There have been alot of good theories about Big Mom’s devil fruit being either related to Witch-Craft or Acid but i wanted to go a litle bit deeper and share my ideas.

I agree with the idea that Big Mom’s power is witch-craft related but there are a couple of things i havent seen anyone talk about. I would like to start off with Big Mom’s ship.

The singing head looks like a cookie in my opinion. And its something Oda has hinted at before. Take a look at this Panel from Fishman Island.

Now if we talk about living cookies then ofcourse we have to link that to the Gingerbread man.

This picture from Shrek was the best i could find.

I believe Big Mom’s ability lets her turn Sweets, Cookies and Candies into living objects. This is similar to how Brook’s devil fruit works.

His soul emits a powerful “substance”-like energy which allows him to live. I believe Big Mom can also emit a substance-like energy which is her drool.

With this she can turn candies alive (if it enters the candy for example) which would explain her eating her crew (which were basicly candies or cookies). If we look at the panel where she eats them we have the crunching sounds (her eating cookies) and we see small parts falling down.

This substance, lets say her magic drool for now, comes from her stomach, which could be a witch’s cauldron.

Since Big Mom’s is most likely a paramecia this would fit in nicely.

Now this magic drool can also function without entering something and i believe Oda drew it next to the three-eyed girl.

(just a small note on the side: If the three-eyed girl is pudding it might be she is a adopted daughter and gets married against her will. It would be something a evil witch would do in my opinion, kidnapping kids, forcefully adopt them and them marry them off to increase her own influence. Which would basicly make pudding a hostage and Sanji the prince on white horse which goes to save her but thats a different topic).

Now if we take it the Blob thing (Magic Drool) is Big Mom’s power then we could also bring Ceasar into the mix. As we know Ceasar was asked to do research for Big Mom but he blew the funds somewhere else.

On Punk Hazard he had multiple things going on. First the SAD which is used to make Smiley Devil Fruits. Secondly the kids who he tried to turn into giants. And at last he had the gas weapon. Now the Sad was for Doflamingo, which later went to Kaido. The kids were basicly a old research project from Vegapunk for the World Government, which Ceasar made his own to proof he was better. And we know Jack bought his gas weapon in the past. Now Ceasar said he blew the funds somewhere else which means he didnt do the research Big Mom asked him to do. So what did she want him to research? I believe Big Mom was interested in the old version of the gas weapon. Ceasar used this version to destroy Punk Hazard four years ago.

Smiley was also made out of Blobs (really dont have a better word for it sorry).

Now what if Big Mom wanted Ceasar to give her power extra functions like for example the exploding when in contact with fire. We know Big Mom’s crew watched the experiment.

And when Ceasar was defeated they called Big Mom. But it could also have been because they figured he had not worked on her research orders but instead improved the weapon to turn into gas. This would explain them coming after Ceasar in Dressrosa.

These are just my thoughts on how Big Mom’s fruit might work. There are alot of things that can be linked to witch-craft but if Big Mom is a paramecia then it should still have something to do with her body. Her being able to food into living things might explain also why she wants candy so much. She can turn them into her own litle army just how Kaido is making a Zoan army. We know Blackbeard is out there hunting devil fruits and to make up the balance i believe Shanks is recruiting powerful Haki users like for example Rocksta who we saw with Whitebeard.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

*Theory by FrankyG

    The possibility of Nami being Luffy’s future wife?

    Wait what Nami’s Luffy Wife in the Future?? How about BOA?? How about Margaret?? How about Rebecca??

    I know there’s a lot of pairing come in our minds.. and also we have this dream pairing for Luffy.. Because honestly my Dream Pair for Luffy is Boa :hearteyes:

    Let’s examine everything on a logical way

    Think of it the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger has a wife and son Portgas D. Rouge (wife) and Portgas D. Ace (son). This is not just a random things that Oda would happen to do so.. It can be foreshadowing Luffy in the Future having a Wife and a Son who will carry his bloodline.. We know that Luffy lack intelligence but he is indeed wise in someway without noticing it.. The reason he kept rejecting Boa’s Hancock wedding proposal is not just by a whim and his stupidity it has something to do with it, like why his not attracted and also to other women he met before but he considered them all as a friend..

    Here things will become more interesting.. Nami hate Pirates at the beginning of the Series and yet Luffy managed to take Nami along as Navigator.. I know you think this way “because Nami is partnered with Luffy and Nami is using Luffy along the way” it is somehow true but the thing I’m trying to point out if you are in the position of Nami who really despised Pirate and also a Pirate Shot Dead your Mother would you be friends with them ?? Would you be partnered with them ?? I guess the answer is No.. But on that episode where Luffy is locked down on a cage and a Buggy Cannon will shoot Luffy, Nami didn’t think twice and stopped the ignition with her bare hands.. Though Nami claimed that if she didn’t stopped the cannon she’s no difference with a Pirate.. But I see of it as a sign of Nami’s Changed Heart [:3] and also the reason why Nami left Luffy with the Going Merry along her on Baratie because she doesn’t want them to be involved in his problems.. LikeRobin she doesn’t want his considered as Friends/Nakama to be hurt or to be in trouble.. Just like I said we’re going to think logically so let’s not just get carried away by what Oda wants us to think of.. I am studying detective though It’s baseless to assumed that this random theory is accurate or would happen.. Ok back to the read, on Arlongs Park Arc where Luffy is going to rescue Nami he lends his precious treasure theStrawhat.. and after beating Arlong, Nami made a decision to go on journey with them having a dream “to Draw a Map of the World”and noting that Nami also claimed that wherever Luffy wants to go she’ll take him there..

