Law And The Voice Of All Things

After last chapters, many people in OP community started speculating that the fact Momonosuke is hearing a voice makes him somewhat related to the ability of hearing Voice of All Things!

Most likely, the main hint is this panel, that may be a reference to Roger, the one we know for sure that had this ability:

Actually, way ago (December 21, 2015), I’ve done a theory video in my channel exposing my ideas that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi knew Gol D. Roger, that we would have a Poneglyph in Zou and that most likely Roger was able to “hear” it.

Seems like, maybe, some of my ideas can be proven right in the near future. If not, well, by the time it was a good theory xD, haha.

Anyway, one think that REALLY caught my attention and people aren’t commenting is Law’s expression while climbing the tree.

Why is he so uneasy? So unconfortable? And why did Oda (which clearly is trying to faster the story’s pace) make sure he showed Law’s expression to us?

Also, inside the tree, while everybody’s freaking out with Raizou, Law is still uneasy. It can be due to the awkward situation, but maybe not. Also, we can’t asure he’s looking at Raizo instead of the Poneglyph, which is supposed to be from where the “voice” comes

Anyway, if Law can “hear” the the Voice of All Things too, it open possibilities:

– Gol D Roger
– Monkey D Luffy
– Trafalgar D Water Law

So…. does it means that this ability is related to the D clan?
Anyway, Luffy never heard a Poneglyph (although he seems to have the ability to hear the Voice of All Things). Is this ability something that you awaken somehow or train, something like that?

Second interesting topic: does this mean that Momonosuke (and the rest of the Kougetsu/Kouzuki family) is a D???

Well… guess we’ll learn a little more about it all by the chapter that’s coming tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

*Theory by MarcoOPT


  1. Training your hearing? Wut ?
    No, i think it is about what you want to hear. Luffy have no interests in poneglyph so he jsut dont want to hear them like every time when someone tell him story and he goes to sleep. Reading and hearing things like this are not things for Luffy 😉

  2. How did my theory ended up here? hahaha. Well, as you people gave me the credits for it, it’s an honor for me that you’ve enjoyed this theory and decided to share it x)

  3. Law was looking at raizou.. He got that expression because he asked raizou to perform the kage-bunshin jutsu which raizou did

  4. Lucky Buggy

    From my opinion, i dont think momonosuke is a D clan. Indeed he can hear the voice of the elephant (Zunisha) along with luffy but for momonosuke case, i think this ability related to blood/bond from his family as well as know momonosuke father, Lord Odin also can hear Zunisha voice. Remember fishmen arc? Princess Shirahoshi and luffy also can hear the sea kings voice The sea kings say that every few hundred their king is born in mermaid form which also can be related to blood/bond. So, what’s the different between luffy and momonosuke/shirahoshi ability to hear the voice zunisha and sea kings? Luffy cannot talk/communicate with these creature, he only can hear the voice but momonosuke/shirahoshi can communicate with them. I think thats why the ability call “voice of all things” because he/she can only hear the voice but cannot communicate.

  5. I agree that Momo is a member of D clan but I think he can’t hear the voice of all things… it’s just more on bond between Minks and his clan… I watch the video you just posted… I just noticed something that it looks like Roger went to Sky Island twice… I think the second time that roger came there is because he’s going to White-white sea which might be related to location of One Piece… Why I noticed this because it’s already proven on chapter 820 that Roger’s journey … is revised after going to the point where all the log pose needles where pointed… so there should be a reason why Roger went again to that sky island one more time… and out of all sky island … why should be there?… and he even leave a trace of poneglyphs… so the only location that I think roger went there for is… they’re going to White-white sea which is 10,000 above the blue sea and 3,000 above the white sea or rather the sky island…

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