If CP0’s main trio that we saw in Dressrosa has Devil Fruit abilities, there is no doubt these will be incredibly powerful powers. Afterall, given their role and likely amount of power as the ultimate shield for the Tenryuubito and Gorosei against external threats, it would be ludicrous to think they would have less powerful Devil Fruits. Of course there is the possibility that they do not possess Devil Fruits, but I find this unlikely.

In another theory of mine, I explain the significance of the name ‘AEGIS’, you can give that a read here:

One important thing to note is that AEGIS is a defensive ability that the Ancient Greek Gods possessed. This and other factors considered, I will rule out Logia Devil Fruit powers for the following reasons:

  • Rokushiki is most effectively used when a users body is enhanced, Logias do not do this, however, Paramecia can and Zoans always do
  • There is a limited number of Logia fruits Oda can use at this point

Now, as I said, as Rokushiki is a heavily body-dependent fighting style, the members of CP0 all likely have very powerful Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki.

According to One Piece trivia, Oda has namedropped another Rokushiki technique called ‘Chokkai’, it’s name means ‘to bother’, although nothing more is known, whether Oda is joking or not is also questionable. If Oda is being truthful about this, having not seen this technique before, we will likely see CP0 using this. If Chokkai is real I suspect the technique will involve after images and immense speed the same way Rokuogan involved immense strength.

From what we know so far, this is a list of abilities they likely have:

  • Busoshoku Haki
  • Kenbunshoku Haki
  • Chokkai
  • Rokuogan
  • Kami-e
  • Geppo
  • Soru
  • Tekkai
  • Rankyaku
  • Shigan
  • Combination of Haki and Rokushiki

As for Devil Fruits:
Aegis to our best knowledge has three different possible source materials in Greek Mythology. There are three of these CP0 agents and therefore I believe that they each have a direct link to every singular part of Aegis.

The first instance will relate to this man:


Basilisk Mythical Zoan – Hebi Hebi no Mi Model: Basilisk
This is because, in myth, the shield first contained the skin and hair of a Gorgon, granting it incredible invulnerability as it could use Stone for protection and manipulate stone as well as turn enemies into stone. Although the ability to turn people into stone is taken by the Mero Mero no Mi and the Gorgon-based character is embodied in Hancock, a Basilisk Zoan is still very likely and powerful



  • Flight
  • Turn opponent to stone upon contact (not automatic)
  • Extra speed and agility
  • Size advantages
  • Greater muscular power
  • Regenerative ability to external wounds

Secondly, the right hand man from the long arm tribe:


Chimera Mythical Zoan – Neko Neko no Mi Model: Chimera
Legend also states that a Chimera-esque creature of unspecified appearance had formed a part of the Shields construction. The creature is likely strongly related to Chimera. Therefore it’s highly probable that Oda would use the actual Chimera for this guys powers



  • Flame breath
  • Poisonous bite from tail
  • Claws of incalculable strength (swords slashing?)
  • Horns of incalculable density
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength and power

Lastly, the tallest of the three characters:


Iron Paramecia – Tetsu Tetsu no Mi
There was a giant killed by Athena called Pallas, and another called Asterus, both of whom had incredibly strong hyde/skin that was resistant to any mortal damage. At the time of the Greeks, Iron was the strongest metal discovered, hence this is a good choice. This guy is huge anyway and can be considered a symbolism the giants in question, his ability will greatly enhance his ability to defend himself



  • Enhanced defence (absolute defence? +Tekkai + Busoshoku Haki)
  • Greater muscular strength
  • Power and density increased greatly
  • Ability to create and manipulate pre-existing Iron
  • Slight magnetic properties

Well, whether I’m right or wrong, these guys are totally monstrous, but this is a little bit of fun, hope you enjoyed! Do you like these choices of Devil Fruit?

*Theory by L o g i a

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  1. i was thinking about some powerfull powers that haven’t been introduced yet .
    i thought of a fruit that will give u the ability to absorb energy and repel it like an energy ball or u can consume it to restore ur body from damages u took in a battle.
    For example if someone is shooting u with a canon u can consume the energy and hit ur opponent body directly , it will damage his interior body.

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