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We all know that you can just steal a paper from people who wrote down what’s on poneglyphs, but what does Luffy think about it?
[​IMG] He is not happy with that, given that he showed us his Donald Trump face.
So, how can they steal poneglyphs? Can they just carry them? Well, I think there are 2 images that foreshadow this.
First one:
Wadatsumi is carrying a Poneglyph on his head.

Second one:

Look at the pattern on Luffy’s clothes – the Kozuki clan.

But what kind of significance does the clothing bring, you may ask
Well, try to remember who from Kozuki clan ate a very strange fruit, and since the day he ate that fruit, he could turn objects that are put on head into clothes.
Still doesn’t ring a bell?
This guy:

They have a foolproof plan – they steal poneglyphs by literally wearing them, and then Kanjuro, with Usopp’s help, draws a new Poneglyph where the old one was so no one can suspect a thing! I think it’s a perfect scheme.

*Theory by JewDoo

Akainu and the rebels – Yakuza connections of the Admirals

Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment.This time I shall be discussing the yakuza connections of the admirals but this mostly focuses around Akainu.

First of all, why does the WG seem more like a mafia or yakuza? The way they dress, the way their meetings are held etc.. Does the fact that the 4 admirals are based off actors from the yakuza film era seem strange?
(Everyone knows this trivia)


Akainu is based off actor Bunta Sugawara or more specifically, his role in the popular yakuza film series Battles Without Honor and Humanity. In this movie series, Bunta was apart of a yakuza that was trying to shed their yakuza image and make Bunta retire. I’ll get more into Akainu later.


Aokiji is based off Yusaku Matsuda character in Detective Story (1983). In Detective Story, Matsuda was a detective who was hired to watch over a rich goal named Noami much to his annoyance. Things get complicated when Naomi’s mother is suspected of murdering a love hotel manager so Matsuda and Naomi investigates the crime and it leads them to the yakuza. Matsuda also starred as the main yakuza villian of the 1989 filmBlack Rain by Ridley Scott. In the movie, the lead character went deeper and deeper into the criminal undergound until he was lead the Matsuda’s character who was the main villain.

Kuzan’s actions are pretty similar to the movies. He is pretty much an undercover detective playing the villain in order to dig deeper into the underworld.



Kizaru is based off Kunie Tanaka’s character from Battles Without Honor and Humanity and Truck Yaro. In Battles Without Honor and Humanity, Kuine Tanaka was in the same yakuza as Bunta Sugiwara and was one of the people voting for Bunta to retire. Bunta and Tanaka also starred together in the comedy Truck Yaro.



Fujitora is based off Shintaro Katsu’s character from the Zatoichi series. During his training, Zatoichi was a member of the yakuza and killed many people. Regretting his actions, Zatoichi left the yakuza and became a compassionate man, helping as many people as he could during his travels. His endeavors led to Zatoichi being loved by many. However, since Zatoichi abandoned the yakuza, yakuza placed it bounty on his head and are hunting him.

Judging from this, it seems Fujitora blinded himself as punishment and also because he couldn’t stand seeing the suffering he caused(kind of cowardly). Fujitora was probably a criminal and seeks atonement for his actions and believes the WG isn’t what it should be since it failed to catch monsters like him.
Zatoichi- was hunted by the yakuza because he left them. Fujitora came to the “yakuza” to change them.

Funta’s Shozo Hirono- didn’t want his yakuza group to change by shedding their yakuza image. Akainu only cares about the image of himself and the marines.

Coincidence that Fujitora and Akainu lashed out at one another over the image of the marines?



Now to Akainu’s past. As I said earlier, Akainu is inspired by the character Shozo Hirono in Battles Without Honor and Humanity. Hirono was an ex-soldier and street thug who was involved in violent yakuza wars. Hirono was sent to prison many times but soon enough, his yakuza group wanted to shed its image and wanted Hirono to retire, as he was one of the main reasons the group was still viewed as a yakuza. At the end of the film series, after many of his friends were killed, Hirono retired.

