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We all know that Sanji’s from North Blue, though he met the crew while working at Baratie Restaurant in East Blue. We also know that Red Line divides the world in two parts, with three seas each:
1. East Blue + Grand Line (Paradise) + South Blue.
2. North Blue + Grand Line (New World) + West Blue.

From that, we can assume that there’s only 2 ways of getting to East Blue from North Blue:

1. Reverse Mountain and Calm Belt. This means, entering Grand Line from North Blue through Reverse Mountain and then exiting Grand Line through Calm Belt to East Blue. This is the “easiest” way, though there’s a high probability of dying in Reverse Mountain and even more in Calm Belt.

2. Mariejois. I don’t really have any idea on how to enter Mariejois except from scaling the Red Line at the end of Paradise or at the beggining of New World, but there must be some way to do so, reserved only to nobles or tenryuubitos and their staff (we saw Tenryuubitos and some of his servants back at Sabaody).

From my point of view, the first option is impossible. Why? Well, when the Strawhats were about to enter Grand Line, Sanji didn’t have any idea of what Reverse Mountain was, so it’s quite obvious that he hadn’t travelled through it as a kid.

The only possibility would be Mariejois then. So this gives more credibility to the theory that says that Sanji is a noble of some kind. He could have been to Mariejois as a kid with his noble family and he took advantage of the situation to escape from them, later being able to get in a cook’s ship that would bring him to East Blue. But then again, Oda always surprises, so we don’t know what he’s got prepared (could it be about to be revealed, could it have something to do with Sanji’s current “disappearance”?

There might also be a third way of getting to East Blue from North Blue, though I find it highly anticlimatic. The thing would be that one could cross Red Line in some parts of the Blues, meaning that not the whole Red Line would be a cliff as in Grand Line, but that it would rather have some places similar to beaches where ships could dock, thus being able to cross from one side to another. If this was true, though, I think One Piece would lose his characteristic “divided world” theme, which I think is the main point of the series (there’s a world divided in four pieces waiting to be reunited in one single piece).

Anyways, this is it, guys. I guess it’s not much of a theory, but instead it’s more of a punctualization that gives credibility to the theory of Sanji being a noble. Hope you liked it!

Feel free to share your thoughts on how Sanji could’ve got to East Blue as a kid.

*Theory by Jinbe


As we know, Sanji’s last name is Vinsmoke. Vin is the French term for “Wine”, seeing as Sanji is a high-class cook, and Smoke is pretty self-explanatory. The Vinsmoke family is obviously a noble family because:
1. Sanji is wanted only alive
2. He’s having an arranged marriage, a custom that is practiced by rich and noble families

He is also the youngest of three. I’m assuming his two older siblings are male, and their names are Ichiji and Niji.

Ichi = 1
Ni = 2
San = 3


Now, moving on to Purin. My prediction is that she’s the three-eyed woman on Big Mom’s ship, due to the fact that the “San” in Sanji’s name translates to 3.

Does that mean Sanji and Purin will get married? I highly doubt it, because that means he will have to remain loyal to her, and it’s too early in the series for him to stop flirting with every woman he meets. It would also ruin the adventures of the Straw Hats, because Sanji will either leave for good and live with Purin, or Purin will join the crew. I’m almost certain that Luffy and the others will crash the wedding and save Sanji, sort of like the Strong World scenario with Nami.

That’s all I have to say. What do you guys think? Any feedback is welcome

*Theory by Dead-0r-A1ive


The Straw Hat Grand Fleet Finally To Use!!!

So people,I’m finally back at theorizing,and I have a hyped one this time,about the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


Maybe it’s too early for the Fleet to be used,but after the marriage of Sanji being thrown at us,and the fact that it will be with a member of the Big Mom pirates and family,to save Sanji the 8 members of the Straw Hat pirates won’t be enough.And for such a important thing as rescueing a nakama, Luffy won’t hesitate on using every and each help possible. 
Big Mom herself is a monster and she probably has a good amount of commanders who are very powerfull too,besides other strong members and all her fleet that will most likely be present for such an important occasion as a marriege,so the SH will need allies,if not the whole fleet,”just” the minks,cause like Capone said,the minks are right now allies.
The minks like we saw,are strong enough to fight Jack and his underlings plus his help,so I think that if not the whole fleet,they might be enough.

And to close this theory down,it’s quite possible that the Minks join the Grand Fleet and here are some reasons:

  1. They may be a country instead of a pirate crew,but they have zero ties to the World Govermnent
  2. The Minks have a huge debt to the Straw Hats,so no better way to pay then help rescue Sanji and the SH in future occasion by joining their Fleet
  3. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were once pirates.
  4. Those two are powerfull enough to fight Jack head on and have real chances of winning.

*Theory by Pedro5822


I made a couple conclusions after thinking about last chapter:

– Unless Oda is being a massive troll, we can assume Sanji got captured in some way.

– It’s confirmed that Jack is no longer on Zou.
– The Mink (other than the guards) seemed rather relaxed. That leaves me to believe that there is no IMENENT threat to them as of right now. Also meaning there is no major antagonist on the island at this very moment.
– Chopper was dressed up as a King and the Strawhats were welcomed like royalty with banquet and all.

Following these conclusions i started thinking about what is left to do on Zou. Zou seems like too unique of an island to just hop on, find out about Sanji, and then hop off to go find him. Even if Nami presumes Sanji is dead instead of just captured, Luffy and Zoro (we all know Zoro and Sanji secretly have a bromance) would leave for revenge immediately imo.

So there’s no threat or antagonist right now and when everyone is filled in about Sanji next chapter the Strawhats won’t have time to celebrate with the Mink for too long. Is that all there will be to Zou?

