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What is the deal with the Gorosei?

The Gorosei (literally meaning “Five Elder Stars”) are the heads of the World Government, and as such, they essentially rule the entire world. They are the five men who rule above the Marines, Cipher Pol, and the ones who made a pact with the Shichibukai. So far, none of their names have been revealed.


The tall thin one with the mustache (second from right) spoke with Professor Clover and ordered Spandine to kill him before the archaeologist could speak the Great Kingdom’s name. They have shown to have at least a basic knowledge of the occurrences of the Void Century, according to their shocked reactions to Professor Clover’s statements. They have shown a paranoid fear of someone reviving the ancient weapons, to the point of forbidding its research and ordering the utter destruction of the entire country of Ohara, though given what is known of the Void Century, they may simply be using that as an excuse in order to prevent information they do not want leaked to the public from getting out. Despite this, they are not completely heartless, as they were hesitant about ordering the destruction of Ohara.

WHITEBEARD’S GURA PUNCH & GARP’S PUNCH: Which is more destructive?


Lucci was one of the best opponents!

Lucci vs Luffy was one of the most epic fights in One Piece. There was a lot of emotion behind this fight in regards to Robin and her rescue. There was also the fact that Lucci had already been shown as completely and utterly dominant. But it was also the first in-depth look into Gear Second and the introduction to Gear Third which are awesome techniques. The venue of the fight changed places, as well did the actual form of Lucci. It felt like there were separate fights all rolled into one. Usopp screaming at Luffy was powerful and the final move where Luffy staggers and finally unleashes Jet Gatling is just breath taking. Really just an amazing fight!



If we look back at Caribou’s adventure in the New World we are introduced to a Revolutionist Commander by the name of Gaburu.


Caribou’s adventure took place on an Unknown Island that was controlled by Kaido. The same island that X-Drake attacked and as a result, somehow is working for Kaido now.


X-Drake coming to the Island


Gaburu’s revolutionary soldiers are on this island and there are workmen there that seem to be forced to work in factories to create weapons for Kaido.


I believe that Gaburu went against Kaido somehow.
But why would a revolutionist commander go up against a Yonko?!

I believe that Gaburu’s Revolutionist Army was affiliated with Dragon’s Revolutionary Army and both worked to take down the WG. But both probably differed in ideologies.
Seeing people be enslaved by Kaido and forced to work for him, Gaburu sought to free these people.

I think that when Gaburu was defeated by Kaido’s crew but I believe that he didn’t really die and somehow went missing

Reasons I think this:

1) Isn’t it weird that Gaburu’s men were on this island looking for him?

This may mean that they are not sure whether he is dead or alive.

I also think that they don’t know that Grammy visits Gaburu’s grave.
It was only shown that Caribou’s men seeing Grammy at the grave.
Although, they will probably know now.


2) One Piece Manga chapter 731 is the same chapter where we find out that Sabo is actually alive and in Dressrosa and not dead. So could this relate to Gaburu’s supposed death and how he is actually alive?!



I believe Grammy may have witnessed Gaburu’s defeat by Kaido’s men but did not see him get killed and thought he died or she for some reason found some reason to think he was dead.

This leads me to believe that Gaburu may be one of the Revolutionary army leaders that Dragon wants Koala to assemble


Since we already know from previous theories that Gaburu’s appearance is based off of Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist Revolutionary and a major figure in the Cuban Revolution.


Che Guevara would travel around the world and influence others through his Marxism philosophies and gain supporters.
Che Guevara would also ally with other revolutionaries and radicals such as Fidel Castro.
This could parallel to how Gaburu may have some connection with Dragon.

Gaburu went missing after a confrontation with Kaido’s men
Gaburu became one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Army

Hope you liked my theory!

*Theory by Primordial Sky

DonQuixote Doflamingo – Hate Me ! • One Piece •「AMV」 ᴴᴰ

Which one do you want? Why? What would you use them for? :-)

which do you prefer


Kaido and Dragon’s potential devil fruits?

So apparently there are strict guidelines to whats considered a theory and whats not and i couple i’ve put up here have been moved to speculation, this mainly consists of parallels and minor details/facts that let me form it.

Also, if you’re lazy, i made a video of this like a month back, watch that for a more summarized version (please note this thread is much more refined with more detail)

Anyway, onto the theory. (somewhat based off video script)

So as soon as we saw Momo’s artificial devil fruit the Dragon-Dragon fruit was essentially confirmed, although people certainly would be dissapointed if it didn’t exist. As it is stated and fact that Momo has a Chinese dragon adf, we can assume that it is based off something and they were attempting to replicate it. There has also been a lot of debate about who has the real dragon fruit, the 2 main candidates being Kaido and Monkey D. Dragon.

As we all know Oda incorporates a lot of real mythology into the story, we have seen some Persian, Indian, Greek and Japanese mythology so far, what i think is next in Chinese.

To make it short and sweet i believe that both Kaido and Dragon have Dragon df, but not elemental western dragons like people think, but offINDIVIDUAL dragons that are seen in Chinese mythology, here is why. I think that the devil fruit will be based off the Taoist lore of the 9 sons of the dragon king. Here are their names (modern).

  • Bi An
  • Bi Xi
  • Chao Feng
  • Chi Wen
  • Fu Xi
  • Pu Lao
  • Qiu Niu
  • Suan Ni
  • Ya Zi

There are a few parallels between characters we know about in One Piece with the 3 oldest Dragon’s. Here is a quote from the myth.

