A bizarre statement, right? Well, there is a little bit of evidence scattered across the manga that indicates he may still be alive. In fact, he may be this guy:


It’s popular belief that this guy is Scopper Gaban, the Second Mate of the Roger Pirates, but there is no reasoning for this at all beyond the assumption that the hat he is wearing comes from Wanokuni.

There is some logic behind my thesis. Firstly:

  • The entire ‘From the Decks of the World’ cover story only contains characters the Strawhat Pirates already know. They do not know Gaban.
  • This means that the mystery man is also known to at least one of the Strawhat Pirates, and yet Oda hides his identity because it is very important.
  • Laboon is happy. This is very bizarre given his idiosyncrasy of bashing his head against the Red Line when waiting for the Rumbar Pirates. Why is he enjoying himself?

Yorkis favourite drink is Sake and his favourite song is Binks Sake. What are they drinking in the cover page? Sake. He’s also friends with Crocus, obviously, and they are on friendly terms. The cover story shows characters celebrating the fact the Strawhat Pirates are not dead. These covers celebrate specific characters’ being alive, for example, the cover story mostly features old close friends:








Her close friends are all dead – Robin


His close friends are all dead, right? – Brook?

But that’s wrong! Brooks close friends are not all dead. He has Crocus and Laboon! If you connect the dots it’s perfectly plausible to think that’s Yorki, right?

But wait, isn’t he dead? – UNCONFIRMED! We’ve already had an instance in which a presumed dead character has returned, and Oda even hinted at this. Remember Sabo?


But Oda didn’t hint at him still being alive!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

The only confirmed conclusion we can actually make from his “death” is that the crew partially split up. In fact, Brook told Yorki to “treasure his life”, which indicates he would live on but would simply be unfit for Piracy. A common misconception is that everyone else contracted this disease when in fact they all died from poisoned wounds:


Plus, the virus is “unknown” and it’s clearly never explained as to whether he will die or not. I speculate that he made the journey across the calm belt and, during the timeskip, completed his promise to Laboon. Do you guys think it’s possible for Yorki to be alive? I certainly do, I think that old man (with the same hair colour as Yorki) drinking Sake (his favorite drink) with two of his friends (Laboon and Crocus) at Reverse Mountain (where he promised he would return) is in fact Yorki in his 80’s.


Note: Captain Yorki is also based on Calico Jack, his name is actually Calico Yorki. Calico Jack made a disappearance from Piracy only a few years after he became famous, he later returned from his Hiatus. I won’t go into immense details but Yorki’s own journey parallels that of Calico Jack who supposedly became ill.

Am I being a lunatic or am I making sense?

*Theory by L o g i a

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