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Zoro leaving the SH crew has been brought up from time to time, but never have I agreed with any of it because it just seemed….unlikely. Like what is the point of Zoro leaving? After re-reading a couple opf chapters, I came to the realization that Zoro defect is highly plausible. So much so that I think his defection has foreshadowed for a while. Everything I found has led me to believe that Zoro and Luffy will have a fallout in Zou. Why in Zou?
Because that is where the grave of Ace is located. Things are bound to get emotional and Luffy and Zoro has some flaws that might lead to a fallout.

Luffy vs Zoro


Chapter 112-113 for those who don’t know. As you can obviously tell by the scans, Zoro beat up 100 people at Whiskey Peak because he discovered they were assassins. Angry, Luffy attacked Zoro out of the blue without even listening to Zoro’s side of the story. Even when Zoro was finally able to tell Luffy the truth, Luffy said he was a lair because “people who feed you aren’t bad.” Luffy was dead serious about brutally assaulting his own crew member over a simple misunderstanding. Luffy is lucky Zoro didn’t defect then because of his naïve and unreasonable thinking. Luffy was entirely at fault.

Luffy vs Usopp

[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


The theme of Water 7 and Enies Lobby is leadership. Water 7 shows that Luffy is somewhat of a poor leader as he couldn’t even calm a dispute. In fact, Luffy made it worse. Usopp was visibly upset and in denial about the Merry but instead of taking things slow and come to some kind of agreement, Luffy kept adding salt on Usopp’s wounds by saying that the Merry is dead, that there is nothing Usopp can do and that he should leave if he doesn’t agree with his captain. The last part is something Luffy should’ve never said as it drove Usopp to leave the crew and challenge Luffy to a fight. Luffy pretty much told Usopp “The Merry is going to die and you are powerless to stop it. If you have a problem with that then get the hell of my ship.” However, Usopp was more at fault because he knew all along that the Merry was done for but yelled at Luffy anyways because he couldn’t let go.

Zoro in Water 7


Zoro here explained that there is respect and dignity that comes with being a captain. A crew who’s captain has lost his dignity will surely collapse. Zoro directly that if Luffy continues to humiliate himself, then he will be the next to leave the crew. Power, respect, pride and dignity is what makes a pirate captain. Of course the crew members respect their captain but at the same time, the captain should respect and appreciate his crew members’ dignity in return.

Zoro also believes Luffy is too careless.



Zoro isn’t necessarily wrong……

Luffy vs Bellamy


The reason I bring up Luffy’s naivety and carelessness is because that might be brought up in their dispute.

Of course its not like Zoro’s any better with emotion. His seemingly uncaring nature makes him come off as insensitive or harsh.

What can we conclude with everything I’ve said so far? That not only is Luffy naive and careless, when emotional, he says anything and everything and is prone to getting violent. Zoro is too serious and harsh.

In Zou, Luffy may get sentimental at Ace’s grave and Zoro may something that Luffy misinterpts as insensitive and gets pissed off. As things get heated up, Luffy may say something unforgivable. For me, I think Luffy may spit on Zoro’s dignity and pride by saying something like “What have you sacrificed!? What have you lost!!” Zoro sacrificed his pride, self respect and dignity but bowing his head and begging his greatest enemy for power all for Luffy’s sake. What Luffy just said is unforgivable and he just destroyed some of his own repsect and dignity. Luffy just humiliated. Tired of Luffy’s carelessness, Zoro will leave the crew and of course, everyone else will be devastated. Luffy will be the one mainly at fault. Zoro is the SH who is closest to Luffy and that is exactly why he left. The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to hurt them. No matter how close you are to someone, there are some things you should NEVER do or say.

Zoro will become a SHs again of course but that won’t be until after Kaidou is beaten. In the meantime, Zoro will decide to go after Kaidou by himself. Kaidou is a dragon zoan and Zoro is represented by the tiger. In Japan, the only crrature that can stand equally with the dragon is the tiger. Not saying Zoro will beat Kaidou, but Zoro will save Wano from his forces and will become Wano’s gratest hero. In the meantime, Luffy’s experience with Zoro will cause him to become more serious and when Kaidou is beaten, both will have a heartfelt reunion and apology.

*Theory by Vandenreich


So, we have gears 1st (normal Luffy), 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Each one is based off of a car, somehow. Obviously the names are from the gears of a car, but what about the functions?

2nd: Engine
3rd: Tires
4th: Air bag

There are some other things they have in common, too. They each have similarities to rokushiki techniques, but grant more than just the technique.

2nd: He moves faster than your average soru, and he doesn’t just speed up his legs.
3rd: Hardens a part of his body to use for defense and offense, as well as swelling it, more than what tekkai can do.
4th: Makes him bouncy, boosts the speed and damage of his punches, and grants him a geppou like ability.

Another similarity is that they all are based off of a bodily system.

2nd: Cardiovascular
3rd: Skeletal
4th: Muscular.

Finally, they all have an effect similar to one of the abilities of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

2nd: Wukong was extraordinarily fast
3rd: Wukong would transform his individual hairs to change their shape.
4th: Wukong possessed special boots that allowed him to fly via walking on clouds, like Momonosuke.