Kuzan said that “the grass was greener on the other side” so you can probably guess what I’m trying to say; before the marines, Akainu was involved in criminal affairs. Heck…’Sakazuki’ means “sake cups” and they are for yakuza initiation ceremonies.

As a kid, Akainu is carrying a knife and has a cap that says “justice”. It seems even at a young age, Akainu was killing criminals. Maybe the reason Akainu is so extreme about killing criminals is because he experienced it first hand.

Probably the only thing Akainu hates more than criminals are traitors.

Here, Akainu deems a random marine a traitor for running away from the Marineford War and kills him.


Check Akainu’s dialogue when speaking to Jinbe.


Akainu tried killing Coby cause he deemed Coby a traitor.


After all, Akainu is a member of the rebel faction.


The rebel faction focuses on the findig and demise of those who has turned their backs on the world government. Who are some traitors?


I believed Dragon was a former CP0 agent and that would make the greatest traitor in WG’s history and an obvious target of Akainu. Akainu even knew that Luffy was Dragon’s son even before Sengoku told all of the marines.


As for Bonney, though it is unknown that BB knew of her worht or not, the person who was sent/volunteered to retrieve Bonney was Akainu and he said that she FLED aka RAN AWAY from the World Government. Not the marines.


According to this chart that Oda made, Aakinu is STILL hunting for Bonney and lets not ignore how Bonney’s Post-TS attire is a hoodie to conceal her face.


Why is Akainu hunting for Bonney? Business with Big Mam but that is a theory for another time.

You do NOT leave the yakuza nor do you leave the WG. There will be people coming after your head.



Crocodile has a number of references to Captain Hook as a part of his character; Besides his name and hook hand, there is also his bomb he set in Alabasta (which was set on a clock timer), and his weakness to blood (Blood clumps together his sand, while Captain Hook was afraid of his own blood).

One thing about Hook that was also fairly consistent was his skill as a swordsman. Now, what does the symbol of Baroque Works have as its “crossbones”? A pair of sabers.

This same symbol is also seen in a drawing of Crocodile’s former dream to be King of the Pirates, on the hat beside him. This means it was more than likely his own Jolly Roger as a pirate.

Jolly Rogers typically include some feature of the crew’s captain that reflects their appearence or abilities; Luffy’s straw hat, Whitebeard’s moustache, the snakes around the Kuja’s skull mark, etc.

So why would Crocodile’s Jolly Roger have a pair of swords?

My theory is that once upon a time, Crocodile was a swordsman who took great pride in his skills; enough so that he branded his crew with his signature weapon.

If that is the case, then why doesn’t he still use one? I have two propositions:

1: Crocodile was left-handed, and unlike Shanks, was unable to adapt his skills to his weaker arm after losing his dominant hand.
2: Crocodile wielded two swords, and couldn’t get used to only wielding one.

Now, despite Crocodile’s defeat at the hands of Luffy, which condemned him to Impel Down as punishment, he showed no ill will towards Luffy when they met again in Level Six. Considering that Luffy ruined a plan that Crocodile had dedicated several years to, this suggests that he isn’t the type to hold grudges.

This is also shown to a lesser extent when he releases Daz Bones; Crocodile saw his skills and loyalty as valuable, even though he had lost to Zoro. This, despite having tried to kill Mr. 3 for his own failures. And also, perhaps he could see the value of someone who could easily deal with the average swordsman.

Considering these things, and Crocodile’s own self-admittance to not trusting anyone, one may wonder why he has such a venomous grudge against Whitebeard?

The idea that Whitebeard is responsible for Crocodile’s missing hand is a very common theory. I believe that Crocodile’s grudge stems from the fact that Whitebeard robbed him of his ability to wield a sword.

Another potential hint is his brief clash with Mihawk in Marineford. Mihawk is so powerful that he was able to clash with Vista of the Whitebeard pirates without even looking at him (though neither of them were likely taking the fight seriously).

Despite Mihawk’s reputation as the world’s greatest swordsman, Crocodile went so far as to talk down to him, warning him that he was “having a bad day”.

