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This is a very short theory.

We’ve all noticed Zoro’s injury in his left eye:


I’ve read theories from being an eye sealing a demon all the way to sharingan (Yep, despite it being obviously the wrong manga for this theory lol), but I think about something more simple.

What if Zoro’s power is far beyond what we’ve seen so far? And the only way for him to train his instincts and give him some sort of competition is by only using one eye?
Yep, I think that he cut around his left eye as a reminder not to open it unless he has too.
It also makes sense, so far, through the New World, he has yet to break a sweat, he is yet to be at his limits.
I think his true powers and abilities will be revealed probably at Wano, it is quite a consensus that Wano will be Zoro’s arc, and there he might meet powerful Swordsmen, and he’ll have to use everything he got.
It will be interesting to see Zoro giving all he can.
He will probably be far far quicker than he is now, I mean, in terms of brute force- not using one eye has no influence on that- but it probably restrains the speed by a lot and also forces him to rely more on his instincs and CoO Haki, as his left side is a blind spot.

So yeah, I know, quite basic, it’s just some random idea I had now.
What do you guys think?

*All rights reserved to Jewish Kaizoku


In this theory i’ll be discussing the return of the former agents of Cipher Pol 9.


Last time we saw CP9 was during their cover story adventure.

They became outlaws to the WG due to Spandam’s lies


CP9 developed a true sense of companionship when on the run. The other members went of their way to save Lucci when they really didn’t have to.


They fought their pursuers Very Good and other marines and left on a battleship.


AFTER Rob Lucci told Spandam “Someday we shall return.”


Now the question is, where are they now? The former CP9 agents, well at least Lucci, Kaku and Jyabura, are apart of Kaidou’s crew.

When fans first started to say this, it really annoyed me. Almost as much as the theories of Dragon being or having the Uranus. Lucci n’ company being under Kaidou was in a way too obvious and “uninspired,” with them being zoan and all, but it started to become plausible the more I thought about it.

Remember Kuzan line on Punk Hazard? And I quote “I can pursue justice without the veil of the marines. They say the grass is greener on the other side. In my case its actually true.” Its the same for CP9 and guess what? They are in an alliance with this guy:

“Red Flag” X. Drake


Like CP9, Drake is no longer with the WG. Like the top 3 CP9, Drake is a zoan. Like CP9, Drake is pursuing his own justice on the greener side. Like CP9, Drake left the WG with a battleship.

Why would Drake and Lucci work together?
Because they are both pursuing justice for the better of the world and their positions are quite similar. Both of them are criminals to the WG. CP9’s esteem for the WG was already butchered since the WG could be fooled by an idiot like Spandam and don’t forget….


Lucci still fights pirates even after he was betrayed by the WG. The destruction of pirates/criminals is Rob Lucci’s justice. Drake is after Kaidou because he is shipping weapons to the WG in exchange for SMILE. If Drake told CP9 that they will definitely help him.

Drake and CP9’s plan is already in motion; infiltrate Kaidou’s ranks and kill him. Don’t forget that CP9’s specialty is infiltration and assassination.

Drake has already made it into Kaidou’s ranks but he was assigned to guard duty away from Kaidou’s base. Its quite difficult to get reliable info on the main your trying to kill when your not even around him nor his top officers that much. That’s where Rob Lucci comes in and he’s made better progress than Drake.

Rob Lucci is Kaidou’s underworld broker representative.


Take a look a this panel with the brokers.


Big Mam’s represnetatives are obviously Pekoms and Tamago. The guy at the bottom right is Blackbeard’s representatives Avolo Pizzaro. Shanks doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be interested in the underworld so that’s eaves Kaidou. Kaidou is a key figure in the underworld so surely he has a representative too. It is Rob Lucci. Whatever this “league” is I do not know, but he wants the info of Caesar being captured by Law-Luffy alliance to be known because its too big to be covered up in the underground and he’s still trying to lower damage caused by pirates. That’s how the Luffy-Law alliance became public news in less than a day.

Make no mistake, Lucci is still a blood-thirsty wildcat:


Because of Lucci’s intimidating reputation and aura, his brutal and blood thirsty nature and his unparalled ability to follow orders without fail, it’ll be no surprise to me if Lucci is one of Kaidou’s favorites since Kaidou himself is all about intimidation and power. Lucci is currently buying his time and waiting for the PERFECT chance to strike because one slip up means certain death.