So, what does this mean? Gear 5th will be based off of a car part and it will grant a rokushiki technique, with added effects. It uses a bodily system and is based off one of Sun Wukong’s abilities So, what do I think will combine all of these into one ability?

Luffy will use his nervous system to take full control over his body. So, how does this fit into each pattern?

Car part: Gear 5th demonstrates the customization options of a cars shape and exterior.
Rokushiki: It would allow the user to sense when something touches them, granting a kami-e effect.
Body system: Nervous system, which is used in movement and sensing.
Wukong’s ability: Wukong can shape shift, but he can’t change his tail. Luffy could utilize his rubber capabilities to change shape, but not color so he would have a tell if it was him, like Wukong’s tail.

So, how exactly does this work? Luffy extends his nervous system and takes full control of it. This grants him heightened senses, kami-e, and the ability to manipulate every cell individually due to stretching, to shape shift.

So, how about Gear Reverse? I believe that due to the different name type of Gear Reverse, the source of power is different. It doesn’t rely on Luffy’s body, it relies on the Fruit’s power. Gear Reverse is Luffy’s awakening. So, what is this awakening?

In Gear Reverse, Luffy can apply the properties of rubber to other objects. It sounds like an intelligent power and therefor mot Luffy’s style, but remember, Luffy was smart enough to develop all 3 of his current gear techniques on his own. He’s not stupid when he needs to be smart.

So, how would Luffy use this? Simple, it’s already been forshadowed. When the ASL trio were kids, what did they use? Steel pipes. So, what would this mean? When they grew up, Ace ditched the pipes for his own style. Sabo uses the pipe as a signature weapon in combat. So, Luffy would be an in between. He would use the pipe to boost some techniques, but he wouldn’t require it in combat. He would be a blend, he can use it or not use it.

So, how would the awakening affect the pipe? Luffy can make the pipe stretch to change its size from very small to very large, allowing for very versatile combat. Now, let’s look at the gear pattern.

Car part: seat. Does not make the car run, but it makes the car better. Not an essential, but also very customizable in size and shape.
Rokushiki: Luffy could slash with his staff weapon and make rankyaku effects of all sizes. He could also stab with the staff for a shigan effect.
System: Awakening, N/A
Sun Wukong: Wukong had a staff that could change size at will. It could also be manipulated at will by Wukong

*Theory by Sontaran Gaming



Just a short thread, if you guys noticed, among all the people that was shown in this chapter, only 3 groups are in a “ship”

Garp’s group, Smoker’s group and Capone’s group.

Now, I believe Tsuru is going after Drake, so they would show up later.

I want to talk about Sanji’s team., because I believe its going to be revealed on next chapter.

Capone’s group, i’m almost positive he allied with Big Mom, and he said the line “our friends…they are doing pretty good aren’t they?”

In mafias, “friends” meant enemies, and Capone seemed sarcastic.

So from what I took out of it, it seems that Capone is on his way to assist Pekoms and Tamago in sinking Sanji’s team, probably because Sanji is putting up a decent fight.

So I believe Sanji would be overwhelmed by 2 groups and that’s where Smoker and Tashigi comes in, if you guys follow my theory, I always said that Tashigi would rescue Sanji’s team, but Smoker being there, it actually made that theory better, because i’ve thinking a long time that Smoker also should be in Wano-Kuni.

So yeah, I think Smoker and Tashigi would rescue the Sunny Team, but since Sanji and Smoker are injured, they would not put up much of a fight, and that’s when another player comes in.


The Gorosei confirmed that Aokiji is working with Blackbeard, so I believe Aokiji will kidnap Ceasar but in turn he would also save the Sunny Team, mainly because Smoker is there (if Smoker isn’t there, he would freeze the Sunny Go as well)

The Sunny Go would Coup de Burst with Smoker and Tashigi in there, and they would be dragged along the journey to Zou.

Meanwhile, Aokiji successfully kidnaps Clown.

He froze the sea so the Big Mom Pirates won’t be able to attack, and the G5 Marines takes the kids to Vegapunk, further making Vegapunk a mystery.

I just cant see Oda passing up an opportunity for a female samurai and a character based from Edo Period policeman to not be included in Wano-Kuni.

Plus Chopper is there to heal Smoker.

That’s it for me.

*Theory by ramenboy


This time I shall be talking about the abilities of a very underrated character, Brook.

As I said, Brook is a very underrated character and before I can even talk about his devil fruit power, I must first talk about what Brook represents.

I think the main reason Brook is so underrated is because of dream which is to reunite with….a whale. Compared to the other SHs, his dream seems pretty weak and one that can be achieved whenever he feels like it. Well not only is Brook a SH and they do not backtrack, a promise to a WHALE isn’t the main point: it is the promise itself.

Brook is the most lively character in the series despite dying once. A promise carries a lot of weight and one simple yet silly promise is all the reason he needs to live.

To further understand this, I’ll have to go into detail with other points.

Brook is also underrated as a swordsman. Contrary to how a lot of people think, Brook is a real swordsman. Just look at his knowledge about swordsmanship in Thriller Bark.