Considering the gap in power between the Warlords of the Sea and Whitebeard, I believe that when he was still a swordsman, if this indeed true, he was one of the greatest in the world. Someone capable of holding his own against Mihawk, and maybe even give him some trouble, but still far from Whitebeard’s level.

And even if he was not that skilled, he would likely at least have enough knowledge about swordplay to pose a decent obstacle, considering Jimbei was struck down by Mihawk in a single strike (anime only).

So in summary, my theory is that Crocodile was once a swordsman very proud of his skills, and lost his ability to use them in his conflict with Whitebeard in the past.

*Theory by Beast of Rendall


To be honest, I’m still quite unsure about this, mainly because I am not sure I even want this to happen that way, however thinking about it made me come up with actually several reasons why the nakama we have now is all we’ll have ’till the end of the series.
I thought about this possibility for 2 reasons, the first is the Pirate Alliance, the second, well, is the concept of “Early One Piece”, most notably this:

Which brings us to the first reason. Already from the beginning of the series Oda has planned all the nakama he’ll have throughout the series, I must also note that unlike many other shonen, One Piece is actually planned (Though it turned out far longer than Oda assumed), but the fact is, Oda already know what’ll happen and the ending, he knew that from the beginning.
So here lies the first argument, if he didn’t plan more than 9 nakama (including Luffy), will he add more despite the fact that he already planned this much nakama from the beginning? Those 9 Strawhats have dreams which will all come to a conclusion in about the same time, and having another nakama, in a way, would require Oda to create an entire new plotline alongside the rest, however he didn’t plan this specific plotline from the beginning.
Now, but here you’ll say: “Except for Zoro, Luffy, Nami and Sanji who have relatively minor changes, the rest are not like the nakama we have now”, and that’s true, however the Strawhats we have now are not different people, only had an artistic evolution and ended up differently, for example, Usopp was supposed to be more like his father, Brook doesn’t have an Afro, Chopper looks more like realistic reindeer.
The ones with the most massive difference are Franky and Robin, Robin replaced a male character that was supposed to be a plant lover rather than history lover, and Franky replaced a midget carpenter, however, though different it’s clear they were still supposed to have a somewhat similar role despite the differences.

Now, here comes another element I thought about, if new nakamas will join in the New World they won’t be able to develop like the previous nakamas, while the current Strawhats, who joined before the timeskip, clearly had time to develop and become stronger, if someone joins now he/she will barely have the time to actually become stronger and develop as a character, I mean, think about it, because if I remember correctly one of the editors claimed that One Piece is about 70% done, only leaving 30%? And that’s after it doesn’t seem like anyone’s joining this arc? So it’s even less than 30% of the progress of the story?

And here comes another one, because it’s the New World, if one is a good warrior or helpful in any type of way, he/she is already in a group/crew, because unlike Paradise or East Blue this is already the top of the top of the One Piece World, and usually already features characters in their peak, and inside groups, which would make it more unlikely for them to join as individuals to the Strawhat crew and more likely joining as their entire group/crew the Strawhat Pirate Alliance.

So yeah, the fact that the is a Strawhat Pirate Alliance makes more nakama irrelevant in a way, because if someone will join, so is his/her entire group, and will lend their strength to Luffy.

Also, just making sure, that means that both we’ll have new characters and their entire group as “underling crews”, by the way, it’s not the “Strawhat crew”, in the way those are not divisions but separate crews who ally themselves with Luffy similarly to the way crews ally themselves with Yonkos.
Roger had an apparently small crew only in 1 ship, Oro Jackson, as seen in Edd War.

Anyway, now for people saying that Luffy will decline, you are both right and wrong in my opinion, I think he’ll decline the concept of “being their father” but not their alliance, he’ll see them as equals, as allies while in reality they’ll serve him out of their own will.

Also, the Pirate Alliance also explains what happens with Jinbe, in his cover story, Wadatsumi joins him:

So, now people though to themselves: Then both of them will join the Strawhats? And the answer is no. Don’t forget the fact that on top of that, Jinbe is also the captain of the Sun Pirates (Whose whereabout are currently unknown, but that’s his title anyway), so now it makes sense why Oda made him decline in the first place, so that he’ll join the alliance, and not the core crew, in Fishman Island the was no alliance so Oda had him to have “unfinished business” before joining.