After Kaidou’s defeat, CP9 along with Drake will join the Revolutionary Army. Drake is a given but CP9? Once they learn that Kaidou’s army only came to be because of the WG supplying him with SMILE, they won’t be pleased. The WG wants criminals so that they can pretend to be justice. As long as there are outlaws, the WG has a steady source of income.

CP9 will come to the conclusion that as long as the current WG exist, there will be no shortage of criminals. They will join the Revolutionaries with the goal of bringing down the WG to spread real justice.

As revolutionaries, they will teach Sanji and Smoker the Rokushiki technigues. As revolutionaries, they will reconcile with Nico Robin and act as her bodyguards when she discovers some parts of the history. As revolutionaries, they will help Franky and Galley-La company create the Pluton for the final war.


*Theory by Vandenreich

The Three Great Weapons & One Piece Universe Theory


We know the name of the three great weapons, and they are:

1) Pluton 2) Poseidon 3) Uranus

It’s been confirmed that Pluton is a ship and Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess, but Uranus is up-in-the-air as it were, and that is the main point I wanted to talk about.

To give a brief history of these mythological gods:

  • Pluton (or Pluto) is the god of death. To traverse his domain, one needs to ride with Charon on the river Styx to get to the judgement place. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
  • Poseidon is the god of the sea. He rules all things in the water, can communicate with all forms of creatures there, and in general is just the most powerful being in the sea. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
  • Uranus, along with Gaea, is the creator of the world. He was overthrown by his children, the Titans (mostly because he hated them) in collusion with their other brothers, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. After he was castrated, the world was filled with all manner of creatures, the Giants, the Furies, etc. He is NOT one of the three great god brothers, but their ancestor.

Now, the last part should be a bit odd, because it doesn’t fit into the theme of the weapons being named after the god brothers and each having their own domain: Zeus controls the skies, Poseidon controls the seas, and Pluton controls the underworld. This is an important point, however, since the domains are STILL split up:

  • Uranus is the Sky
  • Poseidon rules the Seas
  • Pluton rules the Underworld

And so, to connect this to One Piece, we have to consider certain aspects of this:

  • Pluton is a large Ship that can destroy Islands.
  • Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess who controls the Sea Kings and all creatures below it.
  • Uranus is ?

Pluton and Poseidon have clear, direct parallels to their Greek roots, so on that basis I think Uranus must also have the same roots in Greek mythology.

I also want to take note, that Pluton was essentially created on an island in the Grand Line and Poseidon was a power that manifested in the Mermaid Princess, and both of these are powers that existed in their respective realms (i.e. the realms Greek mythology would have them exist). On that important note, I think Uranus is in one of the Sky Islands.

Another thing to note, is that Uranus mixing with Gaea lead to the creation of all the exotic creatures in the world. However, in the One Piece universe, we don’t have too many nuanced creatures besides Giants. Except, its not realistic for the power of Uranus to be “control the Giants” because that contradicts Uranus’ personality: he hated all his own offspring.

So here’s my theory on Uranus, and in extension, where Raftel is, why no one has ever reached there besides Gol D Roger, and why the World Government was able to overthrow the previous civilization:

DISCLAIMER: at a certain point, this will obviously become guesstimates because the future parts are contingent on the previous parts happening which could also not happen

  • Uranus is not a ship, or person, or anything like that, but is actually a tree in one of the Sky Islands which “drops” the Devil Fruits onto either the ground or on one of the lower Sky Islands. It is the highest Sky Island, from that logic, so it can “drop” its fruits anywhere. This is supported by a small point:

All the devil fruits in the world have been accounted for.

This is, from a logical perspective, an impossible thing to catalog. Even if you got all the devil fruit users named, how do you know that there aren’t other devil fruits available that no one has ever been able to arrive at? The only way to do that is if you knew the total amount of fruits a priori (before the fact).

  • And this is the part where I guess that the Sky Island Uranus is on is actually called Raftel.