    Sorry for this please bear with me a little longer.. and here some example clips though it is not mine but I am constructing some more accurate clip and I’ll just replaced it afterwards..

    The reason why I show those clips is because, Luffy is somewhat happened not just only saved Nami once after Arlongs Park it happens to some of the episodes and movies along the way.. Nami always got involved of been taken away by the enemies not because she is weak, she is indeed beautiful and also she has this superb navigation skills.. In One Piece Movie 2 the Clockwork Island Adventure where Nami was taken away by the Trumph Siblings Pirate Crew and Bear King wants Nami as his wife :rage: where also Luffy lend his hat again to Namiwhose wearing a Bride Outfit :eek: is this a foreshadowing too ?? who knows.. where talking on Oda anyway his very good at foreshadowing and making people minds blow.. Moving forward it only not happen once, twice it happens many times.. So I won’t state it here because I am guessing you can picture out what I’m trying to imply right..

    And I happen to see this..

    (Oda’s wife)

    [IMG] [IMG]

    We all know Oda based a lot of things in real life events.. And Nami’s character creation is not just also happen to be random.. And I happen to read also a theory about Nami’s Bloodline is an Angel isn’t it fitting for a King of Pirates having a wife an Angel.. If this is so to happen he can even surpass the Late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.. And Luffy’s reaction everytime Nami’s in trouble, there chemistry shows that Namiis a fitting wife for Luffy the Pirate King.. And also if that’s so to happen when Luffy has this titled Pirate King and sailing free in the Ocean isn’t it for a wife’s obligation to be with him [:3] Nami said that wherever Luffy wants to go I’ll take him there :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:


    *Theory by Gol D. Jason


      This theory will explain to us everything about the Will of D  and hopefully tell us what the ONE PIECE is!

      Eiircho Oda was inspired from this Tribe Called “Tuatha Dé Danann” that existed in real life and in Irish mythology .

      I will Point out the MIND BLOWING similarities between this tribe and the current events in One Piece.

      So let’s first state that this tribe is called “Tuatha Dé Danann”.

      The first part “Tuatha Dé”

      Tuatha means “tribe of the” .. and Dé is the name of the tribe!
      Translates to “Tribe of the Dé”

      The second part “Dannan” means “those” it was an extra part made by the monks of Ireland because Irish monks began using to the term “Tuatha De” to refer to Israelites.

      So they called it “Tuatha de Dannan” to refer to this Ancient Tribe.

      So I’m going to show you the legends of this tribe as how it’s so similar to One Piece.

      In the Irish mythology, this Tribe was the one of the first advanced tribes to settle on earth, they were explained as gods or fallen angels who were neither good nor evil, they were also known for having super natural powers, and they came to settle on the earth.

      Already so far we have Two similarties!

      1- Fallen angels or gods who are not from earth?

      Doesn’t this seem like the sky island people of birka who had advanced technology and came to earth to settle down?

      2- Super natural powers? Does this resemble devil fruits in One Piece?


      Look at this picture, this was the tribe’s symbol.
      Doesn’t it look so similar to the ones on the devil fruits?!

      This Tribe Dé had a lot of rivals one of them was the Fomorians.
      Take a look at how they looked like.

      This one resembles a One Piece Fishman!

      The second thing in the picture i notice a dog-human thing.
      I believe it’s the Minkmen tribe.
      The white horse in the back … is Doc Q from Blackbeard’s crew! The resemblance is so similar!

      The Tribe of Dé Ruled the world and they shared with the other tribes who existed on earth their advanced technology.

      Hmmm , do you remember the Ancient Kingdom of Raftel , it was also said it was an advanced kingdom.

      But why did the kingdom of Raftel disappear? Well, let’s continue with this story.

      And what’s surprising about this tribe is everything about their history is written down , from the name of their scientists and rulers …. Until at one point of time , nothing at all is mentioned. And their kingdom is erased from history as if they no longer exists.

      There are many legends and myths about how this Kingdom suddenly vanished, however there is no evidence on how it suddenly vanished.

      Some historians said that this tribe vanished because an Army from the Spanish government attacked Ireland and attacked this tribe , and after that they did everything to try to Destroy their kingdom and erase their history.

      This is the same thing that the World Government did, and its still doing it to everyone who tries to learn the ancient language of the Ponyglyphs and they get erased from history.

      The tribe, Tuatha De Danann had Four Legendary treasures. Which can ONLY be used if you are a descendant of the tribe De , or carry their blood.

      So here are the four treasures.

      The first one is “the Spear of Lugh” which is a very destructive Spear with very high accuracy, that can hit the target no matter how far it is.

      Sounds like something Ussop would use , and that will complete his dream of becoming the brave warrior of the sea.

      The Second treasure is “the Dagda’s Cauldron” which is a golden Bowl that never runs out of material or food.

      I believe Sanji is the perfect one to use this since he is the straw hat’s cook.

      The Third treasure is “The Sword Of Light of Nuada”.

      This is known as the greatest sword in the world.

      And what’s amazing, lets look at Mihawk’s sword its called Yoru , which means sword of the night.
      And this completes Zoro’s dream of being the greatest swordsman in the world.

