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Luffy Inherited Roger’s Will – Myth & Fact

Myth: Since the Will of the D. gets passed down, Luffy must have inherited Gol D. Roger’s will.


Fact: It is repeatedly stated that Luffy is quite like Roger, by different individuals such as Red-Haired Shanksand Silvers Rayleigh, but it is not certain as of this point in the story whether or not this is true.


    We learned five things in the last chapter:

    1) There are 4 Poneglyphs
    2) The 4 Poneglyphs together shows the location to Raftel
    2) Kaidou and Big Mam each has a poneglyph
    3) The Kozuki clan created the Poneglyphs
    4) Oden Kozuki, the father of Momonosuke, was a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew
    5) Oden Kozuki was executed by Kaidou and the Shogun of Wano.

    How is all of this connected? I’ll get straight to the point like I always do.

    It was said that the 4 yonkou were the ones closest to One Piece and it seems that was stated in a literal sense. WB and Shanks knows how to get to Raftel so the Red Poneglyphs are “worthless” and Kaidou and Big Mam each has one. Shanks does NOT have a red poneglyph.

    Kaidou stole a red poneglyph and Big Mam was ENTRUSTED with another by Roger himself. I’m not joking.

    The 4 Red Poneglyphs

    Oden Kozuki was a member of the Roger Pirates so of course he knows the history of the Void Century. With the new info that it was the Kozuki who made the Poneglyphs, it is blatantly apparent that Wano fought along side the Ancient Kingdom.

    As we know, the AK, which includes Wano, was defeated with Wano itself being split in two and half of it siding with the 20 Kingdoms, giving rise to the marines’ swordsmanship training and the Bald Gorosei.

    Being one of the AK’s strongest allies, Wano or just the Kouzuki clan, made the poneglyphs and 4 red ones detailing how to get to Raftel and they were given to 4 ally nations: Elbaf, an unknown place, Zou and of course Wano. I think the last red poneglyph is in Elbaf.

    The 4 red poneglyphs show the location to Raftel when the 4 of them are deciphered meaning, Gol D Roger used the Voice of All Things to follow its guidance leading him to Raftel, implying that the red poneglyphs are not in the WG’s hands.

    Roger’s crew scattered after Raftel was discovered and one of the red poneglyphs ending up in the protection a former Roger Pirate or ally: Big Mam.

    Kaidou, Wano and the Red Poneglyph

    Why would the Shogun of Wano joined Kaidou and murder Oden Kozuki? Because Oden was deemed a traitor.

    Wano used to be under the protection of WB(after he saved it from Kaidou) but after the death of WB, Kaidou returned. This time however, things would be different. Why? Because Oden Kozuki told the Wano Shogun some info of the Void Century and I believe they were trusted friends.

    Like the other Roger pirates, Oden was awaiting Roger’s successor but when Oden told his friend the Shogun about the history, the Shogun was pissed. Not only was the pissed upset at what he heard, he was filled with greed and wanted to more. The Shogun of Wano wanted a war; a war where Wano can get its revenge on this world of lies and a sense of greed for getting ultimate power.

    Oden was of course against the Shogun’s irrational behavior but there was someone invading them that shared the shogun’s ideals:

    100 Beast Kaidou

    Kaidou thinks the world is hollow and should perish. He wants to engulf the world in the greatest war ever and the Shogun had similar motives(also, Kaidou’s wanting to commit suicide for his failures is similar to samurai committing suicide when shamed). Things got worse when the Shogun sided with Kaidou and told the beast what he knew. Yes people…Kaidou knows some of the history too. He knows what the Shogun knows. This made Kaidou want the Red Poneglyph by any means thanks to Whitebeard himself.

    Kaidou recalled that WB said that whoever finds the OP would cause the world to be engulfed in a war and with the Red Poneglyph that is a key to Raftel’s location is in his possession, he goal is one step closer.

    However, Kaidou can’t do a thing with the Kozuki clan. The Shogun and Kaidou thinks the members of the Kozuki clan(Momo, Kinemon, Kajnuro and Raizou) can somehow decipher the red poneglyph. This is one for the reasons the fled Wano for Zou and also how Kaidou knew to send Jack specifically to Zou. Both Kaiodu and the Shogun want to know what the red poneglyphs says.

