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As you know Nami has consistently been fighting with the clima-tact, however i do not believe the clima-tact has reached it’s final form yet. That is why i believe Nami well gain an ultimate clima-tact.

Well i have had 2 ideas

  • The ability to create iron clouds and merge them with her thunder clouds, to create a destructive lightning-

-Ohm’s weapon is made of iron cloudsword


  • She breaks up her new clima-tact; and straps each piece to her body. When this happens, she will be able to release thunder clouds just by moving; however she will gain a lightning tolerance and won’t be affected by the shock. She will then use fishman karate to manipulate the clouds.

I personally think both of these would be good clima-tact power-ups, since they would require little to no charge up time; something that all her attacks need.

This clima-tact works by Nami breaking up a clima-tact(not the clima-tact she currently has) then strapping each piece to her body. With this she will be able to create different clouds depending on how she moves her body. She can then use fishman karate to create different techniques such as tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning punches

I believe this would be a good power up for Nami for a couple of reasons.

  1. She doesn’t need a huge distance to be effective- for most of her attacks, she needs to keep a distance since it takes a few seconds to create lightning and in those seconds she is very vulnerable. But with the new clima-tact, she won’t need to run away from her opponents to gain distance. Rather she could run towards her opponent; by moving her body she would create more thunderclouds around her, she could then use fishman karate to use enel-like techniques by launching all the lightning clouds at her opponents.
  2. Would increase hand to hand combat, Nami is really bad at this so it would help her a lot; it would also allow her to use CoA more effectively

This clima-tact works by creating island clouds inside itself, compressing the island clouds; then creating iron clouds, which can be turned into thunder-iron clouds to give them lightning properties. How would she make a clima-tact like this? Well if you didn’t know, island clouds are created by sea stone 

This leads me to believe that she will get a sea stone clima-tact. I believe this is very likely because the SMILE factory is coated in sea stone and when it’s destroyed Franky will most likely take that sea stone to make weapons. I also believe she will use a breath dial, as sea stone only creates island clouds when a certain compound is released due to high temperatures. With this sea stone clima-tact, she will be able to create large amounts of island clouds rapidly. Then due to the narrow space inside the clima-tact, these island clouds would be compressed and turned into iron clouds. She could then spin the iron clouds rapidly to turn them into iron-storm clouds that shoot lightning.
Here are just some of the techniques that she could do with this:

  • iron-lightning blasts; same thing as her wind gusts, but with iron lightning instead.
  • iron-lightning sword; creates a long sword with iron lightning that can be used to fight with
  • iron-lightning island; creates an entire sky island of iron lightning; she could use her clima-tact to launch this island at opponents
  • iron-lightning tornado; creates a tornado of iron lightning. Imagine a regular tornado, then image what would happen if the air inside that tornado was as hard as lightning and shot out electricity

*Theory by Monkey D Theories

One Piece Mythological Connections


Raijin: Raijin was created by the divine pair Izanami and Izanagi after the creation of Japan. There is a legend which says the eight lightning gods were charged with protection of the Dharma by the Buddha. Depicted as a muscled man carrying a series of drums, which he uses to make the rumbling sound of thunder.

Davy Jones: Davy Jones is not a pirate legend, it is a sailor’s legend. It’s important to note that in legend Davy Jones is not the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. The name is best known in the expression ‘Davy Jones’s locker,’ meaning the bottom of the sea, to which drowned sailors go. And that he would Perch among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes:, ship-wrecks, and other disasters to which sea-faring life is exposed, warning the devoted wretch of death and woe. The story of Davy Jones is a combination of many different legends that were blended together from various different cultures. Some say he was a pub owner in London and others say in Wales, who would pull out drugged rum from a locker and give it to unsuspecting sailors who would then pass out and wake up on a pirate ship. It is also said that Davy is a compromise of the word “duppy” which is a West Indian term for a malevolent spirit that would cause harm.

The Flying Dutchman: The true legend of the Flying Dutchman takes place off the coast of Cape Town. A captain named Van Der Deckon set sail after unloading all of his cargo, though his crew begged him not to. He sailed straight into a hurricane; the weather was so horrible that he had to leash himself to the helm to prevent him from being swept over board. In the midst of the storm he called out “God cannot even make me change my mind!” and swore that he would sail on until he reached the end of the earth. Shortly after he said these words a ghost appeared on the ship, and the crew dropped dead and when the captain tried to shoot this figure his arm withered. The ship went red in color and disappeared. It is said that it still sails the waters.
In the 14th century,  the chance of salvation was introduced through a woman’s devotion and the opportunity to set foot on land every seven years to seek a faithful wife.