This might seem totally random, but I actually have a reason for this:

Sky Islands are remarkably hard to arrive at, not just for the route to get there but because even getting the Sky Island on your map requires A LOT OF LUCK. Think about Luffy getting on Skypiea: this feat was just pure luck that his compass started to point up. This normally never happens, which is why we didn’t see other pirates on Skypiea besides the people who already lived there, because it just so hard to get there. If Raftel was on the sea, then why wouldn’t some person just randomly get Raftel as their next destination point? It only seems logical that when people normally do get Raftel in their destination point, it seems like their compass is just dead.

Which, also being a pure guess, gets me the next point:

  • Raftel is an Island that moves.

If Raftel were just a Sky Island that stayed put, it would be easy for some people who did get Raftel on their maps to consider Raftel a Sky Island and go there and find Gol D Roger’s treasure. This hasn’t happened, so Raftel must have another layer of complexity the likes which has never been seen. Additionally, because Devil Fruits can be found anywhere, Raftel must be floating if Uranus is on it so that Devil Fruits can be found anywhere.

Additionally, from all this, the treasure that Gol D Roger held was not a huge pile of booty. I can only assume this, because no major pirate or the Marines (who have the infrastructure) have been randomly digging in any of the islands. Not a single person, in fact, has been shown “treasure hunting.” For instance, what if Luffy found out that One Piece, the treasure, was in Log Town? That would be crazy stupid, because you actually would never have had to cross the Grand Line to find One Piece. People assume that One Piece should be very difficult to get to, but what if it was just a simple place to be? Additionally, how much wealth would really be in One Piece? Let’s say One Piece was worth 10 Billion Beri. Well, who wouldn’t have noticed Gol D Roger depositing large amounts of treasure onto an island that he stayed on for a while? Shanks and Buggy would surely have known about the treasure of One Piece and Buggy would definitely have taken a part of the treasure for himself after Roger died. But Buggy didn’t, in fact, Buggy doesn’t give two shits about finding One Piece, and I can only find a reason for that if:

  • One Piece isn’t the name of the treasure he had, but it is the name of the PAST CIVILIZATION found in the poneglyphs.

That’s the only sensible way that Gol D Roger would have found both the True History and also One Piece on the same journey.

  • This next prediction has no rhyme or reason, but it is my guess as to how the World Government toppled “One Piece”: the World Government used Haki to defend against the Devil Fruit Users, they sent Posiedon to the seas also through Haki and Devil Fruits they had, and forced Pluton away by using a combination of Devil Fruits and Haki users.

*Theory by Manlymysteriousman


This is a theory about the origins of Akainu and Kizaru.

-The toughest but the slowest
-Motto: For the Government
-The most versatile but least durable
-Motto: For the People
-Fastest but most exploitable
-Motto: For Me(monkeys are known to do tricks and favors in exchange for food. Kizaru’s “food” is money so he works for the WG without question in return)

As you know, the original 3 admirals were a logia trio. I’ve always found that to be too coincidental.


Especially since they were logias as VAs(assuming with Akainu of course)


We know that non-df users are given the option of eating a df when they become an admiral, but I believe that Sakazuki, Kuzan and Borsalino were special/unigue and were given logia DFs because of that. Once again, I say this I because I find to strange that these 3 guys suddenly found 3 of the most powerful DFs in existence and are on the same side.

If you read the theory about Aokiji’s past, you’d know that it was Garp who influenced him to become a marine. That in a way made Aokiji special. Even as VA, Jaguar D. Saul who was a fellow VA, said Kuzan was especially strong.

In this pic, you can all the admirals as children. To me, it reveals a lot about their backgrounds.


The 3 admirals come from very different backgrounds as you can see.

“Kizaru” Borsalino
Name Trivia: Borsalino is the name of a hat company famous for its fedoras. Remember Borsalino’s fedora as a VA?


Kizaru is by far the least raggedy-looking of the admirals. In fact, he is isn’t raggedy at all and looks rather…clean. He has books, a candle lamp, a desk and most of all he’s happy and writing. He really doesn’t look poor.


As a recruit, Kizaru didn’t wear the proper uniform.