      The last treasure is “The Stone of Fal”

      This is what I believe the One Piece is.

      This stone is a magical stone that Selects the next King of the Tribe of the De.
      The way it selects the king is by talking to him , and only the King of the De can hear the stone.

      Does this remind you of how Gol D Roger could hear the voice of all things , and it even said by Silver Rayleigh that they didn’t have the tools or knowledge Ohara did. However Roger could talk to these stones. Which are the Ponyglyphs.

      And once Luffy talks to that last stone which is known as the One Piece he will gain the status of the King and the knowledge the stone holds.

      Do you remember the first intro of One Piece?

      Wealth… Fame… power…

      The golden cauldron resembles Wealth.
      The spear and the sword resembles Power.
      The Stone resembles Fame.

      *Theory by Pirate king buggy


        During the development of this new chapter (Chapter 814), I think its becoming clearer on how to kinda assume some things for the future of the story regarding Kaido and Big Mom.

        In this chapter, there was a certain scene that gave a good feel of the status of the strawhats, specifically the scene where Zoro and Luffy argued about on whether going to rescue Sanji or not.

        I think that Strawhats would get a vote off (Luffy and Zoro would have a big rift) and the Strawhats would split with one team going to Wano-Kuni and the other group rescuing Sanji, of course, this group is Luffy’s.

        If im gonna give a guess on who goes with Zoro and who goes with Luffy, of course the ones that goes with Zoro are the reasonable ones, the more practical ones (you already can sense it with their dialouges last chapter)

        Zoro = Robin, Ussop and Brook.

        While the guys who would go with Luffy’s group are the emotional first ones.

        Luffy = Nami, Chopper and Franky

        And THIS division is actually really interesting.


        First of all, please take at look at the possible group of Zoro which would go through the original mission and go to Wano-Kuni.

        Of course, its never more obvious that they also are going to Kaido’s path.

        Nevermind that for now and focus here, Zoro is gonna be with Robin, Ussop and Brook.

        They are going to Wano-Kuni, and it seems that Zoro’s group references some yokais

        Robin = Robin actually got a lot of possible yokai reference, i’ll just leave it like that.
        Ussop = tengu
        Brook = gashadokuro

        Well of course Zoro is a samurai, and along with Kinemon, Momonosuke and Kanjuuro.

        The question is, who would accompany Zoro’s group?

        Obviously, the clear guys are Law and the Heart Pirates.

        It’s also interesting to note that Fujitora might possibly be in Wano-Kuni (and Jack, Sengoku and Tsuru as well) who also are referenced after some very japanese stuff.

        The possible opponent in wano-kuni? = Kaido or Jack.

        Wano-Kuni would be the biggest spotlight of Zoro. and he would get the first crack against Kaido.

        Which other guy would go with Zoro’s group?



        Now let’s focus on Luffy’s group.

        More than referencing the guys in Luffy’s group, in this group, i believe this determines which people would tag along their group….which some of them also would be involved in Wano-Kuni arc.

        Let’s get this out of the way first, Bonney & X-Drake would appear in this Sanji arc. at least what i believe….because of Big Mom.

        Nami = Absalom & Tashigi
        Franky = Vegapunk
        Luffy = Smoker & Moriah
        Chopper = Hogback & Vegapunk

        Zou would be the biggest spotlight of Sanji and he would get the first crack against Big Mom.


        Basically the point im making is that i believe Luffy would take a backseat in this Big Mom/Kaido mess and that Zoro and Sanji would shine in these arcs…especially the first parts of the arcs.

        (although at the end Luffy would be the one to end them dont get me wrong, and i believe their alliance will grow with 2 more people with X-Drake & Bonney)

        *Theory by beck


          Big Mom’s financial problems and her connection to Whitebeard

          Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing the money problems of Big Mom and her connection to WB.

          Before I start, have you noticed that Big Mom is the only yonko who seemingly has no quarrels with other yonko? So far in the series, Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Shanks and Kaido all has quarrels with each other. Not only that, Whitebeard and Shanks don’t care about pillaging, Blackbeard and Kaido wants to turn the world upside down and Big Mom is completely gray; she seems to be pure business. Even the islands she protects is a matter of business.

          Back to the main topic, money seems to be a key theme with Big Mam. She lent money to Caesar for his research.

          Two of Big Mom’s ships has been destroyed and apparently she and her crew needed alot of cash to get them fixed, directly hinting struggling finances.

          And no we have Miss Bakking who only looks at money……do I even need to explain her similarities to Big Mam and her crew? If you do, I’m seriously questioning your perception….

          Same sunglasses

          Same hat as Lola

          Now then, Miss Bakking is obviously apart or was apart of Big Mam’s crew, but why is she traveling around with Edward Weeble? This brings up 3 questions:

          1. Why is Miss Bakking and Weeble playing off as WB’s son and spouse?

          Because WB and Big Mam had an alliance due to marriage. Pay attention to rings on Big Mam’s and Bakking’s fingers(and bracelets…lots of Jewelry)

          Now look at the jewelry and hat that one of WB’s pirate allies is wearing.

          This elderly woman’s name is Elmy and she is an infamous NW captain and was in an alliance with WB. Not a member, just an ally. She was loyal enough to help WB rescue Ace and attend their funerals. Now does it makes sense that both Big Mam and WB are called “mama and papa” by their crew members? Not only that, have you noticed that there are no female fighters in WB’s main crew? Could just be his overprotective nature(daddy’s little girl).