Also, about the boy with the number 10:

I think it’s foreshadowing the number of allied crews Luffy has, also let’s not forget Usopp’s Lieshadowing of 8000 underlings, so far we have 5600. So far we have 7, plus Jinbe it’s 8, I also believe Hancock will join after the Shichibukai system will be abolished, for the last one I’m still unsure, so let me hear who you think will join the alliance, I believe it might be Buggy, because both the Kuja and the Sun Pirates (About them I assume) don’t have a lot of people in them, and eventually we need to have 8000 so I believe Buggy, who has an entire organization under him will be the last one to join the alliance.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku


Most of us are aware of many of the different theories regarding Blackbeard, and how he is able to wield two Devil Fruits.

The most popular are, [in short] :

1. The Ceberus:

That Blackbeard has a Mythical Zoan fruit based on the three headed beast ”Ceberus”, which would allow him to consume multiple fruits.

2. The Chimera:

That Blackbeard’s body is made up, atypically, a sort of fusion if you will that allows him to consume multiple fruits.
[some suggest that ability is also a Zoan fruit]

I disagree with these, [although not entirely]

And do not want to theorise how Blackbeard miraculously stored two devil fruits, but rather discuss what lies in store for Blackbeard

I would like to discuss my opinion and theory on what the future holds in store for Blackbeard and the BB pirates:

Blackbeard as we know has become a Yonko, and Jinbei updated us that:


That’s quite weird, Blackbeard hasn’t been using the most threatening weapon in his arsenal to take over places, why do you think that is?

I reckon its both of the following:

1. To not kill of the majority of Pirates he encounters until he assesses them
2. To not cause more and more attention on his self until he amassed an army

Let me discuss these points.

I believe Blackbeard was not using the Gura Gura no Mi, because he did not want to reach a stage where something would have had to have been done about him by the WG prior to reaching his target of creating an unbeatable army.

Now, that begs the question how would he do this?

Take a look at what Jinbei also said:


The BB Pirates have been ”Power Hunting” powerful devil fruit users, and have the ability to take the fruits.

I wonder who was doing that:


That’s right the good old mystery on how BB manages to steal the fruits ability.

I mean we do know that Blackbeard has a weird body to begin with even Marco noticed.

That brings me back to my point of Blackbeard amassing an army:

Jinbei said; they were power hunting and that they could take the ability of a Devil Fruit user .

Let me pose you a question:


That good old Blackbeard :


Now moving on, why would BB be after such an army,, [ i mean besides being the head of a pirate war machine].

How about attaining the final stage of his plan prior to attaining One Piece.

Which is : Getting the most powerful Mythical Zoan Fruit !!!

Take a look at Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger:


The way i see this, is a clever foreshadow by Oda to mean:


And which Devil Fruit would be ideal for someone who uses the Gura Gura no Mi, and Yami Yami no Mi?

How about :


[Although it has not been Explicitly confirmed Kaido is a Zoan user, it is plausibly assumable]

That’s Insaaaaaaaane right!!

But wait one second, why would BB, someone who has the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, want an army of devil fruit users to help him take on Kaidou?

Maybe because Kaidou has something similar:


So i believe the following will happen:

1. BB will create an army he feels big enough to take on Kaidou and his Army

2. Kaidou , will be intercepted by Blackbeard and his army one day

3. EPIC clas of yonko’s, where BB will be successful

4. Blackbeard takes the Zoan ability of Kaidou

Giving him :

The strongest Paramecia,
The most dangerous Logia,
The most powerful Zoan

and his Jolly Roger will actually match up.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Speak123


This is my first theory, so I want to begin with one about One Piece near future. One that should be stated as true or false in the next few chapters:

Almost 150 chapters before now, Jimbei agreed to join the strawhats.
Almost 50 chapters before now, started the Jimbei solo adventure.
Now, I think Jimbei may come back and join the crew at the end of Dressrosa arc.

