed on Pheasants. The calming colour blue and his Ice powers from the Hie Hie no Mi also indicate a desire for pacifism and peace, this can be symbolised through birds that have traditionally been viewed this way in many cultures.

                  I believe Kuzan could join or has joined the Revolutionary army due to his defection from the Marines, although still believing in justice as he explained to Smoker. He acknowledges corruption within the World Government and it is possible he sees the best way to deal with it as a revolution. His association with the Blackbeard Pirates and the fact he can’t be trusted proves he is not a member, but simply working alongside them. The Revolutionary Army runs and operates underground, and does associate with Pirates (as seen with Kuma). Likewise, Kuzan is seemingly operating in the underground trade and as people know only rumours of his activities, including one of the worlds best connected people (Doflamingo), it’s clear he is sworn to secrecy and could easily already be a Revolutionary Commander of the same rank as Sabo.



                  His name is a giveaway here. He is Crocodile themed. His association with sand through his Suna Suna no Mi can bring about the resemblance to Nile Crocodiles. Crocodile also had pet Bananadiles back in the Alabasta Arc.

                  Crocodile could easily have joined the Revolutionary Army with Daz bones. They lacked any affiliations after their defection from the Shichibukai and their escape from Impel Down. To boot, his deep ties with Ivankov, probably being an extensive influence on his past, as well as Crocodile’s grattitude to Luffy for helping to break him out of Impel Down leads me to believe Crocodile could have easily been coerced into a Commander position of the Revolutionary Army.

                  Bon Kurei:


                  Bon chan is based upon Swans. He dances and uses a lot of ballet based moves, due to the popular Ballet Dances to songs like ‘Swan Lake’, ballet is heavily linked to Swans and elegance. Bon also has a pair of swans on his shoulders.

                  He may have joined the revolutionary army to follow his idol, Ivankov. Although he’s still stuck in Impel Down right now as seen in his Cover Story page, he could well break out and join the revolutionaries. He also has deepest respect and great friendship between Luffy, and could use Dragon as a way to meet his friend once more. To further strengthen this, he may simply be loyal to Luffy and therefore loyal to Dragon.

                  CP9 members are animal themed, based upon appearance and Zoan fruits. The obvious ones are Rob Lucci and his Leopard Zoan, Khalifa and her Sheep based Awa Awa no Mi techniques, Jyabura and his Wolf Zoan, Kaku and his Giraffe Zoan. The remaining members, Kumadori, Blueno and Fukuro have similar appearances to Lions, Bison and Owls respectively, and even specialise in techniques based upon those animals, including hair control and Fukuro’s airborne fighting being his specialty. Nero, their newest recruit also happened to look like a Weasel, he even had an alias as ‘The Weasel’.

                  They have reason to join the Revolutionary Army as they became wanted after their failures in the Ennies Lobby arc. Thus, they defected. Being chased by the World Government as seen in their cover story, they could resort to taking down their enemies through allegiance to the World Governments bitter and most powerful enemy: the Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Army would also prove the ultimate form of protection, and would allow them to continue pursuing their form of justice against pirates. Their association and allegiance would result in Revolutionary Army soldiers not just knowing Fishman Karate, but also Rokushiki.

                  Conclusion: It’s likely that CP9, Crocodile (and co), and Kuzan are all members of the Revolutionary Army. It’s also highly likely that Bon Kurei will escape Impel Down somehow and join the Revolutionaries

                  *Theory by L o g i a


                    The future role and return of the former Tyrant God of Skypiea: Enel.


                    Enel was a Birkan, one of the three winged races that came from the moon that for some reason acquired the ability of Goro-Goro No Mi.

                    Enel was apparently born in a sky island, and in which after discovering the history of his ancestors, the Birkan, originating from the moon which he refers to as the “Fairy Vearth”, decided to devise a plan to go to the moon and claim it as his own.2

                    Note that he claims himself that he was born not in Birka, but in the Fairy Vearth, which he refers the moon as a “sky island”. It appeared to me that he hated the Birkans because they are contented in living in the clouds when their real lineage lived in the moon.


                    Enel gathered an army of Birkan warriors and destroyed his own hometown, and after which he also dethroned Gan Fall and took over Skypiea.


                    All for one goal; to build the Ark of Maxim and venture into the “Fairy Vearth” or the Moon, in which he traced his lineage came from.


                    Once in the moon, he discovered the story of his ancestors, the Birkans, along with the Skypieans and the Shandians (and the 4th race in which the Tenryuubitos came from) inscribed in the carvings in the wall of the city that had been buried underneath the moon.


                    But I gotta ask a question: Is Enel really a lifetime resident of Sky Island?

                    I think Oda is trying to throw us off a little here.

                    First of all, we have seen the almost every sky islands inhabitants are innocent and does not know too much about the world below.

                    So why would Enel know something about things like this in the blue seas?7

                    And who did Enel refer to when he said “It took us months to find the central ruin…”?

                    It could easily be the 4 priests he is commanding, but why did he said “find” instead of “discover” or “stumble upon”? And he specifically mentioned that the 4 priests are not aware of this ruins under the clouds.8

                    Was he specifically looking for the Shandora Ruins?

                    Why exactly would Enel know about an “Archeologist”?

                    As far as I know, Conis and Pagaya never even knew about the real meaning of “Pirates” and they seemed that they judged the word “Pirates” based on what was taught to them by those who ruled over them and Gan Fall only knew it because he met Gol D. Roger.9

                    And what bugs me is why does Enel knows about non-existent Sky Island people like Archeologists but he never knew what rubber was.10

                    Just like the innocent people of Skypiea.