Neptune: Roman god of the sea. Jupiter took the sky, Neptune the sea and Pluto the underworld. One day Neptune saw the water nymph Amphitrite dancing in the island of Naxos and fell in love with her. Had many sons, one named Triton. Tempests and earthquakes were a reflection of his furious rage. Neptune was considered to be the bad-tempered, moody god. Once insulted, he would revenge himself.

Euryale: She is the second eldest of the three Gorgon sisters, her and her sisters possess brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair of living, venomous snakes. She and Stheno are immortal  In some versions of mythology, Euryale also had the ability to turn anyone to stone with her gaze Euryale is noted for her bellowing cries. She is known for her eyes that hold such beauty, that a mortal man caught who looked into them would be caught in their beauty and trapped forever.

Triton: A mythological Greek God, the messenger of the sea. He is the son of Poseidon (Neptune)and Amphitrite God and goddess of the sea respectively, and is herald for his father. He is usually represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. Like his father, he carries a trident. Triton’s special attribute was a twisted conch shell, on which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves.

Stheno: The eldest of the three Gorgon sister, she killed more men than both her others sisters combined. The sisters are
the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto they were born in the caverns beneath Mt. Olympus. She is known to be the most independent and ferocious, having killed more men than both of her sisters combined. Transformed into a Gorgon because of standing with her sister Medusa. Stheno tends to be depicted as a thin gorgon monster with red snakes curling around her head instead of hair. She had a temper that was said to be extremely violent

Medusa: The youngest and only mortal of the three sisters. A once beautiful woman who was either raped or seduced by the sea god Posiedon in the Temple of Athena. Athena was furious with Medusa. As a punishment, Medusa was changed into a terrible monster, along with her sisters Stheno and Euryale. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. Seeing herself thus transformed into so repulsive an object, Medusa fled from her home, never to return. Wandering about, abhorred, dreaded, and shunned by all the world, she now developed into a character, worthy of her outward appearance. Her name translates to “ruler”

Toyotama-hime: Her name mean “luminous jewel” also known as Otohime. She is the Japanese goddess of the sea daughter of Ryujin. She helped a hunter find his hook, and he found love with Toyotama-hime and they were married. Her husband began to long to return to the surface world. She was pregnant with his child and consented, so long as he would promise not to watch when she gave birth. He agreed and built a house for them to live in, and at the time of the birth, his curiosity got the better of him and he looked. He saw a huge black dragon holding a tiny baby. Toyotama-hime, who had changed to her dragon form of to give birth, was ashamed, and she left him and the baby and returned to the sea.


Ever since Crocodile first mentioned the ancient weapon Pluton way back in the Alabasta arc, many fans have wondered at the true nature of the three Ancient Weapons; Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. As the series has gone on, we have learned a bit about the former two, but not the last.

Pluton has long since been revealed to be a battleship of extraordinary power; the Poneglyph hidden beneath Alabasta contained information about its location, while the blueprints for it were eventually handed down to Franky, who destroyed them to keep them out of the government’s hands.

Poseidon was first mentioned on Skypeia, and it wasn’t until Fishman Island that we learned exactly what (or rather, who) it was; a mermaid princess, born with the ability to communicate and command the titanic Sea Kings that populate the world’s most dangerous waters.

All that is currently known about Uranus, however, is that it is another weapon similar in strength to the previous two.

These three weapons are all named after gods in mythology, and the two we have learned about so far have both had some connection to their name.

Poseidon was named after the Greek god of the sea, child of Cronus and brother to Zeus and Hades. This is fitting, as Poseidon is often depicted as having full control over all of the sea’s creatures.

Pluton is a bit trickier, but still feasibly connected; It is named after Pluto, the Greek god of the Underworld, also known as Hades. Having been made to select his domain last, after Zeus (Jupiter) chose the sky and Poseidon (Neptune) chose the sea, Hades was made to rule the Underworld. While Hades himself is not typically associated with boats, someone in the Underworld is; Charon the ferryman, who transports newly deceased souls across the rivers Styx and Acheron that separate the world of the living and the world of the dead. Thus, Pluton could be seen as a subtle nod to Charon’s ferry, delivering people to death.

Uranus, as noted above, is not representative of Zeus; Jupiter is Zeus’ counterpart. Uranus was a god even older than they, husband and son of Gaia and personification of the sky. It was he who sired the first generation of Titans, including Cronus, the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, among others.

A common theory for Uranus’ role as a weapon is that it is some form of weather control machine; I have seen a number of fans who believe it may be in the possession of the Revolutionary Army, or possibly even Dragon himself, given that Poseidon is also a living being.

My theory, however, is that we have already seen Uranus. Or at the very least, a prototype of sorts. Where, you may ask?


The Ark Maxim!