There are some hints that make me think of this possibility in Jimbei’s cover story, so let’s examine them one by one.

– Look at the cover story first page title:


“Back to my friends”. I know Jimbei, as a fishman, is friend with all fishes in this cover page, but I think the word “friends” here definitly refers to Luffy and the others.
This first page might show us Jimbei has finished what he had to do and now heads toward the strawhats, hinting he might appear soon.

– Later in his solo voyage, jimbei has been able to read a newspaper. Not a random newspaper, this one in particular:


Why is it important? Because Jimbei, as an intelligent character, can guess from this article that Luffy and Law are after Doflamingo and he can also deduce their actual position: Dressrosa. We know the strawhats and Law will move a lot, from island to island, in the near future and it will be more difficult for Jimbei to localize them later.

If he is willing to retrieve them as soon as possible, he will want to get to Dressrosa before they leave. Moreover, I don’t see the point for Oda letting Jimbei know about Luffy/Law alliance and drawing it for us, if it’s not to give him useful information.

– Before the last chapter (794), most people, including me, was thinking Luffy and the others should sail aboard revolutionaries’ ship to go to Zou, where Sunny is with the rest of the crew. But Sabo has left like a thief, without even a “goodbye kiss” on Luffy’s cheek. So, how are they supposed to go to Zou now? Answer in this picture:


What? You don’t have a boat? No problem, climb up on Wadatsumi!
This is what made me think Jimbei might show up in the next chapters at first. Wadatsumi is big enough to take everyone on his back (or his head, like Jimbei in this picture) and easily swim from Dressrosa to Zou.
I know they could also “borrow” a ship in Dressrosa, but:
Firstly, I don’t know if there still are available ships since the whole city has been destroyed
Secondly, there must be a reason why Wadatsumi is with Jimbei and I think this one is perfect. They don’t even need to be introduced to Wadatsumi since they already know him.
Thirdly, we are talking about Luffy’s crew, they don’t do things like others. When they aren’t in Merry or Sunny, they’re on giant ducks, little crow boat, Rocket Man, mini-shark submarine, … Being on a regular boat would be so boring for them.

– If you believe (as I do) there will be 4 recruits in the New World, each one sharing similarities with two other crewmates in order, then if Jinbei is one of them, he must be the first one. I want to say: considering Jimbei being the first recruit of the New World, no other character can join until he does. So making him join the Strawhats as soon as possible is better to not bring closer other recuitments in the future.

Hi Pholoris, i’m the voice of the Other You in your head, the annoying one. I’m sorry to interrupt your wonderful listing, but I want you to know that your theory is stupid. Let me explain why:
Jinbei is currently too strong to fit in the crew.

I don’t think so. We can’t really deduce anything from the little fight between him and Luffy in Fishman Island. I mean it kind of remind me the little fight between Zoro and Luffy in Whiskey Peak: stopped by a girl at the most interesting moment. But what we know is that Jimbei doesn’t seem to have progressed in fighting in two years and was impressed by Luffy Conqueror Haki.


Knowing Luffy’s strengh in Gear 4th mode we can say Jimbei is below. In fact, he fought at the same level as Sanji against Wadatsumi (not a good opponent to calculate strengh, I know), therefore I don’t think him much stronger than Zoro or Sanji and he wouldn’t be too overpowered in the crew.

You may be right, but it’s not the only problem: Jinbei’s bounty too high! Over the monster trio!

In fact we don’t really know Jinbei’s bounty. A pirate said it was around 400M in Fishman Island


but we didn’t see any official bounty (or wanted poster) higher than 250M for him.


But admitting he is around 400M, just Luffy bounty getting up to 500M (after what happened in Dressrosa) would be fine for Jinbei to join. Remember Robin was for a time higher than zoro, still have higher bounty than Sanji nowadays and for a short time, in MockTown before Black Beard showed them their new bounties, Straw Hats believed Robin had higher one than Luffy.
If Jinbei joins the crew with a huge bounty, it only means it won’t increase as much as the others’ in the future.

