We all know the theories made that claim that Usopp’s lies actually become reality.

And we know that it was confirmed by the color spread in Chapter 796


Therefore, what Usopp said at Skypeia could actually come true


Usopp states that he once played with this “molecular substance” which is the pyrobloin or pairopuroine.
In this theory I will explain what actually is this Pyrobloin and what I believe Usopp will do with it.

Part 1

What actually is Pyrobloin?

Pyrobloin is a substance ( not really sure what kind of substance it is because many sources state that pyrobloin is either an element, a compound or a molecule which are all different things based on chemistry) found in the molecular makeup or structure of Seastones. This substance helps to create Sea Clouds because when Pyrobloin is ejected from erupting volcanoes it reacts with the water vapor in the air and forms the Sea Clouds.

Seastone=pyrobloin + other unknown substances

Pyrobloin is not the same as Seastone.
Pyrobloin is just one of the substances that makeup seastone.

Its just like how certain rocks are made up of different minerals.

So Pyrobloin by itself does not weaken Devil Fruit users and therefore does not have the same essence as the sea!

If you look at this image you can see that Luffy displays no discomfort while walking on the Sea Cloud. He even states that he can swim and sail in it.

Also, in this image you see Luffy and Chopper comfortably running on the Sea Cloud


Part 2

I believe that Usopp will find the pyrobloin by either the crew going to another Sky Island or by encountering a scientist that is studying it (maybe Vegapunk). I believe that Usopp will be clumsy and accidentally mix the pyrobloin with some “mysterious substance”. When they are mixed, a new compound will be formed.

When examined further, it will be revealed that this new compound is highly reactive when placed near seastone, causing the seastone to deteriorate.

This new substance will be known as the Seastone Neutralizer

Because Pyrobloin is released during volcanic eruptions there may be Seastone inside the volcano. Because of the intense heat in the volcano, some unknown minerals in the volcano may give off this “mysterious substance” that reacts with the pyrobloin in the Seastone. As a result, the Seastone breaks down and Pyrobloin is released from the volcano.


This substance would be useful because if Luffy is ever subdued by seastone cuffs, Usopp can just use the Seastone Neutralizer and easliy destroy the Seastone.

If for some reason this new compound gets mass produced, it could be a big threat to the WG because there is now a way for devil fruit users to break free from seastone prison cells and seastone cuffs!

Usopp will utilize this new compound in his weaponry by applying it to his projectiles.
When this projectile coated with this new compound comes in contact with Seastone it will make the seastone brittle and break apart.`

Thanks for reading my theory, tell me what you think!

*Theory by Primordial Sky


    A lot of buzz about Sanji is being built up, including from the main man himself. 2016 will be the YEAR OF SANJI, according to Oda. So all things seem to be going well.

    So a lot of theories about Sanji have been popping up in various places. He’s the son of one of the Gorosei, he’s a super secret alien being, he’s the weapon Uranus, he’s a Celestial Dragon, he married Big Mom, etc. Everything under the sun has been talked about for death, and most likely Oda is going to blow our socks off even if it falls into our expectations of him being royalty or something similar. But I have a different proposition, one that hasn’t been discussed, but is something I’ve wanted to address for a long time.

    For the longest time, I’ve had a hard time figuring out how the Underworld Brokers will fall into the story. In Punk Hazard, they were introduced in oddly specific silhouettes, suggesting they’ll be a future villain group in the series that the Strawhats will potentially face at some point. However something about their place in the series isn’t right. The Strawhats really have no reason to go after the Underworld Brokers themselves, especially since Franky is already connected to them in some way historically and he doesn’t seem to be on bad terms with them as far as we know.

    I think the next arc will feature Sanji as the main character, and it’ll focus on him dealing with these Underworld Brokers.

    That’s basically the gist of this theory, but I’ll explain….

    So as we know from Sabaody Island, the Underworld and the Celestial Dragons are the bread and butter of corruption in the One Piece world. We’re introduced to this in a very clear and easy to understand manner, but a lot of the subtle implications I think were missed here. For one, it establishes the source of slavery comes directly through the Underworld via the broker Disco and in turn is orchestrated by Joker aka Doflamingo. As we see in Dressrosa later on, Doflamingo also supplies SMILE and weapons to various people as well, causing chaos and destruction everywhere as we’ve seen.

    Let’s also look at a prominent place in this arc. Flevance. Hometown of Law, and one of the biggest tragedies in the series yet. The World Government allows Flevance to rot, just for Amber Lead And while it’s not specifically stated by any means, it establishes the priorities of the Celestial Dragons above human life itself. Also, I think it’s obvious if something as precious as Amber Lead is involved somehow that involves potentially illegal means of neglectance, that the Underworld as well is intertwined with the tragedy of Flevance.

    In fact, North Blue seems to be a hot spot for tragedy. Noland, Doflamingo’s childhood, X-Drake’s childhood, potentially Sanji’s childhood tragedy. I do not think this is a coincidence, nor do I think one of the leading men of the Underworld (Doflamingo) being from North Blue is a coincidence either.

    North Blue is controlled by the Underworld Brokers.

    While the Underworld Brokers are scattered across the world, I think their secret lies primarily in North Blue. While North Blue is still in control by the World Government, I think the Underworld Brokers have cut a deal with the World Government sometime in the past to maintain peace between the two factions, by allocating the bulk of their resources in the North Blue. I also think this is how Doflamingo become a leading provider in the Underworld, with his Celestial Dragon past he’s practically inherited the role.