The most confusing thing about Kizaru is his personality itself. He told Basil Hawkins that he can’t let a bounty like him get away, he got upset when he was ignored, he is quite brutal, rather humorously calls his opponents scary and is just laid back in general as f he takes nothing seriously. Its quite difficult to figure him out right? Remember what I said earlier though?

-Fastest but most exploitable
-Motto: For Me(monkeys are known to do tricks and favors in exchange for food. Kizaru’s “food” is money so he works for the WG without question in return)

Kizaru is simply a nonchalant person. He doesn’t care about pirates or the WG per say but he faithfully follows his orders simply because its his job. He is very professional that way. Remember whne I said Kizaru’s real name is that of a company? A company is a business and Kizaru is quite the businessman.

Now lets get to Kizaru’s origin. He was born in the City of Marineford. How does that make him unique? He lived with Sengoku when he was younger. We know Sengoku takes in abandoned kids(as seen with Rosinate) and Kizaru’s dialogue with Sengoku made me wonder but I could be overthinking things.


Since he lived in the City of Marineford and was ‘raised” by Sengoku, Kizaru was exceptionally strong the WG gave him a logia and saw a lot of promise in him.


“Akainu” Sakazuki
Name Trivia: Sakazuki is a yakuza ceremony when the new comer becomes known with the Father and drinks sake with him.


As a kid, Akainu was a mess. He looks pissed, is holding a knife and is covered in blood.


Doesn’t Akainu remind you of someone else as a kid?


As a child, Law wanted the whole world to burn and has no qualms with killing anyone. He even tried to murder Corazon with a knife. Akainu was the same way but instead of being angry at the world, Akainu hated pirates with a passion. Whatever happened, I say pirates/criminals took everything from Akainu and he fought and killed pirates on a regular. He made a name of himself and it caught the attention of these guys….


Its the reason why Akainu’s and the Gorosei’s political ideologies are similar. The Gorosei quickly gave Akainu the Magu Magu no mi cause he was exceptionally strong in his younger years.


Know Gorosei Gandhi with the swords? He wears a typical Japanese robe(forgot the real name). Akainu has a Japanese pine tree that he takes cares of.


Jinbe also said that it has the higher ups of the WG that supported Akainu. The highest political power in the WG are the Gorosei. Sengoku told the Commander-in-Chief that he recommended Aokiji and the only person higher than Kong are the Gorosei. Hell, Akainu even directly went to the Gorosei to discuss Doflamingo’s position.


*Theory by Vandenreich

Theory of the Next Arcs and the End

I think my theory about the end of one piece is more close then any other theories. It is based on watching one piece 4 times and reading its manga. There are some holes in my theory just like in other theories. But read it from big picture view of one piece and I’m sure you’ll love it.
There are four emperors in one piece who are most powerful pirates and after them there are warlords. In navy there are admirals who are pretty powerful too. So they all have to lose somehow and I’ll tell you how will it happen.


Luffy is fighting doflamingo now and he is about to win against him. After he beats doflamingo there will be no more warlords to beat for him because he beat some of them already and others are his friends except one whose identity is unknown right now. Well it doesn’t make much of a difference.

So he dealt with all warlords and about to destroy doflamingo and when that happen kaido will be pretty pissed with him since he also stops production of smiles thus stops him from creating his army of zoan type.
After defeating doflamingo luffy will gain some new friends and some new allies too.
So after this arc I think luffy will head for zou island to fight with kaido. There he’ll meet his friends and law’s crew and also I think he will form an alliance with drake too since he wants to destroy kaido.
After all that he’ll fight kaido and by that time I’m guessing that zinbe will also join his crew. Drake, law and his crew will fight against kaido and and his crew and somehow luffy alone will end up fighting him and I think he’ll use gear 5 there to win that fight because I don’t think gear 4 will be enough.


Somehow they will defeat kaido and the news will reach to all the world but kid will find out before that somehow that straw hat is going to fight kaido so I think he’ll fight big mom with his pirate alliance and he’ll somehow defeat her.


After 2 of the emperors defeated the world will know luffy and kid’s power and I think they will face each other but I can’t say when because I can’t think of a best time for them to fight. But they will fight each other since there ideals don’t match and they both want to be the king of the pirates.
Before luffy can meet shanks I think shanks and blackbeard will end up fighting and I think dracule mihawk will fight with shanks against blackbeard pirates. Somehow shanks(red-haired pirates) will lose that fight and I think some of them will die I can’t say what will happen to red haired pirates exactly after their defeat.