“Chiwen was one of the nine sons of the dragon. The Cloud Rider.When the dragon visited his children, the neighbors of his son Chiwen complained that all he did was stand atop rooftops and stare off into the distance. Thus, the dragon ordered that the image of Chiwen adorn the tops of buildings as a sentinel, searching the distance for signs of danger. Chiwen also loved poetry.”

Also, according to the legend, Chi-Wen himself was saved from starvation by a human and said human will be important later.

Now, i think that Momonosuke has the artificial version of the Chi-Wen fruit. Firstly because Momo is “a cloud rider” just like Chi-Wen


Momo also loves poetry, as shown when he told Brook to sing him a song (couldn’t find scan ;/)
and lastly, Luffy saved Momo when he was down in the cavern and got Sanji to cook him food, technically saving him from starvation, just as the Human did for Chi-Wen. He also looks similar to a drawing of Chiwen


I also believe that Kaido has the fruit of Ya-Zi, the dark dragon. Here are 2 more extracts.”

“Yazi was the second of the nine sons of the dragon. The Darkness Rider. People complained openly about him, as he bellowed all day, and he scared them. When his father received news of these complaints, he recognized that Yazi was a warrior and would be excellent at military work, especially as this dragon enjoyed killing.”

“As the second oldest born, he was always the most ambitious of his brothers but with his strong body he was always expected to outlive the others.”

Yazi is engraved on a lot of chinese blades.


We know Kaido is ruthless, ambitious, strong and warlike. Its starting to look awful similar. However here is the bit that convinced me that Oda could be basing Kaido, Dragon and Momo/Real user of his fruit off this Taoist-Chinese myth.

Last but not least i believe that Dragon has the Bi-An devil fruit, here is the final extract.

“Bian the oldest of the nine sons of the dragon. The Fire Rider. Unlike his siblings, there was no complaint lodged against him by his neighbors. Some claim that his ferocity earned him his position supervising doorways to great prisons. Others claim that his rebellious nature and constant drive of justice made him a candidate for the job for ensuring a lack of corruption and making sure the guilty remained inside.”

Another very accurate parallel to what we know about Dragon, he hates the corrupt WG he has his own sense of justice, hence he is trying to overthrow the horrible govt. About the prison guarding, that could be something else, but best save that for potentially another theory.



Here is where i was convinced.

In the story, Ya-Zi is fed up with how his brother runs the prisons and plans to overthrow him, he strands his brother Chi-Wen on an island and leaves him to starve, he then goes back and challenges Bi-An. They are equally matched and fight till a standstill. However, Chi-Wen returns with the aid of a strange human that helped him. With Chi-Wen’s aid, Bi-An manages to defeat Ya-Zi and put him in the prison for a long time.

Bi-An vs Ya-Zi


That concludes this particular story. (There are other myths based around the other 7 dragons.)

Here is what i think is going to happen. Both Dragon and Kaido have devil fruit based off individual dragons from Taoist mythology, Momonosuke has the cloud rider dragon fruit of Chi-Wen (Artificial) Kaido has the darkness rider fruit of Ya-Zi (real) and Dragon has the fire rider fruit of Bi-An. I think that Dragon will be attacked by Kaido after (or perhaps during) the fight with Blackbeard (its also possible Dragon avoids that fight altogether) in order to take over some of the land and powerful prisoners that the revolutionary army has in their possession, they will engage Kaido to a standstill until the LufLaw alliance attacks Kaido, giving the revs the opportunity to take him down.

One loophole would be the REAL Chi-Wen fruit user, one thing i thought off was that he could be either Raizou or the Shogun of Wano. It would be fitting if Shogun was actually his father (alpha2late17 theory) and he had the real Chi-Wen fruit. Also, if in the unlikely event this comes true, i’ll start on a theory for the other 6 dragons immediately.

This is probably my biggest theory and i put a lot of work into it, so plz don’t rip me apart ;(
Thanks for reading. ;D

*Theory by AnimeTheoriesHQ

One Piece AMV – All or Nothing | Zoro’s Time Skip



Scratchmen Apoo, Urouge, Basil Hawkins & X Drake Historical Connections


Sir John Hawkins: Son of a extremely wealthy ship builder,Privateer in the Elizabethan era. English shipbuilder, naval administrator and commander, merchant, spy, navigator, pirate and slave trader. Often sailed with his second cousin Sir Francis Drake, waged battles against his arch enemy Sancho Pardo Donlebun with Drake, suberb naval strategist. Led many battles against the Spanish. Created a new faster warship. The first English trader to trade with the New World. Hawkins died at sea off Puerto Rico

Sir Francis Drake: Privateer in the Elizabethan era. Was the eldest of 12 sons. Prowled the shipping lanes of the coast of France. Did the first circumpolar navigation, sailed often with his second cousin Sir John Hawkins. Has a deep hatred for the Spanish after some of his men were killed in a Mexican town. Sailed on the Golden Hind and plundered Spanish Shipping off the coast of South America Died of the coast of Puerto Rico

Aruj: Born in 1473 on the island of Lesbos. Was one in four brothers all were also privateers. Was a privateer before he became ruler of Algiers, was captrued and made a slave by the King of Islands of Rhodes, eventually escaping. Was known for attaching sails to canons and riding across the desert. Was killed in battle against the Spainards.

Chui A-Poo: A notorious Chinese pirate in 19th century, commanded more than 50 boats, made his base in the South China Sea. After brutally murdering 2 English officers, he was hunted down and sentenced to exile to Tasmania but hung himself first.

*by elizabethober