    So let’s get back to Sanji. Sanji, as we know, was born in North Blue. North Blue as we’ve already seen in a place of deep tragedy and corruption, and it’s very likely the story Oda will tell about Sanji will be seeped with both as well. First off, I will say I subscribe to the theory that Sanji IS a Celestial Dragon or the son of someone high up in the World Government. It’s pretty obvious if you think about it, because the only two ways Sanji could’ve entered East Blue from North Blue as a child is through Reverse Mountain, or Mariejois. And if you re-read the Reverse Mountain part, everyone on the crew is shocked and surprised by the EXISTENCE of Reverse Mountain, including Sanji. This suggests the only possible way for him to travel to East Blue from North Blue is through Marijeois (climbing the Red Line is possible, but he’s a kid so give him break, lol).

    Specifically, I think Sanji represents Satan, the Prince of Darkness himself…

    PRINCE is the key word here. Sanji is also known as Mr. Prince, and Prince of Dumbass Kingdom according to Zoro. Sanji IS the Prince of Darkness, because his father is none other than…



    While we don’t know who he is exactly, I think if one was to tie the knot of everything I’m discussing together, it would be establishing Sanji as both being a prince of royalty and a prince of the underground.

    King is the LEADER of the Underworld Brokers. He’s like a mafia boss of sorts, while someone like Doflamingo is more of a wildcard despite being one of the leading people of the Underworld, King is the one that brings order to the whole operation and provides structure to the chaos. With joker’s defeat, the Underworld is going to be abuzz, and what better way to address it with something like a Sanji side-arc?

    Now don’t get me wrong, this is a pretty huge jump, but if you think about the placement of all of these story elements, it only makes sense for Oda to resolve the Underworld Brokers thing BEFORE Luffy takes down someone like Kaidou or Big Mom.

    What if Big Mom’s crew recognized Sanji’s place as King’s son? Basically their encounter on Zou could’ve ended up with them telling Sanji that his father put out a WANTED ALIVE poster for him, and to cut a deal with Big Mom he gave up Ceasar to appease them away from Zou and Sanji. Then, Sanji went on a personal journey to infiltrate the Underworld Brokers to confront, and potentially defeat, his father.

    Tamago AND Pekoms as well are both Underworld Brokers, and it’s possible Capone with his mafia theme is one as well. To me, this is a sure-fire sign that we’re going to deal with Underworld Brokers in a big way in the near future, and I highly doubt it’ll be a situation that gets resolved on Whole Cake Island or Wano. It fits near perfectly for Sanji to infiltrate the Underworld in secrecy, just like how he infiltrated Baroque Works which was also a secret group of people.

    Only this time, for Sanji, it would be personal, since he’d be confronting his father: KING.

    I know this is a bit fanfictiony, but I think this is a distinct possibility that Oda might be going for with the Underworld in One Piece. So what do you think?

    *Theory by Big One

      Reasons why Caesar Clown will be the next Nakama! Theory


      -Most people hate Caesar Clown because he is evil, but I will explain why this is justified later on

      -He seems too obvious, since he’s been in plain sight. But this is hiding in plain sight. Oda also said @old Jump Fiesta interview (2009ish) that the next strawhat would be past enemy 

      -He is hated by some of the strawhats, especially Chopper (abusing medication)

      -Good reasons to dislike Caesar, but the question is “Can he be redeemed”. I think he definitely can. but before that…

      Reasons Caesar makes incredible sense

      -He has nowhere to go or be safe. He has nobody who trusts him, and all the Yonkou are after him and his weapons/chemicals. Can’t become ally member

      -Caesar has a dream, much like the other strawhats. He wants to surpass Vegapunk and become the best scientist. This is why he harms people carelessly

      -Was an enemy, like Robin, Nami, Franky, Usopp. Doubted them initially, but it reinforces how much we like them

      -He sort of fits in, and has shown a variety of other emotions aside from just being a psychopath. (Ex: embarrassed by chopper, play-fighting, sanji)

      -Strawhats do not have a scientist or logia yet

      -Caesar is a representation of Vegapunk (Luffy = Roger, Chopper = Hililuk and Crocus, Sanji = Zeff, Usopp = Yasopp)

      -Caesar connects everyone else’s abilites (missing piece to a puzzle)
      ~Finish Sunny with chemicals instead of Cola (Create pluton) sort of like Enel’s electricity
      ~Help Chopper with medication (with chemicals and drugs)
      ~Help Franky by replacing cola (Or can help make cola through sugar chemical) and Franky wants to follow Vegapunks dream
      ~Help Usopp make pesticides and growth hormones for plants
      ~Provide flames and gas for Sanji’s cooking
      ~Something stupid for Luffy, like fireworks or cooking meat with flames.

      -Very powerful (Top 5 in strawhats) he has poison, flames, air, many other elements other logias are limited to loads of potential

      -Potential interest in ancient weapons, since he creates his own weapons
      -Foreshadowing: Got symbol of the Strawhats (Chinese Zodiac signs)

      -Connects to my next point: knows the secrets of SMILE and shinokuni/gas weapons. stopped gas on mink island

      If you are still mad about his evil acts, here’s how he can redeem himself:

      -If you supported Monet, then you should by default support Caesar cuz she was evil as well

      -Since his dream is to become the best scientist, he was doing it in a bad way due to bad influences (Doffy).

      -Never killed people for fun, he believed it was necessary for him dream, and only viewed people as test subjects

      -Luffy and the strawhats have brought him humility, like with Big Mom, so now he is beginning to know human emotions and fear.

      -Similar to other strawhats:
      ~Zoro cut down people for their bounties
      ~Robin betrayed many people and didn’t care if people died as long as she learned about history
      ~Nami stole from people to help her village
      ~Franky stole fortune from Luffy and beat up Usopp to build his dream ship
      Ultimately Luffy saved them and gave them a better way to achieve his dream, like he will do with Caesar.

      -Chopper seems most mad at him. But Chopper was the same, he experimented with monster point drugs and hurt people without realizing it, like Caesar

      -Caesar can help get rid of all the weapons he created, and eventually make the crew like him by changing as a person and achieving his dream in a dif way

      -Caesar never got a flashback, so he can have a very sad past that justifies his initial crazy nature.

