The above manga cover below, shows Oda sensei foreshadowed Ace’s death. We can see Luffy is crying while holding skull card in his left hand — symbolizing death, and ace spade – symbolizing Ace at his right hand.

Now, let us discuss this new manga cover. This cover contains many information like the gear 4th of Luffy was linked to the appearance of Nightmare Luffy in Thriller Bark arc, its chapters are flipped — Nightmare Luffy first appeared in chapter 487 and in chapter 784, Luffy’s gear 4th shows. Plus, the picnic of Strawhat Pirates with the zombies directed us to the thriller bark, the only arc where zombies appeared.

Now let us discuss the other thing on this cover. I think that, same as he foreshadowed Ace’s death, Odachi is foreshadowing Mihawk’s death. Yeah, I don’t think that Zoro is the subject of this foreshadowing scheme but I strongly believe that it was a man or person that is a relative to him or we can say his inspiration. In 2 year time-skip, I believe that they developed a relation like master and student or whatever it is, Zoro wants to beat Mihawk at one time for the reason to be the world’s greatest swordsman but this will not happen due to Mihawk will be killed by a specific person, it’s Shiliew of the rain, the former warden of Impel down and a current member of Blackbeard Pirates.

Zoro’s shirt have a skull (red cirle) on it that symbolizing death and with the word “ULTIMO” (final) above the skull and “MEJOR” below it (good/best)(yellow circle) and beside him a grave cross with December 20 944 (green circle) printed on it. At the left side of this portrait.

And also you can see there a treasure chest with gold cross at the right side of the cover. We have now “final”, “best” and “cross”. Now if we try to think about this, the only best with a cross is Mihawk since his signature is a cross and he’s the best swordsman of the world (Honestly, I can’t get a thought about the word “final/last”).

Mihawk will be killed by Shiliew at chapter 944 and because of this, Zoro will direct his anger to Shiliew and their battle will be the battle of swordsman who will fight for the title of “World’s Greatest Swordsman” and Zoro will avenge the death of his master and will kill Shiliew, and I don’t know what chapter that is.. Dahahahaha!

So, what are your thoughts about this?

*Theory by Christopher Solon


  1. I like this theory more, than it foreshadowing Zoro’s death. If you think about it, many Strawhats were really close to death throughtout the One Piece story, however Oda didnt kill them, but made them stronger instead (huh? reminds me of how Sayans get stronger after near-death experience). Maybe, just maybe, oda is making Straw Hats to be like a Sayan group? Fairly strong, but nowhere near full potential? So Possibly we will see such epic battles where SH will struggle, maybe even lose the battle, but not the war. IF they will have this kinda scenarion happening to them, im certain, Oda will almost kill them, and make them like 50x stronger than before or something like that 🙂 Just an opinion 🙂

  2. Its forshodowing nami dieath not mihawk

  3. I think its december 20 944 its a date of relesing of chapter of mihawks death.December 20 is a date of relese of a chapter 944

  4. maybe this pic was forshadowing the end.
    We have now “final”, “best”, the treasure and look what on luffy head, a crown :v
    but the zombies makes me scared, the zombies like they symbolizing death, but we have Mejor so i believe the ending cant be that worse lol just my theory for shadowing thing is always bad hahaha

    and happy foreshadowing, right Christopher Solon :v

  5. Hello I’m from Mexico, the t-shirt of zoro says ” el que ríe al ultimo, ríe mejor” , he who laughs at the final, laughs better, it’s a famous pupular sentence in my country

  6. No zorro will die for sure there are 2 ppl who gonna die and change the everything this 2 ppl will be shanks and zorro both are close to ruffy and zorro have the only goal that can be finished without finding the one piece with ruffy so before one piece will end! if you know the earlier foreshadowing from ace deads than you should know that zorro is the one who is gonna die

  7. Good theory ! But… Why Shilliew ?
    And I don’t think any one of the Strawhat will die…
    And “iamright” : Nami’s death ? Well, ok, explain me your thought haha XD

  8. TheRealVandenreich

    Or it foreshadows Moriah and Kaidou

  9. Plot Twist: Chopper will die.. Kaidou is Zorro’s father ..

  10. I read a good theory saying that Vista from the Whitebeard’s would join the Blackbeard Pirates to help him obtain Jozu’s devil fruit ability that would turn his body to diamond and with that power would fight and Kill Mihawk.
    Zero would then fight Vista and would have to “Cut Diamond”.

    • i read from another theory that blackbeard would get marco’s fruit and jozu’s fruit. for burgess and shiryu respectively. burgess would probably get marco’s fruit cos every time he appears, the screen always focuses on his belt which is the phoenix. and yeah shiryu to get the diamond fruit for zoro.

      i know it is a bad theory cos of marco dying, but there would be no other way for a mere burgess to fight sanji or zoro.

  11. zombies means came back from the dead. i think chapter 944 we will see kuina. we thought she died but on the sabo flashback, dragon was there on where kuina/zoro is. Sabo is number 2 revolutionary. Kuina probably is number 1. just kidding

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