          Anyways, why would Big Mom have a marriage alliance with WB? Who knows….maybe because she wanted Fishman Island sweets but because it was WB’s territory, she couldn’t strong-arm them to a satisfactory degree unless she made an alliance with WB? After WB died, Big Mam took control of Fishman Island for them sweets.

          2. Why is Miss Bakking obsessed with money?

          I have 2 reasons why: either Miss Bakking is in charge of collecting Big Mom’s funds(Bakking means “fine” or “penalty”) or she has her own agenda. I’m more inclined to believe in the latter because why would Big Mom target the WB remnants for money? Sure she may spend alot but she can just raid a town for cash.

          3. Who IS Edward Weevil?

          For starters, Weevil only became known to the world during the two years the SHs were absent. Weevil’s 480 million bounty is the result of defeating WB allies and causing civilian casualties. Also, WB allies were only defeated because their disputes with Weevil got out of hand. Miss Bakking never planned on Weevil becoming a shichibukai, but

          The day Weevil was revealed, I said Weevil was a modified human due to his stitches similar to Absalom. The only person we know of that can modify human bodies is Doctor Hogback so did Weevil come from Thriller Bark? Did Miss Bakking give Moriah Lola in exchange for Weevil? Did Moriah and Bakking plan everything from the get go? Does this explain why Moriah was so pressed about WB in Marineford?

          -I believe Miss Bakking and Weevil will show up at the tea party
          -Big Mom seems to have problems with money and the SHs have a member who is very good with that

          -WB and Big Mom were in an alliance but since WB is dead, Miss Bakking is collecting the payment and is currently after Luffy to find Marco.

          -I think Moriah would return sometime during the tea party

          -Nami has Big Mam’s vivre card so will that play a role in the future?

          -Lastly, Big Mom is after Luffy because he owes her candy. Big Mom is all business and hates people who doesn’t keep their end of the deal.

          -Lastly, I think Weevil is going to become an ally of Luffy. Doesn’t Miss Bakking and Weevil seem familiar?

          And who stopped them?

          *Theory by Vandenreich


            Hello everyone, in this new theroy I’m gonna be talking about Kaido’s powers. This may sound tiresome to most people due to Kaido’s theories have been done to exhaustion, but I assure you,you won’t regret reading it.


            I was watching one of the “new” X-men movies, the one that we see how professor Xavier gets crippled. and there we have a super-hero, the which is called Darwin in the Marvel comics. His power is quite a interesting one, he has the wonderful ability to adapt to any circumstance in order to survive.for instance:

            • If you throw him at the sea he will create gills or something like this to surive.
            • Fire-proof skin if exposed to flames.
            • He can adapt to any enviroment or situation,if he is in a very cold place he will grow fat or hair for instance.
            • In less extreme cases,when in total darkness he quickly develops night vision.
            • Once,when getting a hell of beat by Hulk,his body simply teleported him far away from the fight.

            So, I think Kaido has the Fitto-Fitto no Mi(the adapt fruit), the Saizen-Saizen no Mi(the survival fruit) or the Fume-Fume no Mi(the immortality fruit).

            Kaido would have the power to adapt himself to any kind of situation, that explains why he can’t die, why he simply won’t just throw himslef into the sea and die and why he has scaped the marines so many times.

            In this situation you may think, “well,then the SH pirates nor no one will ever be able to defeat Kaido”. To that I have a few points:

            1-Killing or hurting isn’t the only way of fighting, they can always trap him or immobilize him.

            2-The adaptation power in Darwin isn’t controlled, for instance, Darwin can’t get drunk because his body will simply process alcohol to fast. So, in order to defeat Kaido the SH can do something that make him adapt to survive but not in a form he can do anything,just like it happens in the movie I mentioned.

            3-Luffy, as Mihawk has noted has the ability to turn people to his side, that doesn’t mean Kaido will be an ally, but he can see in Ruffy the person who will fullfill his dream whatever it is, or Luffy may convince to stop fighting for whatever reason.

            People may also say that Akuma no mi is waaaaay too overpowered, to that I say: Darwin’s power, again, ain’t controlled by him, so the adaptation isn’t what the user of the power needs, it’s “just” a defensive ability, for instance, when fighting someone Kaido may deactivate his ability so that he doesn’t get teleported somewhere, all his attack skills will have nothing to do with his Akuma no mi, cause the adaptation will never make him stronger, just will make him survive. In a fight the fruit will never go “oh this opponent uses the mera-mera no mi, now I can use water powers” or “this guy is sttonger, to survive I’m stronger now”. No he power will always be defensive, so all of his attacks will be “normal” like punches, kicks, etc.

            Those are my ideas regarding Kaido’s power, hope you all like it and comment you ideas!!!

            *Theory by Pedro5822



              It has been mentioned in the past that Sanji refuses to fight with his hands because he needs them for cooking and does not want to risk damaging them. However, I believe that there is a much deeper reason for this than what Sanji makes it seem. In Sanji’s original backstory, it makes sense that Zeff would teach Sanji how to cook since Sanji said he wanted to help Zeff with his restaurant. What isn’t clear is why Zeff would teach a young child how to fight. The story just skips a huge chunk of time and I think it is finally time for Oda to reveal the missing parts of Sanji’s story.