    For a second scenario, the shogun could just be a coward and decided to join the winning side.

    Big Mam, Roger and the Red Poneglyph

    First of all, how does Nekomunashi know that Big Mam has a red poneglyph?

    I think Big Mam was a former member or at least an ally of the Roger Pirates. Why? A few reasons…

    In previous theories, I came to the conclusion that the Ancient Kingdom and the D clan is based off South America or at least, the mythical cities of South America.

    Big Mam also has connections to WB who was a friend of Zou and Wano.

    Nothing concrete, I this is the reason why I think Big Mam was either entrusted with or was able to get her hands a Red Poneglyph. I also think that this is the reason Germa 66 are going business with her; they want that poneglyph. It also increase the chances of Big Mam becoming an ally of Luffy since he seemingly has Kaidou AND half of Wano after his head.

    -Roger dies
    -Kaidou invades Wano
    -WB(who Roger told everything about Raftel), chased Kaidou away to Wano his territory.
    -Big Mam gets her hands on a Ted Poneglyph
    -WB dies and Kaidou returns to Wano
    -Big Mam makes deals with Germa 66 over the Red Poneglyph
    -The Shogun sides with Kaidou and tries to froce the Kozuki to decipher the red poneglyph
    -Oden dies(with a smile? a ‘D’)? to let his son and retainers escape
    -The Kozuki clan flee to Zou for assistance and shelter
    -Jack arrives at Zou to retrieve Raizou

    *Theory by Vandenreich

      D Means…

      will of d

      1. Myth: Dragon appeared in Loguetown and Luffy was able to hear the dragon talking in the Apis Arc. The D must mean DRAGON.

      Fact: The Warship Island Arc was not canon. Therefore everything in it (except for a few things like the Calm Belt information) was not written in the manga by Oda. This rumor was originally created by a popular anime blogger who took a wild guess after watching the arc. Due to the popularity of said blog, others also pondered on the idea (though some fans came to this meaning on their own accord). However, it has been proven Dragon has an important plot role.

      2. Myth: It is the first letter of the civilization name.

      Fact: We do not know what the D. means at the moment. This comes from the significant actions of the World Government to stop Clover saying the name.

      3. Myth: It is not a D it is part of a smiley! (example: :-D). Also, every D character that appeared in the series has smiled (even Portgas D. Rouge).

      Fact: This one stems from the act of smiling upon death.

      4. Myth: It is the name of the royal family of the lost civilization or a clan within it.

      Fact: We do not know anything about their culture or if they even had a royal family.

      5. Myth: D. means “Devil”.

      Fact: This one is a nod to Devil Fruits. Rosinante did however state that those with the D. are God’s natural enemy, which is what a devil is conveyed as.

      6. Myth: It means “Damashii”.

      Fact: This one is linked to the talk of spirits and “will” throughout the series.

      7. Myth: It is half a circle.

      Fact: This one comes from “One Piece”, the speculation is that the D. is half a circle or pattern/symbol. In other words, acquiring Roger’s treasure will result in the symbol becoming “One Piece” again.

      8. Myth: It means “Danger”. One of the Gorosei said so in Post-War Arc!

      Fact: One of the elders really said that, but that’s due to the translation “D always means danger”, meaning that all of the people with D on their name were dangerous people.

      9. Myth: It is given to those who can start a new era. Such as Roger starting a new age of pirates, and Blackbeards’s betrayal and Ace’s capture leading up to the Marineford War.

      Fact: Portgas D. Rouge’s only (confirmed) significant act in life was giving birth to Ace.


        Hey guys, here’s my take on the Red Poneglyph!

        Something that has been curious to me for several chapters now is why exactly is Momo sick? It has been stated that he “doesn’t feel well” and has been in his room almost since arriving on Zou.

        As they head toward whale tree, Oda specifically writes that Momo is still feeling “terrible“.

        Kinemon suggests to Momo “wait at the bottom”. Perhaps this indicates that he is feeling worse as he heads closer to the whale tree.

        Here’s where it get’s juicy.

        Momo says that the closer he gets to whale tree, the more he can hear this “loud voice”. Kinemon comments that Momo is much like his Father and Neko and Inu bring up another person who is “much the same”.