      -He will achieve his dream just like the rest of the strawhats by becoming best scientist, stopping his chem weapons, and learning about ancient tech.

      *Theory by OneWorldHD


        This is gonna be a pet project of mine where I make a detailed analysis of what technique(s) in the One Piece world is perfect for one individual character at a time. Looking at things such as fixing weaknesses in a character’s fighting style, theorizing on potential abilities the user is not tapping into with their DF etc. All in an effort to try and get as close to the max potential for a character and things we may see being used by these characters when they reappear.

        The Strawhats have been done to death, and I will do one of them every once and awhile (Probably not the DF users too much) but just in honour of the Year of Sanji that is on the horizon, I would like to start with the badass martial artist of the crew. Don’t expect many strawhats after the first few that I want to talk about, because like I said, they have been done to death. Alright that’s enough intro let’s get to it.



        Sanji, the awesome kick fighter of the crew. Master of the Black Leg Style, and creator of the Diable Jamble technique, Sanji imo has always been a cool character who hasn’t reached his full potential yet. With the Year of Sanji on the way, that may start to change so he can finally reach levels where he can take on Kizaru at the end of the series, because that would be awesome.


        1. Black Leg Style :- A strong 100% kick based fighting style that is designed to protect the user’s hands from fighting to prevent damage. Primarily to allow the user to be a chef.
        2. Diable Jamble :- Using high speed rotation to create friction that builds up heat around the focal point, adding fire and heat to the user’s normal technique. Perfect for breaking through Tekkai. I’ll get into why later.
        3. Haki :- Will specialize in Observation according to Oda, so that’s guaranteed to be his strongest colour. Will have armaments as well.
        4. Speed :- Probably the fastest member at base, with only Luffy surpassing using Gears.
        5. Geppou :- Learned skill from CP9
        6. General superhuman stats to varying degrees in all other areas.


        1. Lacking in durability a tad, as seen when Vergo almost broke his leg.
        2. Lacking in physical power comparatively speaking when compared to the other members of the Monster Trio
        3. Still inexperienced with haki
        4. Lack of ranged attacks, very close quarter oriented fighter.

        I think this is a huge clue as to the type of final antagonists Sanji will face. He either faces someone who uses a unique type of martial arts, such as Kurobo(Fishman Karate), Jyabura(Tekkai Kenpo), Wanze (Ramen Kenpo), Bon Clay(Okama Kenpo) or he faces someone who has a really strong armour/body, Pearl(Iron armour) or Absalom(Animal skin body).

        Pearl in particular foreshadowed a LOT of Sanji’s current techniques and he’s easy to forget because of how long ago he was. He even had a technique that cloaked himself in fire. He may be foreshadowing my matchup with a Diamond fruit using Burgess at the end of the series. Yet another precious stone that can be used. So now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the skills that Sanji will pick up
        that are perfectly crafted to assist him.


        This is the martial arts version of the air slash that swordsmen use. And it is unique way of Oda giving martial artists, ranged techniques. This technique in particular is pretty essential for Sanji’s fighting style. It gives him range, and he specifically can draw even greater potential out of this move than we have seen so far because his entire fighting style is focused on his legs. He may already have the capability to use this technique.

        What makes this technique particularly deadly in the hands of Sanji is Diable Jamble. Could he create a flaming kick slash? That is the question. On the surface the answer is no. To ignite the air requires a ridiculously hot heat source and one that is constantly producing heat.

        We all want Sanji to get hotter, but spinning more, or spinning faster will never get you there. Friction is a very labour intensive way to generate heat. The more friction, the more heat that is lost to the surroundings. In fact, it is a very inefficient way. So even if Sanji were to spin a lot faster, initially he may gain some heat, but he’ll lose it just as fast. Not just to the friction, but also to the temperature gradient he would be creating between his leg (the source) and the atmosphere around him.
        The hotter something is, the faster it loses heat to its environment.

        Therefore, Sanji’s current method of generating Diable Jamble will eventually be antiquated, incapable of developing any further beyond its max point. And I’d say, not efficient enough heat wise to creating a flaming Rankyaku.

        However, as for basic Rankyaku, I’d expect Sanji to be able to pull that off in his sleep.
        So we have out first likely technique.



        Diable Jamble is an amazing technique. And its usefulness is largley overshadowed by the fire aspect. But where Diable really shines is transfer of thermal energy. Heat, is basically measured by how much motion is ongoing in a body of matter.

        That’s why thermal durability is in many ways more impressive than physical durability. To be resistant to heat, one’s own molecules have to resist absorbing thermal energy from any heat source. Naturally, bodies made of flesh don’t have such impressive qualities. It’s why Diable Jabmle ate through Tekkai like butter, as that technique is the physical reinforcement of the body through extreme tensing. But Diable Jamble transfers thermal energy to its target, giving the atoms more energy that they have to move around more, forcibly undoing the tension Tekkai created. This is probably one of my favourite powerups any Strawhat has ever had it’s awesome.

        However, in light of the activation limitations I outlined above, if Sanji is gonna reach a higher level of Diable Jamble, he will probably need to create a new way to activate the technique that doesn’t involve friction against the environment in any capacity (air or water). The best way would be somehow to generate the heat internally and let it radiate outwards. (Well the best way is to get some kind of DF, but I’m not going there. I don’t think anyone thinks Sanji is gonna get a DF). So how does Sanji create more intense heat for his Diable Jamble? The answer was just revealed in the recent Dressrosa Arc.


        The practitioners of Hasshoken have a remarkable technique. Technically, it’s not even remotely possible physically without destroying yourself. What they have done, is learned to oscillate their molecules around a fixed position without losing form to such a high degree that they can can produce vibrational waves, that radiate outwards and cause the molecules of rigid objects like metal, to fracture and fall apart.