              While stranded on the island, Sanji sees a bag beside Zeff and thinks it is filled with food so he runs towards Zeff with a knife in order to kill him for the food. Isn’t it a bit odd how a young child, despite being desperate, would have such murderous intent? It was recently revealed in the manga, the Sanji’s family, the Vinsmoke, is a family of assassins. I believe that at this point in Sanji’s life he had already been influenced greatly by his family even if it’s just through observation. I think Sanji witnessed many people fall victim to the Vinsmoke assassins so he probably learned at a young age that you have to kill in order to get what you want. This is the reason why Sanji wanted to kill Zeff. I believe that Sanji, when he was even younger, was ordered by his father to kill someone as some sort of initiation into the family business, but Sanji wasn’t able to do it. I also believe that this person was Sanji’s own mother. Perhaps Sanji’s mother betrayed the Vinsmoke family by leaking information or maybe Sanji’s father felt that by killing someone so close to Sanji’s heart, Sanji would easily be able to kill anyone without hesitation. I think the trauma from this event is what led to Sanji vowing never to hurt a woman so that he would never have to remember the pain of this event. As a result of disobeying his father, Sanji was banished from his home in the North Blue and this is how he eventually ended up in the East Blue where he met Zeff.

              I believe that Zeff taught Sanji how to cook, not only so that Sanji could help out with his restaurant, but also as an attempt to help Sanji get over his childhood trauma. By teaching Sanji how to cook, Zeff wanted to show Sanji, that his hands could be used to make people happy as opposed to being tools of murder. On the island, Sanji learned how important food was for life so being able to make delicious food for people is a way for Sanji to give life in a way instead of taking it away. I think this reinforces why Sanji cherishes his hands so much. Finally, I believe that Zeff taught Sanji to fight using only his legs in order to separate the idea of his hands being used for killing. It somewhat serves as a renewal for Sanji since his trauma is associated with his hands only, not his legs. Zeff probably also understood that there would come a time when Sanji would have to face his family again and he need to be able to defend himself. Furthermore, I also believe that Zeff cutting of his own leg symbolizes the idea of Zeff taking Sanji’s burdens onto himself. By sacrificing his leg, it balances out with the sacrifice that Sanji failed to make; killing his mother.

              *Theory by GreenTea



                Awakening is a huge topic of interest and it has become one of mine too. Initially, I assumed it could end up with a lot of discrepancies if it were a deus-ex machina boost as there are so many devil fruit abilities, but Oda’s shown he has a method to his madness.

                If anything, I expect awakening to be similar to haki; something that’s been a part of One Piece since the beginning, isn’t outlandish and is usually pretty simple. As we all saw with gear 4th, it was absolutely simple and straightforward and I expect awakening to be the same.

                Without further ado, I shall proceed to breaking down awakening and elaborate on the results of my findings.

                What is Awakening

                Awakening is the full manifesting of a Devil fruit’s full power; it’s a phenomenon that occurs when one has fully learnt to control their devil fruit.

                A simple analogy to explain awakening would be it’s more sensible to be able to ride a bicycle with perfect control at high speeds before upgrading to a motorbike or accidents will occur; the same is synonymous with Devil fruits, you don’t get to use the full potential of an ability when control isn’t adequate or it becomes a counter-productive and useless power.

                Devil fruits

                Devil fruits as we know endow one with powers; unbeknownst to us, there exists another side to these Devil fruits which is called awakening. I will be breaking up devil fruits into 2 sub-divisions:

                • Baby-Stage: When referring to the initial powers granted which is the suppressed power of a Devil fruit.
                • Awakened-Stage: When referring to the unsuppressed power of a Devil fruit.

                The user’s role and levels of Devil fruit control

                The user and the Devil fruit are 2 separate entities, Joker’s brief description of awakening is consistent with this belief; he goes on to mentions that it’s the Devil fruit that awakens rather than the user. If it’s the Devil fruit that awakens, then it begs the question, what role does the user play in awakening the devil fruit?

                According to my findings, awakening is dependant on 1 factor which is perfect control over a Devil fruit at its “Baby-stage”. How did I come to such a conclusion? One has to read Joker’s analysis of Luffy before he boasts about awakening as answered in the spoiler below.


                • Joker first analyses Luffy’s gear 4th and his analysis implies it’s being held in place by haki rather than being solely used to enhance or support gear 4th; Luffy doesn’t cover his body in haki for gear 2 or 3 because haki isn’t fundamental in maintaining those forms.
                • Joker proceeds to confirm this assertion by acknowledging Luffy’s fairly good grasp over his ability, which in other words, means he doesn’t have perfect control yet which can ultimately be translated as Luffy wouldn’t need to use haki to maintain his gear 4th, if his control were that of perfect mastery.

                Based on this, it seems rather conclusive that only perfect control is necessary for one to awaken.
                Simply put, there are 2 levels of Devil fruit control:

                • Baby-tier control: Imperfect control over a Devil fruit.
                • Awakened-tier control: Perfect control over a Devil fruit.

                Advancing from Baby-tier control to Awakened-tier control at a Devil fruit’s Baby-stage is when the Devil fruit advances to the Awakened-stage.

                Awakening Model:

                • On consumption, user is at Baby-tier control and has access to the Devil fruit’s “Baby-stage” abilities.
                • Train to advance from Baby-tier control to Awakened-tier control.
                • Fruit advances to the Awakened-stage once user has advanced to Awakened-tier control.