        I really think this voice Momo hears is the “voice of all things”. It is very conspicuous that only Momo can hear this voice, given Franky possesses “super hearing”. Neither the minks nor the Samurai are very surprised. Perhaps this suggests others have heard this same “loud voice” as they approach whale tree.

        This is a voice that only Momo, his father and the “other man” can hear.

        The “other man” is heavily hinted to be Gol D. Roger.


        Remember, Gol D. Roger “found the text and followed it’s guidance”. This implies at some point he would have come across this new Red Poneglyph on Zou, giving him the opportunity to here its “voice”.

        Note, it’s not until they are inside the tree that Nami can hear Raizou’s screams. This heavily suggests that the voice Momo can hear is not the screams of the ninja.

        I am sure Momo can hear the voice of all things!!! And this ability allows him to hear the voice of the Poneglyph on zou and it’s voice is a voice that makes him feel physically ill.

        And we learn that this poneglyph Momo can hear has a “different purpose” than the others.

        To further my suspicions about Momo, he is not shown at all inside the Poneglyph chamber. This next chapter Momo will reveal that he can hear what the Poneglyph is saying, i’m sure.

        So… What could this Poneglyph be saying??

        It’s story makes Momo “uneasy” to the point that he feels “sick”. It’s also colored “deep red”. Perhaps you could even describe it as blood red…

        I think that this red Poneglyph is a poneglyph that describes a story of death. Could it be a gruesome battle during the void century? Some catastrophe? Perhaps it may just be a representation of the many lives lost during the course of the void century.

        My favorite idea, however, is that the Red Poneglyph specifically tells the sad story of Wano Kuni during the void century. Whereas most poneglyphs focus on the Ancient Kingdom and the general history of the void century. I think this is Wano’s Poneglyph.

        It’s hard to be sure exactly though, but for sure, this Poneglyph does not contain good news.

        Let me know what you think!

        *Theory by Joy_Boy

          The possibility of Nami being Luffy’s future wife?

          Wait what Nami’s Luffy Wife in the Future?? How about BOA?? How about Margaret?? How about Rebecca??

          I know there’s a lot of pairing come in our minds.. and also we have this dream pairing for Luffy.. Because honestly my Dream Pair for Luffy is Boa :hearteyes:

          Let’s examine everything on a logical way

          Think of it the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger has a wife and son Portgas D. Rouge (wife) and Portgas D. Ace (son). This is not just a random things that Oda would happen to do so.. It can be foreshadowing Luffy in the Future having a Wife and a Son who will carry his bloodline.. We know that Luffy lack intelligence but he is indeed wise in someway without noticing it.. The reason he kept rejecting Boa’s Hancock wedding proposal is not just by a whim and his stupidity it has something to do with it, like why his not attracted and also to other women he met before but he considered them all as a friend..

          Here things will become more interesting.. Nami hate Pirates at the beginning of the Series and yet Luffy managed to take Nami along as Navigator.. I know you think this way “because Nami is partnered with Luffy and Nami is using Luffy along the way” it is somehow true but the thing I’m trying to point out if you are in the position of Nami who really despised Pirate and also a Pirate Shot Dead your Mother would you be friends with them ?? Would you be partnered with them ?? I guess the answer is No.. But on that episode where Luffy is locked down on a cage and a Buggy Cannon will shoot Luffy, Nami didn’t think twice and stopped the ignition with her bare hands.. Though Nami claimed that if she didn’t stopped the cannon she’s no difference with a Pirate.. But I see of it as a sign of Nami’s Changed Heart [:3] and also the reason why Nami left Luffy with the Going Merry along her on Baratie because she doesn’t want them to be involved in his problems.. LikeRobin she doesn’t want his considered as Friends/Nakama to be hurt or to be in trouble.. Just like I said we’re going to think logically so let’s not just get carried away by what Oda wants us to think of.. I am studying detective though It’s baseless to assumed that this random theory is accurate or would happen.. Ok back to the read, on Arlongs Park Arc where Luffy is going to rescue Nami he lends his precious treasure theStrawhat.. and after beating Arlong, Nami made a decision to go on journey with them having a dream “to Draw a Map of the World”and noting that Nami also claimed that wherever Luffy wants to go she’ll take him there..

          Sorry for this please bear with me a little longer.. and here some example clips though it is not mine but I am constructing some more accurate clip and I’ll just replaced it afterwards..