The Ark Maxim, Enel’s ultimate weapon, was quite the impressive piece of work. A large vessel that, by combining chemicals with Enel’s own incredible powers, was able to destroy an entire island by producing a gigantic thundercloud.
It is stated that Enel directed Gan Fall’s men to construct the ark after he usurped his role as “God”, but I find this somewhat strange. While Enel does not seem to be particularly stupid, neither does he seem especially intelligent. While it is certainly possible that he could have designed the Ark Maxim on his own, I have yet to find evidence that he was knowledgeable to create such a devastating weapon. I believe that Enel, at some point in time, discovered the blueprints to Uranus and, unable to recreate its advanced technology with what was available to him or with his own knowledge, he modified its design so that he could reproduce its power to a smaller, though still impressive scale by using his own powers.

While this part is pure speculation, I believe that the Ancient Weapons may have each been entrusted to a certain people for safekeeping by whoever designed them.
The power of Poseidon was entrusted to the Mermaids, rulers of the sea.The battleship Pluton was given to shipwrights, who live on land.And Uranus was entrusted to Enel’s people, the Birkans, who reside in the sky.This may have been as a measure of balance; An airship like the Ark Maxim would be safe from Sea Kings, but could be vulnerable to a battleship of Pluton’s caliber. Likewise, Pluton would be vulnerable to Sea Kings. A sort of rock-paper-scissors relationship, if you will.

Enel likely incorporated large amounts of gold and dials in order to make up for the technological deficiencies he may have encountered, seeing as the former’s high conductivity would make for a good material thanks to his electrical powers.

Usopp was able to use gas from a Breath Dial during his battle with Luffy to create an enormous explosion using only a small flaming projectile to ignite the gas. Enel did something similar with his lightning.

Considering that the ancient civilization(s) who built the ancient weapons were advanced enough to create a battleship that even now is feared by the World Government, it is reasonable to assume that they had a means of producing similar destructive forces without the aid of a Devil Fruit like Enel’s.

It is also possible that the ancient weapons were invented by aliens, such as those Enel encountered when he reached the moon. It is stated in the translation of the cover story below that the Birkans descended to the “Blue Planet” because their home was low on resources; perhaps they brought the blueprints to Uranus to the sky islands, but lacked the technology or power output to create it until Enel came along with his lightning powers?


In conclusion:

1. I believe the Ark Maxim is a prototype version of the Ancient Weapon Uranus.
2. I believe Enel discovered the blueprints of Uranus and modified it so that he could use its power for himself.
3. I think that Uranus may have been developed, or perhaps entrusted, to the Birkans, who were unable to recreate it when their resources ran out.

*Theory by Beast of Rendall



Hi, this is my little theory I´ve come up with recently, before you guys start reading make sure read the upper part that explains the theories concept to avoid confusion, thank you!

Samsara is a religious concept in Buddhism and Hindu, which the japanese have also assimilated into Shinto, that roughly translates into “Wheel of suffering”.
Here is somewhat of a loose explanation since as a religious concept it´s too complicated to explain in a short amount of time.
I´ve stumbled upon this explanation, when I searched for the inspiration for the 6 paths of Pain in Naruto.On my search I coincidentally found out, that the Hitman Reborn series also got their inspiration for some abilities based on those religious beliefs.

That´s where it struck me and I thought why wouldn´t Oda use it as a theme?
Oda may answer this in an SBS after they are all introduced, since he usually doesn´t tend to adress his tributes blatantly but rather hint at them as inspirations for his themes.

The Yonko and 6 paths huh? There are just 4 Yonko how does that even fit?
Well to my knowledge the Yonko system is fairly new, Brook didn´t knew about it during his prime and Roger wasn´t a Yonko although being the Pirate King. The road to become the pirate King won´t be a steep one, that´s for sure. Luffy will have to be a Yonko at least for a short time, his first stepping stone into becoming the Pirate King will be to reach that status. Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and became the 5th Yonko. So since Luffy´s aim is to beat them all he´ll be the 6th man to reach that status.
Therefore the 6th paths/realms.

Short explanation the six realms of Samsara (wheel of suffering),consists of the 6 realms of non enlighted beings (non Buddhas) a Buddha transcends and leaves the cycle of death and rebirth because of the enlightment he reaches. Those realms are: 1.Beings in Hell, 2.Hungry Ghosts (Preta),3.Animals,4.Asuras (demigods who can be good or evil),5.Humans and 6.Devas which are basicly gods (not omnipotent ones though).In general it´s to be aspired to be born within the Human realm, because although humans don´t have the superior abilities of the Asura or the divinity of the Devas (no pain, diseases etc), they are not hold back through envy or pride. The human realm, is the easiest one to reach transcendence or “enlightment”aka become a Buddha.

So now to my theory:

Every Yonkos theme mirrors figuratively one of Samsara paths similar to Pain´s 6 bodies in Naruto.
Keep in mind that this mirrors “mainly” the Yonko. Not always his overall crew.