                Rarity of Awakenings

                The first thing to notice is he never says awakening is rare; however, he just says it’s the next and final stage to Devil fruit progression or development. He only mentions an Aspect of awakening that is rare and that’s when it affects beyond the user’s body like Joker showcasing the evidence of his fruit being awakened.

                This external effect is such as buildings turning into strings can be activated or deactivated, so awakened users can affect when their fruits affect their surroundings.

                Why all Devil fruits Awakenings won’t affect outside the user’s body

                As the translations imply, an awakening will not always affect the surroundings. One has to ask then when does it affect the surroundings? Seemingly, it affects the surroundings depending on the nature of the Devil fruit or ability at the Baby-Stage.

                The first Criteria is the ability must allow a user to produce and control substances of innumerable quantities which so far includes two Paremecia, Joker and Trebol along with all Logia.

                Being that the purpose of awakening is to increase the effect of an ability, if an ability at the Baby-stage allows one to produce a substance, awakening enhances that ability by increasing the amount of the substance produced.

                The question is what is the source of this increase? and this is where the surroundings become important…

                If we use Ace, a Logia, as an example and assume Ace was awakened which I believe he was, what was his final and ultimate attack? “Flame Emperor” which was a huge flame ball we can assume requires being awakened. We can also assume he didn’t need to turn trees and buildings into flames, he can just conjure it which means his awakening doesn’t depend on surroundings as a source.


                The question that finally arises is why does Ace’s awakening not depend on the surrounding inanimate objects to produce fire, while Joker requires’s awakening requires the surrouding to produce strings?

                Perhaps, if the object being produced isn’t intangible like Fire, Sand, Magma, etc. then, it won’t affects the surroundings whereas if it is tangible like strings, it will affect surroundings.

                Out of all the people who create and produce a substance that is tangible, those who produce tangible substances are:

                1. Joker’s Ito Ito no Mi (Paramecia)

                And this is why such awakenings are rare; not many DF users will extend their powers to their surroundings besides Joker.

                Permanent or Temporary

                It’s a permanent effect. Where is the sense in being a master at controlling one’s abilities for a moment and then suddenly being bad at it? None whatsoever. How to prove this? The Zoans in Impel-down were awakened and despite losing consciousness, they remained in the same form.

                This means awakening is not a temporary power-up since it neither requires stamina or consciousness (like gear 4th) as proven by awakened Zoans and this is also consistent with the theory that it’s a level of mastery which isn’t something lost with consciousness or stamina either.

                Also, remember the awakening occurs in the fruit; not on the individual directly. So even though Joker was knocked out, his fruit doesn’t lose it’s status of being awakened except on death of the user where someone else will have to awaken it if consumed.

                Predicting Awakening Power-Ups

                We initially spotted the awakened Zoans in Impel-down and Crocodile mentioned that they had increased resilience due to being awakened. We only saw them in their Awakened-stage, but based on Crocodile’s comment it can be deduced that their resilience is higher than it was in the Baby-stage.

                • Baby-stage: Zoan Devil fruit grants a resistance value 30 (made up value).
                • Awakened-stage: Zoan Devil fruit now grants a resistance value level of 100 (made up value).

                First thing to understand is Zoan Devil fruits naturally and by default increase one’s physical feats and this fruit clearly increased their resistance at the Baby-stage and enhanced this even further at the Awakened Stage.

                Joker before mentioning he was an awakened devil fruit user showed amazing utility of his Devil fruit. We saw him healing internal injuries; creating clones; manipulating people and using it to fly. It’s fair to say even without the Birdcage and the White techniques (off-white, God thread, etc), he showed excellent control and mastery.

                • Baby-stage: The Devil fruit only create strings from the user’s body and possesses less variety of strings.
                • Awakened-stage: As we all saw, the Devil fruit now has a huge variety of strings and creates strings from outside the user’s body too.

                What’s quite clear is the awakened string fruit allowed him to have a larger source of strings which enabled him to produce much larger attacks.

                Luffy has shown excellent control over his abilities, his gears show how well Luffy has advanced in manipulating his abilities. Gear 4th however powerful it is cannot be utilized if not being held together by haki and evidently, it shows that he’s not mastered his Devil fruit manipulation as Joker rightly stated. If anything, haki being used with gear 4th is acting as a training wheel in aiding Luffy in learning to maintain this form.

                • Baby-stage: Rubber Devil fruit can stretch and expand within set limits and offers good durability against blunt-attacks.
                • Awakened-stage: The Rubber Devil fruit now stretches and expands even further (with little to no limitation) and has increased durability against blunt attacks.

                If Luffy can stretch further because of enhanced elasticity and durability, it means:

                • Gear 2 can be faster and stronger since it can handle fast flow of blood than at the Baby-stage.
                • Gear 3 can be bigger and compress even more air than at the Baby-stage, either way it’s more powerful.
                • Gear 4 wouldn’t exhaust him any more because of stronger elasticity & durability and haki wouldn’t be necessary to support it, but only to enhance it’s power.

                Stronger rubber properties means he can combine Muscle balloon and Bone balloon without risk; he’d probably almost die doing that now.