        Anything that doesn’t oscillate well internally is likely to fall apart under the strain of these waves. In many ways it’s brilliant and might be the coolest martial arts in the series, behind Rokushiki. At least imo.
        But what does this have to do with Diable Jamble? Vibrations. Vibrations don’t only produce force, high enough vibration produce HEAT.

        If you think about it, heat is just the sensation produced by the motion of atoms of matter. Furthermore, heat is really impossible without two things; Matter and Motion. By vibrating, Sanji could completely change his Diable Jamble activation. He won’t have to spin at all. He’d just have to vibrate his leg and it will heat up, much more evenly and less wasteful as well. And he could keep the vibrations going at will, so he won’t be constantly losing heat with Diable Jamble after he activates it. After all, once the friction is done, the technique only last a short while after.

        With this skill, and using it in his own way, Sanji will actually be able to achieve higher levels of heat, as he’d be able to produce a steady ignition source at all times so long as he could keep the vibrations going. While at the same time, when not needed, just adding vibrations to his regular Diable Jamble adds another layer of penetration that makes his attacks deadly.

        This also gives Sanji a unique way of breaking down even the toughest of defenses. Through constant pressuring with attacks imbued with both heat and molecular vibration, every time his kick hits an object it becomes progressively weaker and will be almost guaranteed to fall apart. A full course of Sanji cooking.

        This martial art is thus perfect for giving Sanji the skill to ascend to even greater heights both in his fighting techniques as well as haki. I’m 100% sure he will gain this skill.



        How hot can Sanji then go with technique? How hot does he need to go? It’s an interesting question. But it depends the opponents he will face. If he has to beat Diamond, he would need to go past 3550 degrees celsius. In perspective the surface of the sun is around 5500 degrees celsius, so he’s not far off at that stage.

        It would be amazing to see Sanji reach the temperature of the sun and melt the ground and shit as he walks. The sky is the limit. What we have to balance however is how does he avoid hurting himself with these techniques? Well, the only option is Armament haki, but special clothes may also end up being necessary depending how hot he goes to. We know that Marigold used her haki to protect her while she set herself on fire, so we can only guess haki would be involved in protection from the heat for Sanji.

        Just a note on Sanji’s haki. Oda has taken the fun out of speculating on this area by basically confirming Sanji will specialize in CoO, which is great because that was my prediction all the way back during the break after chapter 597. To fight Kizaru however, Sanji’s speed needs to be absurd. Observation can only take you so far.


        It’s simple, Sanji has to find a way to use his immense leg strength to push the boundaries of some speed technique to a new level to take on Kizaru. Soru being the number one candidate with it’s acceleration technique of kicking the ground over 10 times in an instant. But what if you pushed that number even further. 20+, 50+ 100+ times at the starting moment could produced speeds well beyond what Soru does.

        On the other end of the spectrum it could be something new entirely, that doesn’t use kicks. Maybe some kind of muscular manipulation technique that produces one big burst instead of multiple rapid ones. Like Urouge’s bulk up or Lao G’s cellular energy store thingamajig. Maybe this technique will be bolstered by Fighting Cuisine and strengthen the body to store that kind of energy. Either way, Sanji will likely be the fastest non DF user in the world by the end of the series. Which is mighty fine and I can’t wait to see it.


        So we have CP9 techniques, with Hasshoken, and haki and new heat techniques all wrapped up into one. I’m sure you can tell I didn’t bother going in depth into things like Haki because it felt obvious to me at least where these skills were heading. It’s also too universal, you could lap it on anyone. Alternatively, I focused on the likekly more unique skills Sanji would end up acquiring.

        Now we have all of compiled, what are you ideas on what skills Sanji will develop?


          First of all , I will start with the card theme Oda has been following since the Dressrosa arc and is keeping it going until Zou arc.So here are the card types used in Dressrosa.
          We got the top executives representing card types , while Doflamingo represents a specific card – The Joker.
          Moving on to the Zou arc , we find out Kaido’s first mate named Jack and another ally named Scotch, both taking inspiration from the famous game Blackjack.Furthermore , the card theme continues with Sheepshead and Ginrummy that are widely known card games too.So , I will let you know a thought of mine that you will understand later on in the theory:X-Drake represents the King , while Bonney represents the Queen in the card theme.Before you jump into the conclusion that this theory is bad ( Sad Face Here ) let me explain myself.

          Jack takes inspiration from an infamous Pirate named Calico Jack.Calico Jack was famous for the fact that he had 2 females in his crew.One of the 2 females was named Anne Bonney.That’s why I think there will definitely be an interaction between Bonnet and Jack and generally the Beasts Pirates.We know X-Drake is already with them so he has already interacted with them.But is the name connection enough for Bonney to have an interaction with Jack and Kaido?For those who believe it isn’t then let me show you something.
          Remember when Bonney somehow escaped from the Marines and was shown in a Winter Island?
          I do believe this island is the island where X-Drake was seen too.I think that this is the place they agreed to meet each other at a pre-timeskip interraction probably.

          In the title I imply they are trying to blackmail Kaido.But they are obviously a lot weaker than him.What could they know or have , that would be enough to threaten Kaido?

          I do believe Bonney realised the secret to Kaido’s immortality , due to the fact that she also has age-related powers.Something that is also related to the card theme is a gamble.
          I will now make a hypothetical gamble.This is pure speculation:
          X-Drake lets Kaido know that Bonney realised his secret to immortality and , if X-Drake doesn’t return to her in some hours (which would mean Kaido killed him ) Bonney will let the other Yonko know the secret and hunt him down.So it is very risky because Kaido could actually kill X-Drake.

          But still , you have to be wondering what do these two Supernovas want to achieve?I do believe they will make Kaido go after a specific Yonko.This Yonko will be Big Mam.