                    But unlike the Sky islanders, it’s mind boggling to me why Enel know way too much about the history and the blue sea occupations but he never knew such a trivial thing such as rubber? It’s no wonder though that Gan Fall and other knew metallic things, it’s because they collect things that was sent from blue seas by the Knock-Up Stream.


                    And from what we have seen from Sky Islanders who never knew the worth of gold, I can’t put a finger on it but I always thought there’s something wrong with Enel, when you observe it, there are only 2 kinds of people in Skypiea (except the Shandians): the sheeps, which are the innocent followers13

                    and the ruler, and that ruler still does not know too much about the blue seas and their greatest desire mostly is just the chunk of soil they call “Vearth”.14

                    Now do you guys gets what i’m trying to say?

                    Yes. Enel was not born in Birka. Enel was born in Marijoes.

                    Enel was a Tenryuubito that got a Birkan lineage.15

                    I believe we can uncover Enel’s history clearer if we do it using storytelling.

                    Enel I believe was born as a Tenryuubito in Marijoies, and like almost all the people inside the Holy Kingdom, Enel grew up never really knowing the hardships of the outside world and in effect, always saw himself higher than other people.

                    Seems awfully similar right?16

                    Although adorned only with precious things and pampered all his life, Enel, like Doflamingo was one of the physically stronger people in their lineage, and it’s not no wonder when you got Birkan blood flowing in your veins.

                    And it’s no wonder why Enel never knew about rubber, because Tenryuubito prolly never seen a rubber their entire life as well. It’s just Oda’s way to throw us off into thinking that Enel was always in the sky.17

                    I mean just look how dumb and conceited guys from Marijoies were:18

                    After some time, Enel discovered about his Birkan lineage, in which for this reason he became a Cipher Pol member.19

                    Because we all know that Cipher Pol is the intelligence agency of the World Government.

                    Yes, Enel acquired the Devil Fruit he had now, the Goro-Goro No Mi, from the World Government, specifically, the Gorosei.

                    This raises up a question though: if Enel was a member of Cipher Pol, shouldn’t he show Rokushiki moves?

                    While I agree that Enel should have known Rokushiki moves, it can also be said for Kizaru. I think it’s the best explanation if that’s the case.20

                    They know they got strong abilities.

                    And moreover, I can change the prediction to “Enel was not a Cipher Pol member but a Tenryuubito who just set out to find his Birkan lineage along with some world government officers” and this theory will not change in any form.

                    I just threw in the Cipher Pol connection because they are the “Intelligence Agency” of WG per se.

                    Along with his Cipher Pol unit, Enel and his crew reached Skypiea without the knowledge of Gan Fall and discovered the ruins of Shandora.

                    His team was the guys Enel referred to as “us” when he was talking to Nico Robin.

                    I don’t want to make a guess on what happened but the other members of Cipher Pol Enel was with, all died.

                    After that, Enel probably headed to Birka, which is just South of Skypiea and tried to learn his lineage, in which I said earlier that he destroyed the entire village when he learned that they originally from the moon but they are contented settling in the clouds.

                    Enel spared the guys who wanted to go to “Fairy Vearth”. which in turn became the priests and militia.21

                    Exactly how he did in Skypiea.22

                    It’s not hard to tell Captain McKinley that he was “born” in Birka (in which in his mind is the moon) and McKinley instantly believing it because McKinley, like all the Skypiean people are sheeps.23

                    So the rest was history, Enel took over Gan Fall as God and started taking the gold from the ruins of Shandora to build Maxim.24

                    He never wanted the “Vearth”, he was after the gold in the ruins, reason why he took monopoly on Upper Yard and only gave certain areas to the priests.25So what’s the point of this Enel’s story theory?

                    This ties on how Enel would go back to the Blue Sea.26

                    Enel, after spending enough time on the moon, would ultimately return to the Blue Sea because of one thing:

                    After inspecting and finally figuring out the meaning behind the carvings in the moon, he would realize that the moon people gone down from the moon to the blue seas and lived there.


                    So in his mind, who obviously is a megalomaniac from the start, he should also reign over the blue seas.

                    Enel would come back down to the Blue Sea and into Marijoies along with Captain Spacey and the Automatas.28

                    Of course, the Gorosei knowing about Enel’s abilities and little knowledge about the Void History will given privileges and right to reside in Marijoies, in which they can control him.

                    And Enel would not try to hurt the Tenryuubito, because in a sense, he just came home.

                    I have to say that Enel’s would return around the same time after the Shichibukai gets dissolved, so he would be like, an unofficial Shichibukai, meaning an outside force that’s not a Marine but will be on World Government’s side on the final war.29

                    To be specific, there are 5 outside forces that would still be on World Government’s side in the final war:

                    1. Bartholomew Kuma – a former Shichibukai who by that time would be a full-blown Pacifista.
                    2. Donquixote Doflamingo – a former Shichibukai and Tenryuubito who is still allowed to stay at Marijoies because of him working under the WG and him knowing the secret of the World Government.
                    3. Dracule Mihawk – a former Shichibukai and a current Tenryuubito, however, he would not be at the final war at Marijoies, but instead fighting alongside Shanks against Blackbeard.
                    4. Star Clown Buggy – A former Shichibukai and the leader of Pirate Dispatch Crew, he is World Government’s side just to have the protection while he is looking for treasures.
                    5. Enel – A Tenryuubito who was allowed to stayed at Marijoies because of his lineage.

                    *Theory by beck26