          The reason why I show those clips is because, Luffy is somewhat happened not just only saved Nami once after Arlongs Park it happens to some of the episodes and movies along the way.. Nami always got involved of been taken away by the enemies not because she is weak, she is indeed beautiful and also she has this superb navigation skills.. In One Piece Movie 2 the Clockwork Island Adventure where Nami was taken away by the Trumph Siblings Pirate Crew and Bear King wants Nami as his wife :rage: where also Luffy lend his hat again to Namiwhose wearing a Bride Outfit :eek: is this a foreshadowing too ?? who knows.. where talking on Oda anyway his very good at foreshadowing and making people minds blow.. Moving forward it only not happen once, twice it happens many times.. So I won’t state it here because I am guessing you can picture out what I’m trying to imply right..

          And I happen to see this..

          (Oda’s wife)

          [IMG] [IMG]

          We all know Oda based a lot of things in real life events.. And Nami’s character creation is not just also happen to be random.. And I happen to read also a theory about Nami’s Bloodline is an Angel isn’t it fitting for a King of Pirates having a wife an Angel.. If this is so to happen he can even surpass the Late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.. And Luffy’s reaction everytime Nami’s in trouble, there chemistry shows that Namiis a fitting wife for Luffy the Pirate King.. And also if that’s so to happen when Luffy has this titled Pirate King and sailing free in the Ocean isn’t it for a wife’s obligation to be with him [:3] Nami said that wherever Luffy wants to go I’ll take him there :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:


          *Theory by Gol D. Jason

            Shanks and Blackbeard

            Here is a guess about these two characters.

            I find it suspicious how Shanks was implicated into the whole Ace and Teach fight. We know that Rayleigh knows about the void century, the will of D, he knows everything. It is the same for Shanks, problably, since he was in Roger’s crew as well.
            Going with this, I believe that Shanks try to find “that man” that Crocus, and Whitebeard were talking about. Of course we know it’s Luffy, but Shanks as a character, I think his duty is to find that man, and he kinda did it with Luffy and the whole bet about the new generation.

            Here is another example of Shanks ‘duty’ when he says to Cody that these few seconds of courage “have just made a huge difference in the fate of the world”, and these seconds of courage have indeed, distracted Kizaru’s shot that was going to finish Luffy. Shanks definitely sees luffy as the man that will change the world, the man awaited by Roger and co.

            Now about the Ace vs Teach confrontation. Why did Shanks want to prevent this? “It’s not yet time for them to face each other!!” What is the meaning of that line? Is it the idea of two “D” confronting each other? It make me think about Luffy vs Teach. Two “D” confronting each other might inevitably lead to big changes in the world? That’s the case for Ace vs Teach, and it will probably be the case when Luffy will face Teach.

            Now about the relationship between Shanks and Teach:

            Why is he so concerned about Teach? Yes, there is the scar, but that’s it? I think it goes way beyond that. Now, theory time. I think that Shanks was friend with Teach.

            I don’t think that Shanks could have deduces all of this, simply by having a fight against Teach. Shanks knows him pretty well, his ambition, his dream, his real power and so on. Why didn’t he say all of this to WB? First, because WB would not care and Shanks knows it, secondly, Oda might keep all of this for a flasback involving Shanks and Teach.

            Now about the scar, the most important element:

            “What ashes me now, is this one”. Really? Shanks lost his arm, suffered various wounds, he is an emperor, yet this simple scar would hurt him? I think the meaning behind this line, is that Shanks suffers from this scar because of the meaning behind it, not physically. If they were friends, I can totally imagine Teach betraying Shanks for some reasons.

            But when would they meet? Why would they talk each other? Why would they become friends?

            “This wound isn’t from my adventures”. I think it’s safe to say that by “adventures” Shanks means his journey with Roger, and his journey with his own crew.
            Here is a timeline:

            I think that longtime ago, after Roger’s death, Shanks met Teach and have seen in him the man that was awaited by Roger and co. Teach is a D, and Shanks could have been interested by him just like he was with Luffy. Shanks made a mistake and picked the wrong guy, that’s my guess. Why is Teach so confident about his fate? What does he know about the D? I think he knows almost everthing, thanx to Shanks. And that’s why Shanks might be so concerned by Teach. He was still young, and he made a mistake. He told him everything. Learning from his mistakes, he then did the opposite with Luffy, telling him nothing but just giving him hope and motives.