          Bonney parallels Big Mam.She is the Big Mam of the New Era.They will take her down and Bonney will become one of the Yonko in her place.
          I think this is the PERFECT thing to happen.Luffy is in a war with both Big Mam and Kaido.By starting a war between Big Mam and Kaido , Luffy can find them both in one place.It would be a war equivalent to that of the Marineford.Two of the Yonko and 5 Supernova (Luffy Zoro Law X-Drake and Bonney) clashing.

          Now you might be wondering what will happen to X-Drake.Why would he let Bonney become one of the Yonko instead of him?

          First of all , X-Drake doesn’t want to become the Pirate King.Take a look at his Jolly Roger.

          It has no skull.It is extremely weird for a pirate not to have a skull on his Jolly Roger.I think this implies he has another ultimate goal , which isn’t becoming the Pirate King but instead it is protesting against the World Government as he even quitted his positiong as a Rear Admiral.
          Moreover his nickname is “Red Flag” , flag that nowadays represents the revolutionaries and those who do not comply with the Government’s doings.
          What could have cause his hatred?I think that the origin of his hatred rises from the Pacifista experiments.
          Pacifistas are made from people that were alive , as they have blood behind the armour.
          X-Drake didn’t approve of these violent experiments and left the Marines becoming a Pirate in order to show his disapproval.

          So , I do believe he will stay with Bonney until the final war.Till then , I think he will have turned into a really infamous pirate and will definitely pose a threat for the Marines.In the final war he will definitely show his disapproval of the techniques the Marines adopted and he will have great influence on the War.

          Bonney and X-Drake will be protected by Kaido , as it is another thing they asked him to do so that they do not reveal his secret.

          Bonney and X-Drake formed an alliance and due to Bonney’s powers they are blackmailing Kaido.They ask him to take down Big Mam and in a huge war where the Strawhats will be involved , Big Mam will fall and Bonney will become on of the Yonko.X-Drake will remain with her until the final war , where he will show he disapproves of the Marines’ actions.

          *Theory by Usopp Haoshoku Haki


            Kaido and Dragon’s potential devil fruits?

            So apparently there are strict guidelines to whats considered a theory and whats not and i couple i’ve put up here have been moved to speculation, this mainly consists of parallels and minor details/facts that let me form it.

            Also, if you’re lazy, i made a video of this like a month back, watch that for a more summarized version (please note this thread is much more refined with more detail)

            Anyway, onto the theory. (somewhat based off video script)

            So as soon as we saw Momo’s artificial devil fruit the Dragon-Dragon fruit was essentially confirmed, although people certainly would be dissapointed if it didn’t exist. As it is stated and fact that Momo has a Chinese dragon adf, we can assume that it is based off something and they were attempting to replicate it. There has also been a lot of debate about who has the real dragon fruit, the 2 main candidates being Kaido and Monkey D. Dragon.

            As we all know Oda incorporates a lot of real mythology into the story, we have seen some Persian, Indian, Greek and Japanese mythology so far, what i think is next in Chinese.

            To make it short and sweet i believe that both Kaido and Dragon have Dragon df, but not elemental western dragons like people think, but offINDIVIDUAL dragons that are seen in Chinese mythology, here is why. I think that the devil fruit will be based off the Taoist lore of the 9 sons of the dragon king. Here are their names (modern).

            • Bi An
            • Bi Xi
            • Chao Feng
            • Chi Wen
            • Fu Xi
            • Pu Lao
            • Qiu Niu
            • Suan Ni
            • Ya Zi

            There are a few parallels between characters we know about in One Piece with the 3 oldest Dragon’s. Here is a quote from the myth.

            “Chiwen was one of the nine sons of the dragon. The Cloud Rider.When the dragon visited his children, the neighbors of his son Chiwen complained that all he did was stand atop rooftops and stare off into the distance. Thus, the dragon ordered that the image of Chiwen adorn the tops of buildings as a sentinel, searching the distance for signs of danger. Chiwen also loved poetry.”

            Also, according to the legend, Chi-Wen himself was saved from starvation by a human and said human will be important later.

            Now, i think that Momonosuke has the artificial version of the Chi-Wen fruit. Firstly because Momo is “a cloud rider” just like Chi-Wen


            Momo also loves poetry, as shown when he told Brook to sing him a song (couldn’t find scan ;/)
            and lastly, Luffy saved Momo when he was down in the cavern and got Sanji to cook him food, technically saving him from starvation, just as the Human did for Chi-Wen. He also looks similar to a drawing of Chiwen


            I also believe that Kaido has the fruit of Ya-Zi, the dark dragon. Here are 2 more extracts.”

            “Yazi was the second of the nine sons of the dragon. The Darkness Rider. People complained openly about him, as he bellowed all day, and he scared them. When his father received news of these complaints, he recognized that Yazi was a warrior and would be excellent at military work, especially as this dragon enjoyed killing.”

            “As the second oldest born, he was always the most ambitious of his brothers but with his strong body he was always expected to outlive the others.”

            Yazi is engraved on a lot of chinese blades.


            We know Kaido is ruthless, ambitious, strong and warlike. Its starting to look awful similar. However here is the bit that convinced me that Oda could be basing Kaido, Dragon and Momo/Real user of his fruit off this Taoist-Chinese myth.

            Last but not least i believe that Dragon has the Bi-An devil fruit, here is the final extract.

            “Bian the oldest of the nine sons of the dragon. The Fire Rider. Unlike his siblings, there was no complaint lodged against him by his neighbors. Some claim that his ferocity earned him his position supervising doorways to great prisons. Others claim that his rebellious nature and constant drive of justice made him a candidate for the job for ensuring a lack of corruption and making sure the guilty remained inside.”