1. Beings from Hell,Blackbeard´s theme. Blackbeards Jolly Roger displays 3 skulls which made some people believe Blackbeard may have a relation to Cerberus (the keeper of the underworld). On top of that his ability is the power of darkness which is called Yami in japanese and is tied to the underworld Yomi. He also recruited his members from the “depths of Hell” Impel down. One of them is also seemingly heavily associatred with death, the crew´s doctor Doc Q. Worst of all, he commited the greatest sin of all, that´s despised in any culture, the killing of a comrade. That should foreshadow Blackbeard´s destination when the series ends.

2.Hungry Ghosts, Big Mom´s theme. She supposedly ate her own people, seems to be the biggest glutton within the One Piece universe and her powers may as well be tied to eating, maybe a stronger version of Wapol. People wrote off this theory, but machvise showed us that Oda does recycle his abilities from time to time. Lava>Fire, which brought me to the conclusion that there may even be a Water Logia.
But back to Big Mom. remember food or especially candy was more important to her than even gold or power, I will update this when we get more hints.

3.Animals. Kaido´ s theme. For this one I have more hints. Kaido commands an army of “Animal fighters”. Which he intends to expand, he´s the strongest “being” within the One Piece world and people claim he may not even be a human. Why? We´ve seen Fishman be pirates. Winged angel humans, even monkeys. Who know´s there is a chance that he´s not a zoan like many assume but literally an animal.

4.Asura, Luffy´s theme, obviously.Zorro, says enough, read the explanation on Asura on the link I posted, should tell enough.They are demigods, with superior powers compared to humans, but don´t reach enlightment because of their jealousness over the devas. They are also beings of constant fightning and good as well as evil ones exist among them.

5.Humans Shanks theme.Similar to the Asura realm humans can be good or evil but tend to be chaotic and blended by their desires, which is why Shanks theme is the theme most similar to Luffy´s. Why is Shanks theme the human one and not Luffy´s, Shanks most likely has no Devil fruit, possibly his whole crew relys solely on Haki and their battle prowess alone. They are not monsters like Luffy´s crew. Devil fruit users, demon childs,skeletons, incarnated asuras and the devils legs.

6.Devas (celestial beings), Whitebeard´s theme:Whitebeard is the closest thing to a godly being in terms of power that´s been shown so far and isn´t related with the WG. His first mate uses a Devil Fruit that´s rarer than Logia (Mythical Zoan), only Senghok´s power was compareable. He was renowned as “the strongest” man on earth. He was modest compared to other pirates, not seeking for gold or treasure but he incorperated the worst sin of them all, Devas downfall, their pride. Whitebeard only lost the war because he was too prideful and took that attack from Squard for no reason. He also went up against the “godly world governement” and faced off against a “Buddha”.

My theory is that the “enlightment” which in Budhism means the breakout of Samsara, within One piece is reached through finding out the truth of the void century. Keep in mind, what Rayleigh said towards Luffy´s quote: “I think the freest person on the ocean is Pirate King”. But we know finding One Piece is tied to that goal and furthermore it´s hinted that the void century is also tied to that goal (One Piece).
Knowing the truth=Enlightment=Freedom. That´s where I think Shinto plays a role. Shinto is very oriented to the living world, it doesn´t associate itself much with the afterlife. “Live your life to the fullest and don´t think about tomorrow.” At the same time the Strawhats never hurt someone for their own benefits like regular pirates would do.Whitebeard a “Deva” was the closest to reach enlightment, finding the One piece and become Pirate King. But he didn´t care, because as the religious devas he was happy with what he had, he didn´t strife for enlightment,(devas are less likely to find enlightment than humans because they don´t search for it).Currently Shanks is the one closest to become Pirate King, he represents the “human path” and may reach enlightment if he opens his eyes.(finds out the truth).Blackbeard the”Being from hell ” is the farthest away from reaching it. That´s why Whitebeard said, Roger the guy who reached enlightment, found out the truth,was the freest man(died in peace) is not waiting for him. Kaido as an “animal” doesn´t even know how to become Pirate King and Big Mom “as a hungry ghost” doesn´t care, all she wants is to eat.
The “Deva” who the “Asura” tend to envy and therefore holding them back with their mockings,is dead. The biggest obstacle for Luffy is Shank´s who is the only one capable of becoming Pirate King besides him, not Blackbeard. The final Showdown before Luffy will be Pirate King won´t be between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Strawhats, that´ll come earlier. Shanks will be the last obstacle Luffy has to overcome. The new generation will have to beat the old one.
Furthermore Sengoku who is “the Buddha” knows the truth, as the fleet admiral he is enlightened, but he isn´t free. He fears the wrath of the Gorosei “the fake Gods” therefore he is not truly enlightened.
Sengoku is a “fake” Buddha, (he´s depicted as being fat, a traditional buddha is slim).