            Why did they fight? Being a nobody (Teach’s childhood picture), I guess that knowing all of this story and his incredible fate, it changed him. He might have become greedy and power hungry from this moment.

            And now:

            They will probably end all of this with a fight.
            So yea, that’s my 2cents about this.

            *Theory by Kirk


              So I was doing a little thinking about all the “D’s” we have seen introduced so far in the series, and I realized something. Jaguar D. Saul stated that even though he didn’t know what the meaning behind the D, he said that EVERYONE in his family carried the initial in their name. This means that both Saul’s mother and father were both D’s. Now when we look at Portgas D. Ace, we know that his mother and father are also both D’s. With this information, it leads me to conclude, that in order for someone to be a “D” that both of their parents has to be D’s. Now obviously his mother couldn’t be a Jaguar D, unless Dragon is walking around with some seriously heavy duty machinery (if you know what I mean >:) ), nor could she be a Monkey (Because that would just be ewww) So that means there could only be two possible options, either his mother is one of the known D’s we’ve seen so far in the series (Gol, Portgas, or Marshall) OR she is knew carrier of D, yet to be introduced. I’ve opted to believe that she is a carrier that has already been introduced, because I don’t think Oda is going to go overboard with the D bloodline.

              So why a Gol? The answer is actually really simple, and it’s because Luffy looks almost identical to a young Roger.


              Although we are never shown Rogers eyes in his younger age, what we did see of him, the similarities are uncanny. I always thought it was a little strange that Luffy looks nothing like Garp or Dragon, but bares such a strong resemblance to Roger. It would make perfect sense for him to look so similar to Roger, if his mother is in fact a Gol, and he gets his appearance from her.

              The other possibilities is her being either a Portgas D. a Marshal D. or an unknown D. I’ve ruled out Portgas for obvious reasons, and I’m not to opposed to her being a Marshal D, because that would add a huge twist in the sense that Luffy is in some way related to Blackbeard, but even so, I think that would be a bit of a stretch. As far as her being an unknown D, like I stated before, I don’t think Oda is going to be going to overboard with the D. bloodline because it’s fairly obvious that the Will of D plays a huge roll in the over all storyline, and Oda isn’t going to over complicate it by adding more and more D’s to the mix.

              Anyways I know probability of her being related to Roger is very very small, but I’m willing to bet Shanks right arm, that she is definitely a D. So if you guys don’t think she is a Gol, what would be your pick?

              *Theory by Celestial D. Dragon

                BUGGY THEORY

                Buggy The Clown, a man obsessed with gold, money ect.. He used to be in Gol D. Roger’s crew, and Shanks considered him as a friend. Though could there be something more to Buggy than we thought there would? Why was he on Gol D Roger’s ship? Why is he one of the only pirates we see who is obsessed with money?

                You see, in my opinion I think Buggy is based off The Joker from Batman. I think that he must’ve had someone, a family, a friend, or something worth protecting to him, that he wanted to provide money for. Whomever the important thing was, them/he/she must’ve passed away due to Buggy being poor.

                Joker’s Back Story(http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/The_Joker)

                Though many have been related, a definitive history of the Joker has never been established in the comics, and his true name has never been confirmed. The most widely cited back-story can be seen in Alan Moore‘s The Killing Joke. It depicts him as originally being an engineer at a chemical plant who quit his job to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian, only to fail miserably. Desperate to support his pregnant wife,Jeannie, the man agrees to help two criminals break into the plant where he was formerly employed. In this version of the story, the Red Hood persona is given to the inside man of every job (thus it is never the same man twice); this makes the inside man appear to be the leader, allowing the two ring-leaders to escape. During the planning, police contact him and inform him that his wife and unborn child have died in a household accident.

                Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out of the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his promise. As soon as they enter the plant, however, they are immediately caught by security and a fatal shoot-out ensues, in which the two criminals are killed. As he tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. Terrified, the engineer leaps over a rail and plummets into a vat of chemicals. When he surfaces in the nearby reservoir, he removes the hood and sees his reflection: bleached chalk-white skin, ruby-red lips, and emerald green hair. These events, coupled with his other misfortunes that day, drive the engineer through the massive personality shift that results in the birth of the Joker.

