So I was doing a little thinking about all the “D’s” we have seen introduced so far in the series, and I realized something. Jaguar D. Saul stated that even though he didn’t know what the meaning behind the D, he said that EVERYONE in his family carried the initial in their name. This means that both Saul’s mother and father were both D’s. Now when we look at Portgas D. Ace, we know that his mother and father are also both D’s. With this information, it leads me to conclude, that in order for someone to be a “D” that both of their parents has to be D’s. Now obviously his mother couldn’t be a Jaguar D, unless Dragon is walking around with some seriously heavy duty machinery (if you know what I mean >:) ), nor could she be a Monkey (Because that would just be ewww) So that means there could only be two possible options, either his mother is one of the known D’s we’ve seen so far in the series (Gol, Portgas, or Marshall) OR she is knew carrier of D, yet to be introduced. I’ve opted to believe that she is a carrier that has already been introduced, because I don’t think Oda is going to go overboard with the D bloodline.

So why a Gol? The answer is actually really simple, and it’s because Luffy looks almost identical to a young Roger.


Although we are never shown Rogers eyes in his younger age, what we did see of him, the similarities are uncanny. I always thought it was a little strange that Luffy looks nothing like Garp or Dragon, but bares such a strong resemblance to Roger. It would make perfect sense for him to look so similar to Roger, if his mother is in fact a Gol, and he gets his appearance from her.

The other possibilities is her being either a Portgas D. a Marshal D. or an unknown D. I’ve ruled out Portgas for obvious reasons, and I’m not to opposed to her being a Marshal D, because that would add a huge twist in the sense that Luffy is in some way related to Blackbeard, but even so, I think that would be a bit of a stretch. As far as her being an unknown D, like I stated before, I don’t think Oda is going to be going to overboard with the D. bloodline because it’s fairly obvious that the Will of D plays a huge roll in the over all storyline, and Oda isn’t going to over complicate it by adding more and more D’s to the mix.

Anyways I know probability of her being related to Roger is very very small, but I’m willing to bet Shanks right arm, that she is definitely a D. So if you guys don’t think she is a Gol, what would be your pick?

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon


  1. White D Shane

    There are lot more D’s than these 3 like Law, the giant who saved Robin and the were not same and different from these three so it is highly possible that his mother was carrier of totally different name

  2. Or she could be a Trafalgar D. as well, if your theory is right about both parents

  3. W.S.scumfuck

    Maybe he is related to trafalgar water D. law, would like this possibility to be true, they were blood relatives! BAM! 😀

  4. I actually don’t think Luffy looks a lot like Roger, at least not in the pictures shown here. Roger has a bigger face. Roger’s ears are higher up. His sixpack is drawn diffrently and an other style of nose. Sure, they got the same hair color and well yeah the same hat, but if you put Ace or Law there in the same clothes and with the hat, they would look like Luffy too.
    But great theory about the D. though, I like it very much and I hope it’s true 😀

  5. I think luffy mother will be Roger younger sister.

  6. Carlos Flores

    Luffy is Roger!!!

  7. We have 2 portgas in one piece : portgas D ace and his mother. His mother died when ace was born and he died at marineford , so the portgas family ended with ace , however , i dont think that oda will end the portgas family , that’s why luffy’s mother is a portgas and she is alive .
    Or maybe his mother is the sister or the cousin of roger that’s why luffy ressemble to roger

  8. Luffy’s mother is a Silvers D. Buggy says right after marineford war that rayleigh is luffy’s uncle.

  9. i think luffys mother and ace mother are both sisters portagas D .they are sisters so thats why garph accepted to take care of ace because of their mothers connection

  10. Well It could be very true or like tks said she is Ace’s Aunt. But Luffy and Ace look SOOO much alike just like young Roger does, that it could be either Roger’s sister or Portgas D. Rouge’s sister.

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