Traditional Buddha:http://alchemical-weddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bhumisparsha-buddha-plain-body-small.jpg

The world government pretends to be omnipotent in many occasions.
But they are not, no one is ominpotent in Shinto or Buddhism, even Kami (gods) die, Kami grow old in age, Kami have emotions. It´s a reoccuring theme in One Piece. Enel, the Tenryubito, Doflamingo, they all overestimate themselves.
Zoro’s claim that he doesn´t believe in God(Kami), but using religious references (such as Asura/Purgatory) on several occasions, is falsely interpret by many, as him being a hypocrit, or that Oda fucked up his character. He´s not, Buddhism or Shintoism are religions that don´t neccecarily require the belief in god´s or deity´s.The most recent example of this is Fujitora when he screams: “Who does the world goverment think they are? Are they truly omnipotent?” That´s what the future will tell. Luffy will challenge the gods. Not alone, but with the friends he makes. He´ll be the Asura to challenge the Kami and show them that they are not omnipotent. He will be the one that brings war, but this time to the Kamis.

*Theory by OralJackson


Well we can assume that Franky will gain a power up some time in the future, but what could that be??? Well i believe his next power will be in the form of a special gas, i will call this gas “baron gas”. But what is this gas i am talking about?? Well i believe it is a special gas that has the ability to make anything fly.

But how do you know this gas exists? Well that’s because i believe that we have seen it before inside these balloons
As we can see, the moon people used these balloons to get to sky piea, the robots also used the balloons to fly to skypiea; lastly their were a lot of balloons under baron termial, i believe that this is possibly because many people attach balloons to their ships to fly to the sky island(like in the movie Up), this is likely as it shows how Urouge could have gotten to the island without having to find a knock up stream.

For balloons to lift people/ robots, they need to have some strong gas in them; i will call this gas “baron gas”.

So what is the future of this gas???

Well i believe that Franky will find it, with it he will do two things

  1. put the gas inside his body, giving Franky the ability to fly; i think Franky could create a machine inside his body that can produce the gas, this would allow him to choose when he flies and when he walks
  2. he will use the gas to fly the sunny to the moon

In the movie “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, Baron Munchausen used a balloon to fly to the moon.

It inspired the celestial dragons
It also inspired Van Auger

I believe it will also inspire the SHs trip to the moon. This is very likely as we have already been introduced to balloons that can allow someone to travel from the moon to the earth
Also, Urouge’s sky island is called “Baron terminal”; idk if this has any connection to the movie or not, i personally think that the SHs will stop by this island on their way to the moon, this island will also contain some info about the moon(imo)

  • Franky will discover the gas that is used to make the “strong balloons”
  • he will use this gas to give himself the ability to fly
  • he will also use the gas to fly the sunny to the moon


*Theory by knaal


Hello once again everyone and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be talking about the Winged people and the Ancient Weapons. The winged people and Ancient weapons bares a lot of references to Greek Mythology and the Book of Genesis in Christianity.

This is the painting Enel found on the moon.


Those 3 winged people represents the 3 ancient weapons Uranus, Poseidon and Pluton. Each winged race correlates to an ancient weapon and the p0stion and nature of a winged race correlates to what an ancient weapons does.

Skypiean-Uranus-To Create-God of the Sky-The Top-Creationism

Uranus is the power to create and those who wields it are pretty much gods. The Skypieans appear to have a talent for inventing. The Skypieans also appear to be the ones who created the dials. Simply put, the Skypieans were the gods of the OP world and the weapon Uranus gave rise to the special clouds in Skypiea and the Devil Fruits(The Tree of Knowledge).

There are sky people creating new ways to control weather.


There are more creations of Uranus and the Sky People.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

However, the Skypieans have lost their god status and have been reduced to regular citizens.


Shandian-Poseidon-To Control-God of Water-The Middle-Evolution

Poseidon is the ability to control sea kings and it represent the Shandians. The Shandian you see in the picture has a fish head and in Skypiea….


The Shandian city Shandora had a poneglyph with info on Poseidon.

Oh and for the Shandians and Poseidon representing evolution….


The Shandians also appear to be the opposite of the Shypieans. Unlike Skypieans, the Shandians look like Native Americans/primitive savages.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

While in the blue sea, the Shandians had no technology and survived from resources from their natural surroundings. They are so outdated that they even resemble ancient Aztecs who believes in a primitive religion.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

The Shandians were being CONTROLLED by their own foolish religion until they were saved by Montblanc Noland.

The “god” the Shandians believed in that were leading them to their demise was a giant snake which is a reference to how the devil transformed into a snake to trick Adam and Eve.


The land of the Shandians is called “Jaya” is a reference to the Greek god Gaia, also known as “Mother Earth.” Gaia had a union with Uranus (Father Heaven)the first 12 Titans who ruled during the legendary Golden Age descended from her and Uranus.