The news will reach luffy and he’ll get more angry at blackbeard for doing that and he’ll go to fight him. Before he could reach bleckbeard I think that marines will try to block his path so he’ll fight them too.
But I don’t think that there fight will be to end because they will be stopped by revolutionary army and dragon will fight marines while straw hat pirates will fight against blackbeard pirates.


When straw hats were fighting BB pirates then the whitebeard pirates will show and join the fight against BB pirates and support luffy. Marines will lose to revolutionary army and bleckbeard will lose against luffy. After that luffy will become the most powerful man and gain fame.
When all these fighting finally ends then he will reach raftel somehow and met one more crew member of rogers crew. There they will find out about void century and one piece. Luffy will find a good reason to destroy the red line and will destroy it. Doing so he’ll make the whole world connected by one giant sea and sanji will find his all blue since all the four seas meet together now and brook will meet laboon.
Since luffy did all that he’ll become pirate king and the most free and wanted men on sea. So everyone’s dream will be complete and thousand sunny will be the ship that sail through out all the seas.

*Theory by Sunil Dewna


Iv’e already seen some theories regarding Lucky Roo’s powers, some of them are so original and strange that say he can control time! That’s really OP right? Well after thinking and research I’ve come up with something more basic, but works perfectly with every piece of information we have!

First of all, you all know who Lucky Roo is, one of Yonko Shanks’ most important men? Well you must know if you are reading this so I don’t think I have to explain that, forgive me for my laziness.


So, what’s the mystery?
Mystery 1: During Romance Dawn, we see one of Higuma’s men pointing a gun at Shanks’ head, then after Shanks warns him suddenly Lucky Roo appears and shoots him. Now here’s the question, how can a big man like that go there that quickly without being noticed?


Mystery 2: Despite the fact that they fought Kaido just hours before so, the Red Hair Pirates literally just appear at Marineford.


So now, before answering what his powers are, I must show you what his inspiration is:
I noticed several things in order to find it out:
His name, how quick he is, and the fact that Oda is a fan of Westerns.
Well, I think he is based on that guy:


If you don’t recognize him- then I’ll tell you this character is Lucky Luke, he is said to be the quickest shooter in the West, even quicker than his own shadow (Literally being quicker than light then):


So, here are the answers to the three reasons I listed above:
1. Name: Lucky Roo vs. Lucky Luke, note that in Japanese there’s no L so they would pronounce it Rook, notice the similarity?
2. Speed: Lucky Roo is shown to appear literally in an instant, Lucky Luke is quicker than his own shadow
3. Oda: Lucky Luke is a very famous Cowboy character, it makes sense that a Western lover like Oda would know him and take inspiration from him.

So, here’s what I think Lucky Roo’s powers are:
The Tere Tere no Mi (Teleport Teleport Fruit), Teleportation is quicker than the speed of light since it is literally disappearing and appearing somewhere else in the same instant.

I think that the fruit has some range, but you can teleport yourself, and everything you grab/touch, that would explain his sudden appearance near Higuma’s man, and it means that he might have teleported the Red-Hair’s entire ship quickly, therefore reaching Marineford in an impossible amount of time.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku


We all know Bartolomeo as the guy who just fanboys on Luffy and Strawhats in this ongoing Dressrosa Arc.


But there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Bartolomeo started idolizing the Strawhats when he saw Luffy in Lougetown, since then he dreamt of being a pirate and ultimately sailing after 2 years in which he acquired a notable bounty and a reputation where people named him as “Cannibal” because of his cruelness and trollish attitude.


But what is the other reason Bartolomeo actually went out to sea aside from meeting Luffy?

It’s because Bartolomeo had been looking for his father, this guy:

Devil Dias.


Yes, Bartolomeo had been looking for his father never knowing that his father got killed by Tenryuubito, and that his father had been a slave all along.

I’ll assume that the briefcase Bartolomeo was holding was actually the things he want to give to his father.


But after hearing the death of his father from Sabo and Koala, Bartolomeo would ultimately make a decision and stop following Luffy for a bigger cause.