My answer is no and here is why i think why:

I think Zou, or Zunisha, is a living poneglyph. Not like any other poneglyph where text is inscribed into a special rock/stone. The “poneglyph” im talking about is Zunisha’s memory. Zunisha is a ancient elephant that lived over a thousand years. As everyone concluded by now, Zunisha was around during the void century 800 years ago. It experienced what happened during that time. Specifically what happened to the Minkmen during this age.

One of the characteristics of elephants is that they have an amazing memory. I’d say this is needed if u want to recall something that happened 800 years ago. Is it a coincedence that the ancient creature who was around during the void century, also has this characteristic unique to it’s species? It might be, but i’d like to think not.

So poneglyphs are normally Robin’s specialty, but in this case it’s time for Chopper to shine. Chopper hasn’t really had much spotlight in the New World. The only thing of importance he has done in the NW is taking care of the kids on Punk Hazard. I think it’s about time for him to get a moment of great significance.

As we all know, Chopper can talk to animals. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but i believe Chopper is the only creature in the One Piece world that can communicate with ALL other living creatures. That also means he is the only one who could translate between animals and humans or translate from Zunisha to Robin and the rest. Is it a coincedence that the only one who could possibly translate Zunisha’s memories is a Strawhat? Maybe, but the coincedences are stacking up.

I even believe it’s possible that Chopper has already spoken to or translated for Zunisha and that’s the reason why Chopper is dressed as a King.

*Theory by Arasys


Ok here we go time for another long crazy one, as I attempt to predict the events of the Void Century

Part 1: Descent –

It’s a common theory that the supposed 4th moon race went on to become one of the founding members of the World Government, but how exactly did this all take place?

In the beginning, there were 6 moons –


I believe there is a single inconsistency in this model of the world, created simply through the Oharans lacking information. That being, the presence of the Red Line. Following the destruction of 5 moons, the One Piece world looked like this


Note the absence of the Red Line. Now, that thing circling it, is not a moon track like on the Oharan globe, but a planetary ring of debris from the destruction, similar to that around several planets in our own Solar system. This is how the Red Line was formed. The entirety of this planetary ring fell to the Earth, maintaining it’s shape, forming the Red Line. It was highlighted regularly during Skypiea the importance the moon races place on solid ground, and seeing the vast blue expanse beneath them, they may have felt it necessary to bring more land with them when they eventually migrated due to lack of resources

They inevitably settled in what would eventually become Mariejois

Part 2: Alliance –

Now of course, to the primitive peoples of Earth, the descent of a highly advanced race from the sky could only mean one thing – That they were Gods. The moon people intended to be benevolent Gods, and proposed an alliance of various kingdoms from across the globe to work for the benefit and prosperity of all the world’s inhabitants. What they observed however, was that humanity are a cruel and selfish race who care only for their own greed. The 20 kingdoms that they allied with developed a God complex, and viewing those remaining on the blue sea as inferior, they began to treat them with cruelty. This went doubly so for non-human species

“Wait, the 20 kingdoms they allied with?” I hear you ask. That’s right, I believe that the 4th moon race, the Ancient Kingdom and the 21st member of the alliance are all in fact the same. It was said that the AK had advanced technology, and this would explain that as it is known that the moon people were also ahead of the surface dwellers technologically. I also believe that the reason their back isn’t shown in the panel from Eneru’s cover story is because their defining characteristic (as the other 3 races also possess one) is that they don’t have wings


Part 3: Genocide –

Has it ever seemed strange to anyone that non-human races seem to dwell exclusively within the Grand Line? Most people from the 4 blues consider things like giants to be mere myths. Luffy hadn’t even heard of Fishmen before setting off for Arlong Park. Why is this?

Owing to the fact that they were viewed as disgusting and inferior by the people of the World Government, the non-human races were eliminated in all 4 blues during the void century. The reason that the remainder of these species are unaware of these atrocities is simple – Because they are separated from them by the calm belts, they were unable to witness any of it, and likewise no one was able to bring them the information from outside

Those remaining in the Grand Line were spared for one unpleasant reason – Their usefulness as slaves. Kill enough that they have no chance at fighting back, leave enough to exploit

The purpose of Noah (which I also believe to either be or to contain Pluton) was not only to bring Fishmen to the surface but, as with Noah’s arc, to take in all of the species and protect them from “God”‘s wrath, until the end of the upcoming war

Part 4: War –

Seeing the disgusting acts committed by those who they viewed as allies, the people of the Ancient Kingdom separated themselves from the 21 kingdoms, and declared a war. With their advanced technology, they had at their disposal an immense military might – The ancient weapons. With these, they came very close to winning the war, until at some point the Devil Fruits were created from the fruit of life

With their new army of ability users, the 20 kingdoms quickly turned the tide of the war and overwhelmed the Ancient Kingdom, driving them back until they only had one island left as a base of operations


At this time they had realised that their defeat was inevitable, and so, to ensure that these events would eventually be uncovered, they forged the Poneglyphs. Many of them were then distributed to the territories of the non-human races, as seen throughout the series, as well as one to the only member nation of the 20 kingdoms who refused to take part in their actions – Alabasta. With the Ancient Weapons hidden and the knowledge of them detailed on indestructible stone tablets, preparations were complete and they resigned themselves to their fate

Part 5: Erasure –

In the closing days of the Void Century, after the Ancient Kingdom had already been defeated, the World Government went about the task of ensuring that all records of their existence, as well as the events that ended it, were destroyed. This included book burning and killing all witnesses

It is also at this time that Joyboy is imprisoned in the newly constructed Impel Down, as detailed in a previous theory

With this, the world was led to believe that all is as it has always been. There was always a Red Line. Non-human species were always in such dwindling numbers, and confined to so few places. There were only ever 20 kingdoms in the alliance. The world has always had a single moon

Theory by Go D. Usopp