The Shandians spent centuries defending their illustrious golden city that lost in time. A city being covered in roots and moss.


However, when the Shandians ending up in Skypiea, their land was stolen by the Skypieans(god) and a war ensued to get their land back. The war made the Shandians DESTRUCTIVE.


The Shandians tired killing anyone who got in their way regardless on who it was and was prepared to step over their comrades to achieve their goal. However, being destructive is not their nature.

Birkan-Pluton-To Destroy-God of the Underworld-The Bottom-Extinction

Pluton is a battleship capable of great destruction and it correlates to the nature of the Birkans. Pluton is named after the Greek god Hades and symbolizes war. Birkans have larger wing spans than Skypieans and Shandians and appear to have a natural gift for combat almost as if they are purely soldiers.

The Birkans


The Birkan’s natural destructive nature and martial prowess.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Remember when I said the Birkans were “the bottom” and soldiers? Well in Skypiea lead by Enel, the Birkans forcefully risen to “the top.”

The Shandians lost control of their homeland to the Skypieans and as if they were taking advantage of the chaos, the Birkans used God’s creations(DF and dials) to strip the Skypieans of their god status.


The Birkans took Shandora for themselves and started a new war between the Birkans and the Shandians.

This pic symbolizes such.

Since the Birkans stole the role of the Shandians, they became the “new poseidons.” Look at Enel with “Poseidon’s trident.”


Another hint to the Birkans becoming the new “Poseidons” is the birkan Gedatsu discovering a hot spring near Alabasta.


The Birkans then controlled Skypiea with fear using their overwhelming power.



Now then, a few things that I couldn’t insert into the theory without making things confusing(to me).

1- The birkans STOLE the position of GOD right? Does it remind you of the Tenryubitto “gods” stealing the OP world for themselves 800 years ago? If so, you are half right. 19 of the 20 Kingdoms that created the WG are thieves, but the main Tenryubitto family simply took their world back as they are the remaining “pure” humans in the world. Don’t get it? The head Tenryubitto family is responsible for the creation of the OP world(lets call it Vearth) over 5000 years ago. They are the first, the originals and the creators and that is a theory for another time.

2- The Skypieans have an idol.


Seem familiar?


Since we’re on the topic of Greek Mythology and that the OP world has a lot of strange species, could this be the OP version of Titans? The idol represents the yearnings of the sky people(gods) and the titans are the second order of divine beings and proceeds its successor gods.

*Theory by Vandenreich


Let’s face it, Dr. Vegapunk is arguably one of the most mysterious characters in the One Piece universe, he is the official head scientist of the marines yet never hesitated to aid Kuma when he wanted to protect the Thousand Sunny, at the same time he created the war machines Pacifista and ships that are able to cross the calm belts using Kairoseki on the bottom of the ship to hide it from Sea Kings. Even Artificial Devil Fruits are not beyond his reach.

Now, there are several things that are known about his personality- he seems to be a moral person, trying in his youth to be as benevolent as possible to the inhabitants of Karakuri, however unfortunately not finishing a lot of projects.
His benevolence also continues to be presented, he highly opposed to Caesar Clown’s inhumane experiments, including his mass-destruction weapon Shinokuni and his experiments to turn children into giants.

However what I found enigmatic is the fact that it really is incompatible with the fact that he created the Cyborg weapons – the Pacifista, and the even more bothering fact is that “Pacifista” seems to come from the word “Pacifism” or “Peace”.

And then the final enigma- why would a terrifying Pirate (in fact a revolutionary) Bartholomew Kuma cooperate with the Marines and Vegapunk and allow them to create some fearsome human weapons?
You could say that he had a change of heart and is now against the revolutionaries- but if so, why would he help the Strawhats that much? That obviously means that he didn’t have a change of heart and the fact that he went to Vegapunk voluntarily and the fact that Vegapunk granted his final human wish made me think about his true nature.
At first I thought he might be apolitical, just doing scientific research and so on, but then I noticed something interesting: There is another great scientist in his island Karakuri- professor Tsukimi, now considering Vegapunk was described as “old”, and considering I don’t assume there are many inhabitants in the island he and Tsukimi might know each other or even be relatives!
But what does it say? Well, in Enel’s Great Space Exploration he meet Tsukimi’s “Automata”, very advanced robots with artificial intelligence and emotions, they went to the moon after the Space Pirates’ explosion caused their creator’s death and they want to seek revenge, the Space Pirates are being punished by Enel, who later enter the ruin of an ancient Moon civilization called “Birka” who migrated to the “Blue Planet” due to lack of resources, but there’s more! In the ancient drawings of the Birka in chapters 470 and 472 we see creatures that look precisely like Tsukimi’s Automata! But how can he know? Well- that’s because he went there himself once!