            Another very accurate parallel to what we know about Dragon, he hates the corrupt WG he has his own sense of justice, hence he is trying to overthrow the horrible govt. About the prison guarding, that could be something else, but best save that for potentially another theory.



            Here is where i was convinced.

            In the story, Ya-Zi is fed up with how his brother runs the prisons and plans to overthrow him, he strands his brother Chi-Wen on an island and leaves him to starve, he then goes back and challenges Bi-An. They are equally matched and fight till a standstill. However, Chi-Wen returns with the aid of a strange human that helped him. With Chi-Wen’s aid, Bi-An manages to defeat Ya-Zi and put him in the prison for a long time.

            Bi-An vs Ya-Zi


            That concludes this particular story. (There are other myths based around the other 7 dragons.)

            Here is what i think is going to happen. Both Dragon and Kaido have devil fruit based off individual dragons from Taoist mythology, Momonosuke has the cloud rider dragon fruit of Chi-Wen (Artificial) Kaido has the darkness rider fruit of Ya-Zi (real) and Dragon has the fire rider fruit of Bi-An. I think that Dragon will be attacked by Kaido after (or perhaps during) the fight with Blackbeard (its also possible Dragon avoids that fight altogether) in order to take over some of the land and powerful prisoners that the revolutionary army has in their possession, they will engage Kaido to a standstill until the LufLaw alliance attacks Kaido, giving the revs the opportunity to take him down.

            One loophole would be the REAL Chi-Wen fruit user, one thing i thought off was that he could be either Raizou or the Shogun of Wano. It would be fitting if Shogun was actually his father (alpha2late17 theory) and he had the real Chi-Wen fruit. Also, if in the unlikely event this comes true, i’ll start on a theory for the other 6 dragons immediately.

            This is probably my biggest theory and i put a lot of work into it, so plz don’t rip me apart ;(
            Thanks for reading. ;D

            *Theory by AnimeTheoriesHQ


              I was wondering who came up with the idea of Kid alliance. Was it Kid or Killer?

              Eustass Captain Kid seems like a crazy maniac who is too proud to form an alliance. He focus on strength and believes only the strong deserves to be a pirate in the New World. He crucified Haritsu Kendiyo because of having weak resolve.

              He is also short-tempered and can be easily provoked. He picked fight with Apoo because Apoo was staring at him!!

              It seems a little out of his character to plan an alliance to survive in the New World.

              Now, lets focus on Killer. Killer is the only member of the worst generation other than Zoro who doesnt have a devil fruit and who is not the captain of the crew. His position in the crew is unknown, but he is the only other member of the Kid pirates who stands out than the rest. He doesnt add any honorifics and calls Kid by his name. The third Kid pirate who got a few panel time is Heat (probably the 3rd strongest member of the crew). He calls Kid as master/captain, but Killer doesnt.

              Its pretty obvious that Killer has some special relation with Kid. He is the one who guides Kid and the member Kid listens to.

              He clearly has better knowledge as shown when he informed Kid about the Ox Bell.

              He is also calm unlike Kidd. He called Luffy, Law and Kid short tempered in Sabaody.

              Their personality indicates that the idea of forming an alliance didnt come from Kidd’s brain. It came from Killer. Its also evident that Kid didnt want to include Apoo in the alliance. But Killer invited Apoo regardless of Kid’s objection.

              He was negotiating with Hawkins and was shouting at both Kid and Apoo to stop fighting.

              Its also really interesting that declaration of their target came from Killer!

              Once again it portrays him as the real mastermind and strategist behind Kid alliance.

              The question is why Killer came up with the plan of forming the alliance. Is it only to make Kid one of the top pirates of NW? I think Killer came up with the idea so that Kid doesnt get killed easily. Kid was surely going ham after entering NW. He was picking fight even against yonkos.

              I think somewhere along the line Kid fought against a top fighter and nearly got killed. As you might have noticed, someone fucked Kid up during the timeskip. He lost his arm and look at the scar on his face, body and another arm.

              Thats when Killer thought Kid will die if he continues to fight in this way with only their crew. So he formed the alliance with his own initiative and is probably the main strategist of the alliance. Please share your thoughts.

              *Theory by Nidai_Kitetsu


                IS MORIA ALIVE?

                I think everyone knows the answer to this one. Yes, obviously. He disappeared from Doflamingo’s sight when he was about to kill him. Obvious Absalom intervention is obvious. Just for the sake of completeness, I will put the particular manga panel that describes the event here.

                Moria vanished

                Oda also basically confirmed this in the SBS, so it’s just a matter of when Moria returns.

                Just to make a point, about the not-so-subtle foreshadowing by Doflamingo of Moria resurrecting himself somehow AS a Zombie. It could happen, but I’m not that worried about it because I don’t think it influences his impact on the story much, just a new powerup. Now unto why I made this thread.


                Theoretically, he could be anywhere, but this is where I think Moria is.

                Hiding in and out of Plain sight

                Yes, I believe Moria managed to hide himself by turning a portion of an island invisible. And yes, the implication I’m making is that Absalom, somehow awakened after his defeat by Sanji and is now capable of turning much larger areas invisible with his fruit and maybe even leaving them invisible whether he is there or not. He is sheltering Moria and working alongside him.

                ATTACKING ON ALL FRONTS:


                Before, Moria was making a zombie army with the intention to use their power to take over the New World. But really, Moria’s army was pretty weak. Dead bodies, just don’t hack it. What if Moria, found a way to use shadows to push into a living person AND take over their consciousness at the same time. Almost like rewriting who they are as people. Then Moria could take strong people, make augmentations on them and control them. The first victim of this has been revealed. He is…

                Moria’s first calamity.

                Now notably about Edward Weevil, he does share a lot of prominent similarities to a zombie, namely the visible stitch marks. A full ring around his neck and left arm, make me believe that he has been in some kind of body augmentation surgery recently. However, Moria isn’t making his new army out of dead bodies. Rotting muscles and flesh are limited in what they can do and I believe Moria realizes this now.