                It’s relatively straight forward; once the user’s control has advanced from Baby-tier control to Awakened-tier control at the Devil fruit’s Baby-stage, it means the Devil fruit advances to the Awakened staged where the full spectrum of the Devil fruit’s power is simply unleashed (permanently).

                *Theory by Hannibal Psyche


                  In this theory I will be discussing the possible events of Sanji’s solo arc, the whole deal with Big Mom and these weird thing called “Tea Party”
                  So first, let’s start with this line:

                  And this one too:

                  If you guys, noticed, Akainu and Brook both mentioned they had “a chill run down their spine”, i’ll just be straightforward about it.

                  I believe Akainu is referring to Bonney being Big Mom’s daughter. (Akainu have no idea about the wedding) and this indicates that Bonney seemed to have already been caught by the Marines before.

                  While Brook was referring to his familiarity to the Vinsmoke Family, a famous Mafia group.

                  And this Vinsmoke Family, I believe is led by the blonde guy, from the Gorosei.

                  Remember that Brook is around 90 years old, so this means that whoever this Vinsmoke is should be around for quite a few decades in power.

                  Which by logical assumption is the Gorosei.

                  And both of them (Sanji and Bonney), had been wanted all along by both the World Government and the Charlotte Family for one and one thing only.

                  A Marriage.

                  Sanji and Bonney are “supposed” to be wed by the Vinsmoke and Charlotte Family, it’s the reason why Bonney currently hiding right now.

                  So reason why I said “supposedly” is because right now, Bonney is not gonna marry Sanji, but the 35th daughter of Big Mom.

                  Pudding, which I suppose is this girl.

                  It’s probably safe to assume that Big Mom’s “daughters” aren’t biological. come on.

                  Well, I assume the “Mafia” identity of the Gorosei is most probably a secret to marines, so they wouldn’t know it, I believe this marriage would start a “secret” alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Gorosei.

                  As I said before in my previous theories, I said that Kaido is actually “secretly” affiliated with the World Government as well, and I think the Gorosei are trying to do the same thing with Big Mom.

                  The World Government using Doflamingo and Caesar to ally with Kaido, while they are using “Marriage” to ally with Big Mom.

                  I’ll just stop here coz this is not my main theory.


                  Anyway, I’ll assume that Bonney probably ran away from Big Mom after she was forced to marry someone (probably a Tenryuubito) because it’s Ace’s “D” (if you know what I mean) who Bonney really likes to get.

                  So after Bonney ran away, Pudding was next in line.

                  Now some backstory speculation, the Mafia Gorosei impregnated a woman in North Blue (Roger did that, so its open season) and of course their son turned out to be Sanji.

                  In order to keep them separated (because he is a douchebag who dont care about having a son) the Mafia Gorosei sent Sanji to East Blue , while her mom stayed in Marijoies (or North Blue)

                  Obviously by crossing over Red Line, a feat only someone like a resident of Marijoies could perform.

                  Probably Capone just joined Big Mom Pirates in order to find Sanji because he is actually either a subordinate or an ally group of the Vinsmoke Family.

                  Personally, I believe Capone and Crocodile are the real partners and Capone is just tasked in finding Sanji and Crocodile in finding Bonney.

                  Of course i’m inclined to think that them two got their own Mafia Group apart from Vinsmokes.


                  Alright, so let’s now discuss what I think would happen in Sanji’s Arc. (Assuming he gets one)

                  Firstly, I dont believe Sanji would get saved by the Strawhats (that’s so Robin) and secondly, Luffy and Zoro already expressed their full trust in Sanji.

                  What I think would happen, is that these 2 arcs (Sanji’s Arc and Zou Arc) would be told interchangeably at the same time, in which both parties would lead to Wano-Kuni Arc.

                  And ultimately to the fall of Kaido.

                  There’s no doubt in my mind now that Big Mom’s pirate crew, will end up being an ally of the Strawhat Grand Fleet after the Sanji Arc.

                  And this same Sanji Arc would bring back and introduce some big time players, as well as the Zou Arc.

                  Rather than going rounds in circles, i’ll just provide you on who I think would be the characters that would comprise of Sanji’s team:

                  1. Black Leg Sanji
                  2. Smoker
                  3. Tashigi
                  4. Absalom
                  5. Gecko Moriah
                  6. Jewelrey Bonney
                  7. X-Drake
                  8. Jinbe
                  9. Pekoms
                  10. Pudding
                  11. Crocodile

                  These are people who would get introduced and re-introduced in Sanji’s Arc:
                  1. Dr. Vegapunk
                  2. Sentoumaru
                  3. Big Mom (obviously)
                  4. Pudding (obviously too)
                  5. Admiral Kizaru
                  6. Capone Bege
                  7. Crocodile
                  8. The Blonde Gorosei

                  Caesar would be taken away by Admiral Kizaru, while Vegapunk will reveal himself as one of the Revolutionary Leaders and leave the World Government.

                  The end of this arc would be Big Mom ending up as an ally of Sanji and the Strawhat Pirates.

                  Sanji’s team would come with him in Wano and merge with Luffy’s team.

                  While in Wano, Fujitora, Sengoku and Tsuru would also be involved. Ryukogyu would be introduced.

                  I actually have a scenario in mind but I know Oda-sensei would think of something better so I just left things like this.

                  *Theory by beck


                    So I wanted to do this theory a little differently from all the other Vinsmoke speculations that have surfaced over the past few weeks…. Instead of predicting who the Vinsmokes actually are (Royalty, Mafia, CD’s etc…) I want to go into what I believe they actually do….