Tsukimi’s and Birka Automata side by side, he must have been there!


Even thought to yourself how can Vegapunk be able to create such unbelievable technologies? Well, I think that he visited there too alongside with Tsukimi (Who might be his friend or even brother) and learned from the Birkans’ ancient and advanced technology!

But what does it have to do with his political opinions? Well, according to my theory, the Birkans are the ancestors of the Ds, they migrated to Earth in the void century, but the natives feared them so 20 kings created an alliance to destroy the Great Kingdom, and erase any trace of them from history.

So I think that Vegapunk, maybe due to his visit- might know what happened in the void century, and has decided to aid the revolutionaries even without them knowing it (Maybe except for Dragon, but Ivankov didn’t seem to know), Bartholomew offered himself to be researched on so Vegapunk could create the Pacifista, however I think that the real reason behind it is to be weapons of the revolutionaries, not the Kaigun! I think that at the final war the Pacifista would start attacking the Kaigun and help the Revolutionaires and Luffy, so they can change the world and carry the “Will of D”- to destroy the Red Line and have the Tenryubito and Gorosei lose their powers. That also matches the name “Pacifista”- the bringer of Peace, and with it Vegapunk attempts to indeed bring peace to the world by aiding the revolutionaries.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

Ancient Weapons – Uranus and the Tree of Devil Fruits

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Let’s start a theory about the famous 3 Ancient Weapons (From here on “AW”), trying to figure out what Uranus is.
We have Pluton, a ship as weapon of mass destruction, Poseidon, the ability to control the Sea Kings becoming manifest in the Mermaid Princess (once 800 years ago, and now again in Shirahoshi), and Uranus, a yet completely unknown weapon.

The AWs have one big inspiration: Mythology!

“Each of the Ancient Weapons is named after a Greco-Roman god affiliated with the earth, sea, and sky respectively: Pluto ruled the underworld, which was believed to be underground and all mineral wealth within the earth belonged to him; Poseidon was the ruler of the sea; and Uranus was the personification of the sky.” – OP Wiki

Poseidon was the ruler of the sea -> The AW Poseidon is the Sea King controlling Mermaid Princess
All mineral wealth within the earth belonged to Pluton -> The AW Poseidon is a ship, something tangible, probably out of wood (or steel?), in any case out of a material, something “from earth”.
Uranus was the personification of the sky. -> The AW Uranus is related to the sky? Probably.
Now the 3 Ancient Weapons have this pattern a lot:

  1. God of the sea, God of mineral wealth (earth), God of the sky
  2. A mermaid, a ship, something in the sky
  3. 1 weapon under water, 1 weapon on the water, 1 weapon above the water

So I say Uranus is something connected to the sky, maybe to wind and weather, there is no doubt for me.

Now to the question: What could Uranus be? And where is it?

1. Location:

Judging by the story, Pluton was first mentioned in Alabasta, a normal island in Paradise.
Poseidon: Fishman Island, deep under the sea below the Red Line.
That leaves? The New World! Uranus’ location/introduction in the story will be connected to the New World. Where in the New World? Well, there is 1 fact we know from Chapter 0: Gol D. Roger was in possession of an Ancient Weapon. I say he possessed Uranus, which would reveal us the location: Raftel!

2. Identity:

Let’s continue our way of thinking in patterns: So far we have one weapon as a person or animal, in general a living being (Poseidon), one weapon as a ship (Pluton).

That means Uranus is neither a person, nor a ship. What is left? And what of the things that are left is actually in the sky?

Some ideas: A flying animal? An airplane? A cloud? A sky island? A moon? If you count Shirahoshi as animal, then maybe Uranus is in fact a person? Or a Devil Fruit?

Let’s test these ideas:

  1. A flying animal? – I count Poseidon already as an animal, so no.
  2. An airplane? – Well that would also be a tangible weapon, just like a ship, so no.
  3. A cloud? – A little hard to imagine how a cloud could have/be a weapon, so no.
  4. A sky island? – Possible, but we already know that there are a lot of sky islands, and one of them being an Ancient Weapon wouldnt be very special anymore, so no.
  5. A moon? – There are 6 moons in One Piece, Enel being on one of them, and we know people lived on the moon. Kinda heard to imagine that one of those 6 would be a weapon, so no.
  6. A person? – I think Shirahoshi counts as a person (living being), so no.
  7. A Devil Fruit? – There are so many, many Devil Fruits, it would be kinda lame if Uranus is just one special Devil Fruit, so no.

Many believe that Monkey D. Dragon himself is Uranus, or that his Devil Fruit is Uranus, but that would be like a copy of Shirahoshi just with a human, right? It wouldnt quite fit the pattern.