                I believe Edward Weevil is just as he seems. A retard, with a really strong body who through a Shadow possession and Hogback surgery, Moria has made strong enough to earn 480 million bounty. In other words, Edward Weevil is one of Moria’s new weapons and the world doesn’t know it. And I don’t think Weevil knows it either. It’s probably easier to control the person if their willpower or general cognitive function is highly impaired. It can’t be perfect though because their soul is still inside which is why we have Miss Bakkin.


                Her job is to reinforce the brain washing and keep the living zombie on mission and not let the old personality resurface. In other words, these beings will move in pairs. One for power, one for guidance.
                The clue comes from Miss Bakkin’. Money. You need funds to secure infantry, weaponry and supplies. I believe Moria created Weevil but he’s also not foolish enough this time to think one secret weapon will take over the world. He needs an army of super powerful individuals and he’s building towards that. The remnants of the Whitebeard pirates are easy pickings comparatively speaking to an active Younkou’s ally. Not speaking of course about Marco as they are gonna be difficult, but the many allied crew, all 47 of them, should be significantly more exposed. But I think there is another reason why Weevil is “Whitebeard’s son”.I believe that is the personality that was put into him. Yes, Weevil was possessed by the shadow of the REAL Son of Whitebeard, who Moria has managed to capture and keep prisoner while he uses his zombie to wreak havoc on the New World.
                Now there are some interesting similarities between another characters just introduced. Namely Weevil and Jack. I believe this is intentional. We know Moria is connected to Kaidou. He lost against him and he definitely must know who Jack and the other calamities are. Basically, I believe Weeble’s body structure is based on Jack’s. Moria is basically creating his own group of disasters like Kaidou has.
                The whole point of this strategy is to keep the Government and the other NW Pirates off Moria’s scent. By constantly revealing big information of the movement of pirates around the NW, he makes sure everyone’s attention is focused on the latest big thing that happened, not on what he might be doing. A genius idea really.

                I also believe with Absalom’s awakening, he might have an army of people armed with invisible cloaks or something he created that allows them to shadow the movements of the big pirates. It’s how he managed to get info on the PH alliance so easily. As for the Kidd Alliance, I believe Kidd’s alliance has a mole, who is already working with Moria.


                His name is Scratchmen Apoo. I believe Apoo will play a big role in the Return of Moria arc. For two reason. It was he after all who was seen coming across that invisible island. But also, Brooke is heavily tied to Moria. He was introduced there so if we have a return of Moria arc, it would make sense for Brooke to have his time to shine during that arc, and what better way than to put music based antagonists in Brooke’s way.

                Kidd wanted to know how the information leaked. Recall this panel.

                Moria’s moves

                Now we see the dialogue boxes pointing to the island and not the ship, so what random ship is that? It’s a Thriller Bark ship, leaving Kidd’s hideout. With Absa and his followers behind, after gathering information. It was Apoo who led them to Kidd’s base. He’s working with Moria, I assume to eventually double cross them if they do succeed in taking down Shanks. That’s the idea anyways.

                What’s more important is Absalom is probably using his articles to get a little closer to the government. And get more information on them as well. I’m sure Moria isn’t pleased they tried to kill him. He’d be after them too.


                Moria, in a stroke of genius, has erased himself from the world, while simultaneously pulling strings and making moves. And he’s only just beginning. When we see Moria again, he will have a formidable fighting unit and tonnes of information on both the New World and the Government to help him.

                You ask the question, who is most poised to take over the Black Market after Doflamingo’s defeat? Buggy? Or has Moria already made the moves and no one has realized yet. Wouldn’t that be something for Moria to rise to such power?

                *Theory by TheConqueror


                  The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.


                  Roger was executed 24 years ago. Three years difference.


                  Doflamingo is 41 years old.

                  41 – 24 = 17

                  Doflamingo was around 17 when he witnessed Roger’s execution:


                  Doflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of the National Treasure and escaped from Mariejois.

                  At the time of the Battle of Edd War, he was around 14 (17 – 3).

                  Shiki claimed that Roger knew the location of the Ancient Weapon, but hadn’t said which one.

                  Roger doesn’t deny this and “I have no desire to rule, Shiki!” as well as “You can pressure me all you want,” implies that he can access it, because he rejects Shiki’s offer to use it to conquer the world.

                  Shiki was informed that Roger knew the location of one Ancient Weapon.
                  I believe that this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus.

                  Let me explain why this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus, instead of the Pluton or the Poseidon, through deduction:

                  – If Roger knew about the Pluton in Alabasta, then why didn’t Cobra mention Roger in the Tomb of the Kings?
                  Why did Cobra not have a saddened/noticeable expression when he read that Roger was executed?
                  Instead, he was more worried about the ‘terrible age’ that would begin.


                  Sure, Roger could’ve used the “voice of all things” to find and gain passage underneath the Tomb, and then used the same ability to learn the location of the Pluton from the poneglyph inside.

                  The Tomb Of The Kings


                  But this is highly unlikely and very far-fetched because he wouldn’t have known the secret entrance to the underground of the Tomb to start with; we also don’t know much about his VOAT ability – how he used it and such.

                  Robin Examining The Pluton Poneglpyh

                  • If he read the blueprints of the ‘Second Pluton’, then he didn’t know the ‘location‘ of the Pluton, but the design of it from the blueprints.
                  Furthermore, it’s been hinted many times that the Pluton in Alabasta will be found and awakened by a group with bad intentions (WGor Blackbeard?), prompting the use of the ‘Second Pluton’ to counter it.
                  So Roger did not have a newly-created ‘Second Pluton’, as there was no need to build it at that time, so he couldn’t have known the ‘location‘ of it.

