The Destroyer of Fishman Island


Myth: Shyarly only said the Destroyer of Fishman Island would be wearing a Straw Hat, not that it is Luffy. Jinbe’s going to go get a bunch of Straw Hats for the children of Fishman Island. Whoever the Destroyer is will just take one of these hats to taunt the Fishmen and/or the Straw Hat Pirates. After all, Luffy would never destroy Fishman Island! Plus the Straw Hats have left Fishman Island, and so far they have not gone back to any previously visited island!

Fact: So far, nothing has been confirmed. While Keimi commented that Shyarly’s prediction could take up to a year to come to pass, there was no direct evidence that Luffy is indeed the Destroyer. While the Straw Hats have not yet backtracked, with the introduction of the three needle Log Pose, the dangers of the New World, and the Straw Hats’ promise to Shirahoshi may mean that the Straw Hats will revisit Fishman Island before the end of the story. However, this myth may just be hopeful thinking by fans, and the circumstances under which Fishman Island will be destroyed, if it actually is, are unknown.


  1. i wanna a theory to submit. what can i do

  2. how can i submit it?

  3. StigmaDiabololicum

    i think when he finds one piece and destroys the red line, it will link all the four blues/grand line/new world into the All Blue, and though it will destroy and crush fishman island, and bring down marejois, they will be evacuated and take this opportunity to migrate to the surface and continue their path to the sun

    So the vision was true, its just not a bad thing.

    ..granted, i really like your connection to that kid having Jinbe buy them all straw hats. thats a really good point. but the silhouette was definitely luffy

  4. I think that someone will destroy the island but not Luffy. What Lady Shyarly saw was Luffy coming to look at the destroyed island. This might happen after the Reverie, in the end, Luffy gets revenge and the fish folks relocated to the surface.

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