ONE PIECE Ranks No. 2 in “Which Series You Don’t Want to See Get a Live-Action Adaptation?” Poll

On March, the website MyNavi Student released an article named “If These Anime Were Made Into Live-Action Series It’d Give me a Weird Feeling.”
Of the 500 total votes, these were the Top 5:

  • No. 1: Slam Dunk – 14,0%
  • No. 2: One Piece – 10,0%
  • No. 3: Neon Genesis EVANGELION – 7,0%
  • No. 4: Mazinger Z – 6,0%
  • No. 5: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – 5,0%

What do you guys think? Would you like to see One Piece becoming a live-action movie or do you fear another flop like Dragon Ball’s movie adaptation? Let us Know! ^ ^


One comment

  1. If, and only if, they will put enough money and effort into making the film, then MAYBE, it will not make OP fans feel disgusted about it (as a DB fan, that movie made me sick…) and potentially make it pleasant to watch. But then again, it WILL require a hell of a lot of funds, for all the CGI, make-up, costumes etc etc…

    Basically, if they wont have a decent enough amount of $$, it is pointless even thinking about making it, cuz it will “give Luffy a cancer” too 😛

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