Hmm, so nothing really fits? That’s disappointing. What is left then? Let’s gather some more info:



In this picture, we see the 3 races from the moon, the Birkans, Skypieans and Shandorians, travelling from the moon down to the earth, this was long before the Void Century. The 3 races are symbolized by 3 different hats: 1 antenna, 1 helmet, and 1 fish-head -> Uranus, Pluton and Poseidon.

We see that the leader of this journey is in fact the character with the antenna hat: Uranus. This makes perfect sense, because in Greco-Roman mythology, Uranus is the grandfather of Zeus, Pluton (Hades) and Poseidon!

That means the Ancient Weapon Uranus should be of much greater magnitude than Poseidon and Pluton.

I also think that the 3 races from the moon were the founders of the Ancient Kingdom, as well as their weapons: Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus. This would fit 2 patterns:

  1. Mythology: God is “not from the earth”, God created the earth, and the human race with Adam & Eve (more about them later), just like the 3 races came “down to earth”.
  2. US Forces: Navy, Army and Air Force as “weapons” for the USA, just like Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus as weapons for the Ancient Kingdom.

Adam & Eve

I already stated, that Pluton is a ship, and that Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess, and I also stated their positions, Paradise (Pluton) and Fishman Island (Poseidon). We know two “holy” trees in One Piece: The Treasure Tree Adam and the Sunlight Tree Eve. How are these all connected?


  • Poseidon is an AW related to the sea, it’s a mermaid – The Sunlight Tree Eve was mentioned on Fishman Island, because there was a huge tree giving sunlight 10,000 meters beneath the surface. I believe that was in fact the Sunlight Tree Eve, and the location fits perfectly: Fishman Island!
  • Pluton is an Ancient Weapon related to earth/wood, it’s a ship – Franky mentioned the Treasure Tree Adam, because Roger’s ship the Oro Jackson was built out of that special wood, just like Sunny. He even went to a neighbour island of Water 7 to buy pieces of that wood. So again, the location fits perfectly: Paradise!

Now what about Uranus? I said the location of Uranus was Raftel. I will now explain this further:
Raftel is the place where both trees are connected. Like Uranus is the grandfather of Pluton and Poseidon, on Raftel both trees (connected to Pluton and Poseidon) will combine/connect. We already have 2 trees for the other Ancient Weapons, so I wouldnt be surprised if the remaining weapon is connected to the remaining tree, the Tree of Devil Fruits!

Now what is the connection to the sky?

Sky does not only have to mean the physical sky, like “the place where all the clouds are”. Sky can also be understood in a spiritual way, like heaven. Poseidon is a living being, Pluton is a weapon/ship, like a huge item.
So we have a living being, and an item, what is left? -> Something neither living, nor tangible! Uranus is something spiritual!

First of all, nobody ever reached Raftel but Gold Roger, and we already know that he was in possession of an AW. Evertyhing is connected, the trees, the Poneglyphs and Rio-Poneglyphs, it all is “One Piece”. Second of all, the physical appearance of that tree must be huge, reaching far up into the sky, “godlike”. And lastly, the power of that tree to “give live”, to give power, and to unite all Devil Fruits is something spiritual.


I’m not sure how exactly all this works out, but the simple idea is clear:
The Adam and Eve Trees are connected to the Ancient Weapons Pluton and Poseidon, and mythology tells us that Uranus stands above those two.
That’s why I think the combination of Adam & Eve is the Tree of Devil Fruits, which is nothing else than Uranus.

Think about it: We have a tree that generates sunlight, or energy, we have a tree that generates the matter/material, now all we need is the soul/spirit, right?
Uranus, the Tree of Devil Fruits, is a tree that generates spirit! Namely in form of devils inside the fruits. It brings “life” to those fruits, as well as supernatural powers.

I might be wrong about Uranus being somethign “spiritual”, it could also be the staff we see the Birkan holding (in the cover picture with Enel), like a magic staff. But what Im sure about is, that Uranus generates life, like I already explained.

  • Eve generates sunlight, to those living under water -> Shirahoshi
  • Adam generates a special material (wood of the Adam’s tree) to build objects that can withstand anything -> Ships
  • The Devil Fruit Tree generates spiritual energy/the devil’s soul/ki (however you wanna call it^^), like a god creating a form of life -> The ability to generate spiritual engery, e.g. control of the sky/weather/elements.

Whether or not all Devil Fruits can/will be combined to form the One Piece, or if the Devils will be combined to form the original Devil is a different question. In another theory I also mentioned that the D. characters are the descendants of the Ancient Kingdom, and the Guradian of the Devil Fruits, which would fit if my statement, that the Ancient Weapons belonged to the Ancient Kingdom, is true. Uranus is a weapon of the Ancient Kingdom, the Tree of Devil Fruits, therefore the descendants of that Kingdom are the guardians.

-> Uranus is the Tree of Devil Fruits.

What do you guys think?

*All rights go to Gobee129