                    Now no matter what route anyone chooses to go with who the Vinsmokes are, there is one thing that is abundantly obvious, and that is that they are extremely influential in the world. I believe they aren’t influential just because of who they are, but because of what they do! Allow me to explain….

                    Now in the latest chapter (813) there was a huge mistranslation within one of the pages, and when I had read the correct translation, it inspired to me write this theory….. what I will do is, is post one of the scanlations, and then provide the official translation via text.

                    In the first part of the theory, I want to focus on how we may have already seen one of Sanji’s older brother! But who could the mystery man be? Well we haven’t seen his face, like most people think, but what we have seen is that this group he belongs to has the ability to manipulate the world, and trick them into believing something like Doflamingo resigned from the Shichibukai! If you haven’t guess it by now, I am talking about one of the members of CP-0 who showed up on Dressrosa….

                    Why him? Well there is no particular reason, but the point is, even if it is not him, I believe one of Sanji’s brothers, is a Cipher Pol 0 agent. Now if you look at the suits CP-0, they are the same exact type of suit Sanji wears, but they are white instead of black…. Now obviously I am not going claim his brother is a member of CP-0 just because of that! Thats like saying Bellamy is his brother cause they have blonde hair…. >:)

                    What leads me to believe that, is what the official translation of 813 stated. Lets take a look shall we?

                    Sanji: You can’t kill me can you? What did they tell you? No cuffs? Treat me gently right? My bounty poster says I’m to be taken only alive! If you Kill me, someone is going to be real angry I bet! And whoever wrote that on my poster….Has to be the same person who arranged this wedding! Don’t move! You know who I’ve got backing me up now don’t you? I am going with you, to settle things with them! So don’t you dare touch my crew!

                    Now in the mangastream translation we see Sanji speaking about a single person being responsible for his bounty poster, but in the official translation, he not only speaks about a single person, but also speaks about “them” which leads me to believe he is talking about a specific group, and he knows exactly who they are! And like I pointed out earlier, CP-0 has already shown to have the authority to even go over the Gorosei’s head, and trick the World. So if they have the authority to do that, then there is no doubt in my mind they have the authority to make someones wanted poster “Only alive”

                    Now I know that is not concrete evidence to prove his brother is apart of CP-0, but there is a few other things that lead me to believe that! One thing that people have always wondered, was what Sanji ment, when he told Bartholomew Kuma, that one day he was going to be the biggest threat to the World Government….

                    Well, if you think about it. Doflamingo was able to manipulate the World Government, because he knew about the National Treasure of Mariejois. Now think about it. If the Vinsmoke family have been members of CP-0 throughout the generations, then it would make sense, that Sanji also knows about the National Treasure of Mariejois… Which would explain how he would become a huge threat to the World Government!

                    Next thing I want to point out…. What is some of the things Sanji specializes in? Information gathering, and infiltration! He had to have learned these skills somewhere, and what we saw from CP-9, they start training their candidates at a young age! So it makes perfect sense for Sanji to have started training to be a member of CP-0 at a young age!

                    Now the last point I want to make, might sound a little ridiculous, but I believe it was extremely sneaky on Oda’s part to do this! And a little comical as well! We all remember when Sanji fought against Jabra right? Well Jabra is a member of CP-9, and he tried to trick Sanji into believing he was Nico Robins long lost brother!

                    I believe this is a tricky little foreshadowing on Oda’s part, alluding to the fact that Sanji’s long lost brother, is a member of a Cipher Pol agency! We all know Oda has a knack for making lies become reality!

                    Now onto the second part of the theory! Like i said earlier, I wanted to go into what the Vinsmokes actually do, and I don’t believe they are a family limited to being CP-0 agents! I believe they are also a family who marry into the family of extremely powerful Pirates! I think they have been doing this for Generations!

                    I think Sanji was originally suppose to become a member of CP-0 when he was a kid, and one of his other brothers was suppose to Marry into the Charlotte Family! However after Sanji ran away, the brother who was suppose to Marry into the Charlotte family, became a member of CP-0, and now they want Sanji to marry into the Charlotte family, as he is already a Pirate!

                    What leads me to believe they also become affiliated with powerful Pirates, on top of working for the Celestial Dragons? It’s what Brook said in the latest chapter! (813)

                    Brook: “V…Vinsmoke is Sanji’s family name?! It’s a name that makes my Backbone crawl…. But it can’t be….”

                    That right there leads me to believe, that the Pirate crew who wiped out The Rumbar Pirates over 50 years ago were none other than the Vinsmoke Pirates….. Who even back then were affiliated with the Charlotte family!

                    I believe the Vinsmoke family has their hands in not only the World Government, Not only being Royalty, but also has their hands in Piracy!

                    One son enters into Cp-0, another son enters into an affiliation with a powerful Pirate crew (A yonko) and the other son remains in their Kingdom to become the next King! The Piracy thing might be a stretch, but the fact that Brook has his backbone crawl whenever he hears the name, is what leads me to believe they had a pirate crew 50 years ago, and were the ones who wiped out The Rumbar Pirates!

                    And with that I conclude my theory! It’s been a long time since I made one, so I hope you all enjoyed it! If I think of anything else, I will add more to it!

                    *Theory by Celestial D. Dragon