Bartolomeo will join the Revolutionary Army.

*Theory created by beck26


1. Zoro as the vice captain has given his comment or approval regarding other strawhats, EXCEPT SANJI. Since Luffy and Zoro are the first two member of the strawhats, it seems normal that Zoro will always be there when other strawhats are recruited. But in Sanji’s case, Zoro was away following Nami.

2. Every strawhats has their picture seen by the world, EXCEPT SANJI.
I am talking about their bounty poster.


3. We know that every strawhats has lost somebody important in their life, EXCEPT SANJI.
Luffy lost Sabo(returned) and Ace.
Zoro lost Kuina.
Usopp, Robin, and Nami lost their mother.
Franky lost Tom.
Brook lost his captain, then his crew.
Chopper lost Dr. Hiluluk.
In fact, in his flashback instead of losing somebody, Sanji actually got a new friend (Zeff).

4. Every strawhats has once left the crew, or fought a member of the crew, EXCEPT SANJI.
Zoro was going to be killed by Luffy in Whiskey Peak (Chapter 112).


Nami and Robin temporarily left the crew.
Usopp and Franky fought Luffy.
Chopper was forced to left the crew by Foxy.


Brook fought Zoro, actually Brook’s shadow(Ryuma) fought Zoro.
Luffy fought himself (Chapter 478 – Luffy versus Luffy).

5. Every strawhats has devil fruit ability or weapon, EXCEPT SANJI.
Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook have their df abilities.
Zoro has his swords.
Nami has her clima tact.
Usopp has his kabuto.
Franky is actually a weapon himself.
Not only lack of weapon or df ability, in fact Sanji restricted himself in using his hand.

So let me tell you my theory regarding these 5 anomalies.

In the future there will be a big incident that remove those anomalies. In other words, Oda has prepared an amazing story to make Sanji’s character follow the pattern. Lets talk about the pattern one by one.

1. Sanji will temporarily leave the crew, and here Zoro again will give an amazing advice or speech about it. And when Sani comes back, Zoro will give his proper approval. But what could be the reason for Sanji to leave the crew?

2. Sanji will get his proper photograph for his bounty poster, and that is when his parents will recognize the existence of their long lost child and will try ask Sanji to come back. But who are Sanji’s parents?

3. Or maybe Sanji actually has lost one of his parents, or his brother, or his sister. Then for some reason he decided to runaway or to take revenge by sneaking to Orbit.


We have seen many times Sanji sneaking to follow his instinct.
Sanji was sneaking to Maxim to rescue Nami.
Sanji was sneaking to Puffing Tom to rescue Robin.
Maybe at the momet while Thousand Sunny is heading to Zou, Sanji is sneaking to Big Mom’s ship. :D
Maybe in the future the strawhats will encounter Orbit and that is when the strawhats learn Sanji’s true identitiy. But what is his true identitiy?

4. Not only he will leave the crew, Sanji will have his proper fight with Zoro.

So, many people has been talking about Sanji being actually a prince of some kingdom since Oda has foreshadowed it by giving him alias as Mr. Prince.
Also, Zoro has actually mentioned that Sanji looks like a prince.


Notice the ball in his head, it looks like the ball in Inuppe’s head (Zombie who owned Sanji’s shadow).


5. For his ability. There are two possibilities.
the first one is, Sanji might get a devil fruit ability, which enhance his kicking ability. Logia maybe, or Bellamy’s fruit, or actually his dream fruit (Absalom’s fruit). I prefer the second possibility, Sanji will get a weapon, which is a metal boots since he need an armor to cover his leg. Or shoes to enhance his kicking ability, similar to Detective Conan’s shoes, LOL.

Or maybe he will lose one of his leg, and Franky will give Sanji a prosthetic robotic leg (super awesome).
In fact in early concept of strawhats character, somebody has got a prosthetic robotic leg.


And it will be funny when Sanji finally meet Zeff again. Zeff will laugh and tell Sanji “so you follow my style huh” since we know Zeff actually got a prostetic leg himself.