Hmm ok, let’s say he fits in strengh and bounty even now and let’s get back on the cover story first page title. “Back to my friends” could also mean Jinbei hasn’t done what he has to do yet and “friends”, in that case, might be the sun pirates he is heading to.

You’re right, this title is ambiguous, but we don’t know if his cover story starts right after he let Caribou at G5 (in the previous cover story) or if he had time to do something between. In fact, all points of the Jimbei’s solo adventure was to show us that Jinbei was on its way to somewhere and while traveling he found a poneglyph and Wadatsumi who decided go with him.


Moreover, it looks like the poneglyph is wrapped up and taken as a gift on Wadatsumi’s head in the last page. If Jimbei doesn’t go to luffy’s position right know and still has to deal with Big Mom or whatever he has to do, those gifts (as well as Wadatsumi) will burden him much more than necessary. And this cover story would be useless as Wadatsumi and this poneglyph probably won’t travel half New World with him until he reaches Luffy.
You know, I wasn’t expecting a cover story of jimbei this early after fishman island arc, there must be a reason. If Jinbei comes back in two or three islands after Dressrosa and without Wadatsumi (or the Poneglyph) because he left him in another adventure he had after, then this cover story would have no purpose.

Not bad but I have a last point: even if Jimbei goes to Dressrosa, it is much more probable for him to encounter Sanji and the others first. He would be able to help them.

If you remember chapter 730, Nami spoke about the importance of keeping C.Clown and Momonosuke away from Big Mom. At the same time, Franky asked her to escape from Dressrosa the fastest they could so Big Mom doesn’t come in Doffy’s country. I think that’s what they did.
Sanji wanted to fire back at Big Mom and I know that a lot of theories exist about someone appearing to save Sunny from Big Mom, but Nami was pretty confident about escaping and Sanji (who had already met Pekoms and Baron Tamago) wouldn’t put nami in danger if he wasn’t sure he could protect her while attacking big mom. I don’t think they’re around Dressrosa anymore and they probably won’t be shown before Zou.

*Theory by Pholoris

Ryokugyu theory

(you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at onepiecegoldstaff@gmail.com)


Note: this theory is based on the assumption that Jinbe will join Strawhats. This theory is something I thought of after reading a comment about Ryokugyu as an admiral and how he could be.

Personality: We have so far seen many types of admirals in One Piece, what is missing is the crooked cop, the corrupt admiral that encapsulates and symbolizes all that is wrong with the marines. We have seen corrupt marines in the series so far (Nezumi, Morgan) which means its completely possible that higher ranking officers also are corrupt.

This would also fit well considering how the different admirals have their own justice:

  • Aokiji: Lazy Justice (acts when he absolutely has to)
  • Akainu: Absolute Justice (acts for the greater good with no concern for the means)
  • Kizaru: Random Justice (acts when he feel like doing it)
  • Fujitora: Blind Justice (acts when HE thinks its right)
  • Ryokugyu: Corrupt Justice (acts in his own interests)

Powers: Green is commonly associated with nature and earth and therefor I am going to assume that his powers is related to this. (Which type of power is not relevant just that it is related to earth)

Showdown: The reason I think this is a very possible theory is because his characteristics would fit extremely well in the following scenario. If we look at the latest opening in One Piece you can see the Strawhats taking on the admirals. Luffy vs Fleet admiral Sakazuki, Zoro vs Fujitora and Sanji vs Kizaru. Their powers match each other very well so in a final arc these are battles that likely would occur. This however means that the Strawhats will have to fight Ryokuyu too. The perfect opponent to the corrupt admiral would be Jinbe. As a fishman he have had to suffer the tyranny of mankind and the World Government. And to have a final showdown between the fishman and the man who who abuses the system that have been oppressing the fishmen would be very fitting. Even their powers would go well. Water vs Earth which also could be a symbol for the fishman vs human battle since the elements represent the habitats the different races live in.

TLDR: Ryokugyu is a crooked cop like those in every action movie.

Thank you for reading this excruciatingly poorly formated text and I would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

*All rights go to sirnorthcountry