                  The Pluton’s Blueprint


                  This is all still debatable as Tom didn’t let just anyone examine it; but then again, Roger had befriended him, with Tom having built the Oro Jackson for him.


                  Thus it’s fair to say that Roger didn’t know the exact location of either of the Plutons.

                  – Roger probably knew the general location of the Poseidon from the poneglyph in Shandora, but he possibly knew that he couldn’t find it since it hadn’t been born yet, and thus he didn’t know the exact location of it, therefore I doubt it was this Ancient Weapon.

                  The Golden Belfry & Its Poneglyph


                  Robin Examining The Belfry’s Poneglyph

                  Roger’s Inscription Besides The Poneglyph


                  Perhaps when he went to Fishman Island he realised that the Poseidon wasn’t anywhere to be found.

                  The Oro Jackson Under The Ocean

                  Remember when Rayleigh said that “perhaps we […] were too impatient“.
                  It possibly meant that they were too early, one of the reasons being because:

                  The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.
                  Roger died 24 years ago.
                  Shirahoshi was born 16 years ago.

                  It’s impossible for Roger to have found the Poseidon – he was going to die from his disease soon and the Poseidon would be born 11 years later after the Battle of Edd War; he left this job to a pirate with his will (Luffy) who would be around when the Poseidon would.

                  Princess Shirahoshi: Poseidon


                  This leaves the Uranus.

                  People theorise that it’s the mysterious egg on Roger’s ship, which I strongly disagree with, and I’ll post all of the reasons why on another thread next time – there’s an interesting theory I have. It links with a Ghibli film.

                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Episode


                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Manga

                  For a start, Shiki and Roger spoke as if the latter knew the ‘location‘ of it, not as if he actually had it with him – the red-polka-dotted eggwas with Roger on the Oro Jackson, so it can’t be the Uranus.

                  But then again there were different translations – some say he found it, but most say that he knew the location. So we’ll go with the latter.

                  The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Merchandise


                  People theorise that it’s the National Treasure located within Mariejois, which I also disagree with.

                  Considering that Roger had the location and (implied) access to the Uranus when Doflamingo was around 14, while he was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the National Treasure, how could the Uranus be the National Treasure?

                  Roger and Shiki spoke as if the former could access it any time – wouldn’t that be difficult if the Uranus was in Mariejois?

                  Doflamingo informed the readers about the National Treasure at the age of 41, saying that he still used the knowledge of the NT to blackmail the CD, the WG and their affiliates.

                  Doflamingo’s Trump Card


                  So 41 – 10 = 31 –> for 31 years Doflamingo had been blackmailing the Celestial Dragons, even while the Battle of Edd War was raging, so the National Treasure is still within Mariejois.

                  If the National Treasure had to be something, it’d have to be something that they themselves created or stole long ago – what it could be:

                  • Something, possibly a weapon, that the 19/20 Kings used to help them defeat the Ancient Kingdom, thus why it’s heralded by Doflamingoas the “national treasure” (implying that the Celestial Dragons do so too and thus take pride in it since it helped them defeat the AK)

                  Don’t trust me on this though, this is only a wild guess. I’m clueless.[A key to the Uranus? I disagree because there are no keys to activate Poseidon.] [Sure, the description that Doflamingo gives of the National Treasure reminds us of the description of the Ancient Weapons, but that still doesn’t prove anything except that all of these things share being able to ‘shake the public world’ in common.] [Before arguing that “After Roger died, the World Government took control of the Uranus from Roger, and that became the National Treasure.” notice that it’s obvious from this thread that the Celestial Dragons had the National Treasure long before the Battle of Edd War, asDoflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of it and the Battle of Edd War was when he was around 14.]

                  To conclude:

                  • Roger had (implied) access to the Ancient Weapon, most likely Uranus, back when Doflamingo was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the knowledge of the National Treasure hidden in Mariejois, and thus this proves that the Uranus and the National Treasure are two different things.
                  • I believe that the egg on Roger’s ship wasn’t the Uranus either, as Roger supposedly only knew the location of it – like I said, I’ll expand on this in another thread later.

                  *Theory by Saffron Kaizoku


                    Okay, so, we all know that Luffy inherited Roger’s will, but how does inheriting will actually work? And at what point in the story did Luffy inherit Roger’s will and how?

                    This is my speculation:
                    Did you manage to catch what was the reason Shanks gave up an arm for Luffy and gave him his hat? It happened right after Luffy ate the Devil Fruit Shanks was carrying. After eating the fruit, Luffy showed a lot of similar traits with Roger. Before eating the Devil Fruit, Luffy never once mentioned that he wants to be the Pirate King. So, the way Luffy inherited Roger’s will is eating a Devil Fruit. But how exactly does that work?

                    Well, take Sabo for instance. Upon eating Mera Mera no Mi, he said that he will now inherit Ace’s will. That could mean two things:
                    1. Roger was a Gomu Gomu no Mi user (I don’t like the idea of that)
                    2. There are other ways to inherit someone’s will via Devil Fruit

                    In first case, it means that every Gomu Gomu no Mi user shares treats with the original Gomu Gomu no Mi user
                    However, in second case, it opens up a possibility of storing one’s soul into a Devil Fruit.

                    But why would Roger choose Gomu Gomu no Mi out of all Devil Fruits? I believe it is because of Goro Goro no Mi. However, all that stuff is pure guessing.

                    We haven’t seen Devil Fruit eating in action a lot of time, but after some time, the Devil Fruit user’s personality changes in a way.
                    Now, I don’t believe Roger had any DF because of the crew’s reaction to finding Devil Fruit, they percieved DFs as something strange, not as something they are familiar with. I believe Devil Fruits aren’t anything old – they were created in last 50 years or so. (maybe Uranus or national treasure of Mariejois, who knows)

                    I’d like to see your opinions on this.

                    *Theory by JewDoo