Lastly, since we are talking about Sanji. I want to point out that Strawhats might not need to have a giant in their crew to figh Sanjuan Wolf, because we have Sanji. Oda himself has foreshadowed that Sanji will fight Sanjuan Wolf 3 times.
1. The first 4 letters of their name are same, so Sanji versus Sanju.
2. Sanji has the experience of fighting a super huge giant (Wadatsumi).
3. They actually have the same birthday (second of march).

*Theory created by gaimon


This is a simple theory quickie.

Kaidou is called “The Worlds Strongest Creature” so we can assume that he isn’t human. The are many races in the OP world but the race I think Kaidou belongs to are the minkmen just like Bepo the bear and Pekoms the lion.

What kind of talking animal you say? A Monkey. Yes people. Kaidou is a monkey minkman and for good reason.

So far, we only have these silhouttes of Kaidou.


From these, you can tell Kaidou has a long/big/pointy nose. There are actually monkeys with big noses.


Know all those theories of Kaidou being based off Napoleon and being short? Well monkeys are short.

Many theories have claimed that Kaidou is Chinese and that supports my claim of Kaidou’s appearance as monkeys are very important animals in Chinese culture and mythology. In one of my latest theories, I said Chinese monkey statues are used to ward of demons and Luffy’s alliance resemble a “Night Parade of a Hundred Demons.”

Did you guys know that Monkey D. Luffy’s personality is based off Sun Wukong the monkey king in Chinese Buddhism? Sun Wukong was known as a troublemaker and he beat a dragon and Kaidou is a dragon zoan. It is common for OP villains to be meet with great irony and Kaidou, a real monkey, being beaten by Luffy is very ironic and symbolic.

Lastly, Kaidou is the ONLY yonkou whom we have not seen AND got hype. With the other yonko, we’ve seen them and we know how menacing they are based on their presence/appearance. With Kaidou, his hype is strengthened through the words of others. With this, I can say Kaidou will look RIDICULOUS. A good contrast to the other menacing looking yonkou. Just imaging a monkey-dragon hybrid. Kaku 2.0.

*Theory by Vandenreich



Everyone after watching/reading the PH arc was complaining about how weak Smoker is compared to preTS Smoker and Luffy. How Luffy went ahead of him.
All this is true. However, I believe it all had a reason and PH played a very important role towards strengthening Smoker.
Lets get to it:

  • The enitire PH arc was meant to be a wake up call for Smoker.
  • He used to be stronger than Luffy but Luffy surpassed him during the TS.
  • Luffy had 3 main wake up calls during preTS that made his see his weakenesses and train hard to be where he is rite now ie:
    1. Aokiji encountre. He wasnt strong enough to defeat his enemy. He also thought he could take on anyone and everyone.
    2. Kizaru and Sentomru in Sabody. He couldnt protect his dream ie he needs to be alive, not in prison and have his crew to be the PK.
    3. Ace’s death. He couldnt protect someone precious to him ie Ace.
  • PH arc was meant to show Smoker that he is weak and needs to step up his game. Luffy, Law and Vergo who are in his league clearly outclass him @ the moment.
  • Just like Luffy had 3 major eye opening experiences, Smoker also had them in PH ie:
    1. He got defeated by Law and had to beg for his life from a pirate(Law).
    2. He had to fight Vergo who clearly whopped him. He saw the injustice in the marine and was unable to do anything about it since he lacked the strength. He had to depend on a pirate, the scum of the earth, to fight his battle for him.
    3. He had to fight DD who was beyond his level and almost killed him and his crew.
  • All these scenarios showed Smoker that:
    1. He wasnt strong enough to defeat his enemies and He also thought he could take on anyone and everyone. (Law, Vergo and DD)
    2. He coudlnt protect his dream (couldnt stop the injustice and corruption)
    3. He couldnt protect those precious to him ie his crew(against DD and to some extend CC and Vergo)

This experience will make Smoker stronger:

  • The fact that Luffy went ahead to him will fuel his drive and motivate Smoker to train harder.
  • His willpower will be strengthen and his determination to achieve is dream will also be strengthened.
  • He was already stronger than Luffy preTS, so after this the next tym he is shown he will be on Luffy’s lvl.

Therefore Everything that happened in PH was neccessary for Smoker to grow stronger.

*Theory by BossYimz