                Buggy’s Name
                What kind of name is Buggy? And where is his last name? His real name is probably means something, Gol D. Roger probably took him in the crew and changed his name for the Buggy’s sake. Or Buggy changed it. Buggy could’ve had amnesia and forgotten who he was… there are many possible explanations for this. He could be related to Joy Boy, or at least someone important. Joker’s alias was Jack. John is another name for Jack. So, Captain John could indeed be Buggy/related to Buggy.

                I barely have evidence as of yet to prove Buggy is more important than he looks, but I want to hear your opinions on this question.

                “If Buggy IS/WAS important to the One Piece Series, what do you think would make him important? And what role would he play?”

                *Theory by Luck Gandor


                  The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.


                  Roger was executed 24 years ago. Three years difference.


                  Doflamingo is 41 years old.

                  41 – 24 = 17

                  Doflamingo was around 17 when he witnessed Roger’s execution:


                  Doflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of the National Treasure and escaped from Mariejois.

                  At the time of the Battle of Edd War, he was around 14 (17 – 3).

                  Shiki claimed that Roger knew the location of the Ancient Weapon, but hadn’t said which one.

                  Roger doesn’t deny this and “I have no desire to rule, Shiki!” as well as “You can pressure me all you want,” implies that he can access it, because he rejects Shiki’s offer to use it to conquer the world.

                  Shiki was informed that Roger knew the location of one Ancient Weapon.
                  I believe that this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus.

                  Let me explain why this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus, instead of the Pluton or the Poseidon, through deduction:

                  – If Roger knew about the Pluton in Alabasta, then why didn’t Cobra mention Roger in the Tomb of the Kings?
                  Why did Cobra not have a saddened/noticeable expression when he read that Roger was executed?
                  Instead, he was more worried about the ‘terrible age’ that would begin.


                  Sure, Roger could’ve used the “voice of all things” to find and gain passage underneath the Tomb, and then used the same ability to learn the location of the Pluton from the poneglyph inside.

                  The Tomb Of The Kings


                  But this is highly unlikely and very far-fetched because he wouldn’t have known the secret entrance to the underground of the Tomb to start with; we also don’t know much about his VOAT ability – how he used it and such.

                  Robin Examining The Pluton Poneglpyh

                  • If he read the blueprints of the ‘Second Pluton’, then he didn’t know the ‘location‘ of the Pluton, but the design of it from the blueprints.
                  Furthermore, it’s been hinted many times that the Pluton in Alabasta will be found and awakened by a group with bad intentions (WGor Blackbeard?), prompting the use of the ‘Second Pluton’ to counter it.
                  So Roger did not have a newly-created ‘Second Pluton’, as there was no need to build it at that time, so he couldn’t have known the ‘location‘ of it.

                  The Pluton’s Blueprint


                  This is all still debatable as Tom didn’t let just anyone examine it; but then again, Roger had befriended him, with Tom having built the Oro Jackson for him.


                  Thus it’s fair to say that Roger didn’t know the exact location of either of the Plutons.

                  – Roger probably knew the general location of the Poseidon from the poneglyph in Shandora, but he possibly knew that he couldn’t find it since it hadn’t been born yet, and thus he didn’t know the exact location of it, therefore I doubt it was this Ancient Weapon.

                  The Golden Belfry & Its Poneglyph


                  Robin Examining The Belfry’s Poneglyph

                  Roger’s Inscription Besides The Poneglyph


                  Perhaps when he went to Fishman Island he realised that the Poseidon wasn’t anywhere to be found.

                  The Oro Jackson Under The Ocean

                  Remember when Rayleigh said that “perhaps we […] were too impatient“.
                  It possibly meant that they were too early, one of the reasons being because:

                  The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.
                  Roger died 24 years ago.
                  Shirahoshi was born 16 years ago.

                  It’s impossible for Roger to have found the Poseidon – he was going to die from his disease soon and the Poseidon would be born 11 years later after the Battle of Edd War; he left this job to a pirate with his will (Luffy) who would be around when the Poseidon would.

                  Princess Shirahoshi: Poseidon


                  This leaves the Uranus.

                  People theorise that it’s the mysterious egg on Roger’s ship, which I strongly disagree with, and I’ll post all of the reasons why on another thread next time – there’s an interesting theory I have. It links with a Ghibli film.

                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Episode


                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Manga

                  For a start, Shiki and Roger spoke as if the latter knew the ‘location‘ of it, not as if he actually had it with him – the red-polka-dotted eggwas with Roger on the Oro Jackson, so it can’t be the Uranus.

                  But then again there were different translations – some say he found it, but most say that he knew the location. So we’ll go with the latter.

                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Merchandise


                  People theorise that it’s the National Treasure located within Mariejois, which I also disagree with.

                  Considering that Roger had the location and (implied) access to the Uranus when Doflamingo was around 14, while he was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the National Treasure, how could the Uranus be the National Treasure?

                  Roger and Shiki spoke as if the former could access it any time – wouldn’t that be difficult if the Uranus was in Mariejois?

                  Doflamingo informed the readers about the National Treasure at the age of 41, saying that he still used the knowledge of the NT to blackmail the CD, the WG and their affiliates.

                  Doflamingo’s Trump Card


                  So 41 – 10 = 31 –> for 31 years Doflamingo had been blackmailing the Celestial Dragons, even while the Battle of Edd War was raging, so the National Treasure is still within Mariejois.

                  If the National Treasure had to be something, it’d have to be something that they themselves created or stole long ago – what it could be:

                  • Something, possibly a weapon, that the 19/20 Kings used to help them defeat the Ancient Kingdom, thus why it’s heralded by Doflamingoas the “national treasure” (implying that the Celestial Dragons do so too and thus take pride in it since it helped them defeat the AK)

                  Don’t trust me on this though, this is only a wild guess. I’m clueless.[A key to the Uranus? I disagree because there are no keys to activate Poseidon.] [Sure, the description that Doflamingo gives of the National Treasure reminds us of the description of the Ancient Weapons, but that still doesn’t prove anything except that all of these things share being able to ‘shake the public world’ in common.] [Before arguing that “After Roger died, the World Government took control of the Uranus from Roger, and that became the National Treasure.” notice that it’s obvious from this thread that the Celestial Dragons had the National Treasure long before the Battle of Edd War, asDoflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of it and the Battle of Edd War was when he was around 14.]

                  To conclude:

                  • Roger had (implied) access to the Ancient Weapon, most likely Uranus, back when Doflamingo was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the knowledge of the National Treasure hidden in Mariejois, and thus this proves that the Uranus and the National Treasure are two different things.
                  • I believe that the egg on Roger’s ship wasn’t the Uranus either, as Roger supposedly only knew the location of it – like I said, I’ll expand on this in another thread later.

                  *Theory by Saffron Kaizoku


                    Okay, so, we all know that Luffy inherited Roger’s will, but how does inheriting will actually work? And at what point in the story did Luffy inherit Roger’s will and how?

                    This is my speculation:
                    Did you manage to catch what was the reason Shanks gave up an arm for Luffy and gave him his hat? It happened right after Luffy ate the Devil Fruit Shanks was carrying. After eating the fruit, Luffy showed a lot of similar traits with Roger. Before eating the Devil Fruit, Luffy never once mentioned that he wants to be the Pirate King. So, the way Luffy inherited Roger’s will is eating a Devil Fruit. But how exactly does that work?

                    Well, take Sabo for instance. Upon eating Mera Mera no Mi, he said that he will now inherit Ace’s will. That could mean two things:
                    1. Roger was a Gomu Gomu no Mi user (I don’t like the idea of that)
                    2. There are other ways to inherit someone’s will via Devil Fruit

                    In first case, it means that every Gomu Gomu no Mi user shares treats with the original Gomu Gomu no Mi user
                    However, in second case, it opens up a possibility of storing one’s soul into a Devil Fruit.

                    But why would Roger choose Gomu Gomu no Mi out of all Devil Fruits? I believe it is because of Goro Goro no Mi. However, all that stuff is pure guessing.

                    We haven’t seen Devil Fruit eating in action a lot of time, but after some time, the Devil Fruit user’s personality changes in a way.
                    Now, I don’t believe Roger had any DF because of the crew’s reaction to finding Devil Fruit, they percieved DFs as something strange, not as something they are familiar with. I believe Devil Fruits aren’t anything old – they were created in last 50 years or so. (maybe Uranus or national treasure of Mariejois, who knows)

                    I’d like to see your opinions on this.

                    *Theory by JewDoo