Another thing that you should know is that technically, Zoro never fought Ryuma. He fought Brook.


All tactics and techniques zombie Ryuuma used are just like Brook’s and everything Ryuuma said is within Brook’s vocabulary and personality.




Brook has the drive to train his swordsmanship and get stronger.

Brook’s shadow felt ashamed that it caused the demise of the body of a proud samurai.

If Brook can handle it or if it is for the sake of his comrades, Brook shows his true colors that is normally outshined by his eccentric, goofy and cowardly personality.

Brook’s devil fruit, the Yomi Yomi no mi, is directly related to the Yami Yami no mi or Marshall D. Teach. The Yomi Yomi no mi was one of the first devil fruits to exist with the Yami Yami no mi being the very first. It is one of the 3 devil fruits that deals with the essence of life.

It is also no coincidence that Brook was introduced in the same arc of Gekko Moriah who has the Kage Kage no mi. The Kage Kage no mi gives the user the ability to extract the shadow from a person and transfer it to a body that lacks essence.

The shadow is just an extension of a person’s essence which is why the vessel that lack essence gains the personality of the original host. It is their “darkness.” Without it, they are overwhelmed by the light(sun) and cease to exist.

What is this “essence” I speak of?




The soul is the essence of life and Brook can bend it to his will.

Similar to how the Yami Yami no mi can steal and contain souls, Brook’s devil fruit can manipulate and control them.

Here you can see Brook using his music to manipulate the souls of others.

Brook’s latest epithet “Soul King” isn’t referring to his music. It is referring to his ability to vontrol souls. Brook’s real epither is “The King of Souls.”

Yomi translates to “Land of the Dead/World of Darkness” in Japanese. In Japanese Shintoism(Wano), Yomi is where the souls of the dead goes to. It is the same as Hades in Greek Mythology.

Brook’s sword “Soul Solid” uses the chill of Brook’s own soul energy.

Simply put, Brook can summon the souls of the dead and in a way, bring Yomi/Hades to the surface.

Remember when I said that Moriah’s Kage fruit can transfer a shadow to a corpse that lacks essence? Brook can give the corpse an essence of life and it can roam whenever it pleases without a weakness to salt. Because the corpse lacks a souls, it can be purified. It is just a vessel stuck in a limbo that needs closure but now that it has a soul, it is completely bound to this world with Brooke as its king. Brook and Moriah will create an invincible zombie army to fight against Kaidou’s forces. Also, it is in Wano where Brook’s DF power and swordsmanship will reach a new level.

Now then, there is a very good reason for Brook to be able to summon souls of the Underworld. Remember Brook’s promise to Laboon? I believe it was the entire Rumbar Pirates who promised to return and didn’t Brook himself say death isn’t an apology?

Once Brook discovers his true ability, he wont need a recording dial. He just needs to summons the souls of his comrades(resurrection can only happen once per soul to keep things from being OP or repetitive) to have a true reunion and heartbreaking moment with Laboon.

Brook represents life itself and its the little pleasures in it that gives you reason to live.

*Theory by Vandenreich


I have a wild idea about Zoro and Ryuma!

Such as the title says I believe Ryuma and Zoro are related!

I don’t know how, but I believe Zoro is the direct descendant from Ryuma!

To back my theory a little bit up I would start with an SBS where Oda tells the reader which nationality the Strawhats might have in the real world!
A fan asked this question and Oda replied Japanese for Zoro!

As we all are the same opinion, that Wano are based on ancient Japan, the possibility for Zoro having his roots there getting a bit higher if you are optimistic as me :rofl:.

We know Ryuma from Wano is the same Ryuma from Oda’s previous one-shot manga, Monsters. And when we look at his appearance :

Ryuma before his death in Monsters!

He looks almost like Zoro, only the black hair and his Samurai hairstyle are different!
He even eats one of Zoros favorite attacks “Onigiri”

Ryuma is also lefthanded just like Zoro, because Samurai have their swords on the right hip when they are lefthanded!

People might say, that this is to obvious but I don’t think so, Oda managed to link Ryuma from Monsters with One Piece so he could easily do that with Ryuma and Zoro as direct descendants and it does make even sense, at least for me :).

3. Even the plot with Shusui the national treasure of Wano could be solved, when the Samurais of Wano see the potential of Zoro as a Swordsman. Furthermore if one of the old folks see the similarity in their appearance, then they will acknowledge Zoro as a direct descendant and the only true holder of Shusui and everything is fine.

Maybe this arc will also give us more backstory about Zoro, why he isn’t on Wano etc.

Zoros behavior is just like that of an Samurai, even Vivi gave him the nickname Mr. Bushido. Bushido is the codex/credo of Samurais, a guide of how they live etc.
People might say, a lot of Swordsman are like that, but that’s false, he really acts like a Samurai and that’s not a coincedence, because I believe Oda plans big things with him in Wano!

So this are a few little back ups for my theory! I highly believe it!
So in addition to that I also believe, that I know where exactly in Wano he came from!

I believe the Wano Kingdom is based on the Book “The Book of Five Rings” from ancient Japan greatest Samurai Miyamoto Musashi!

The five “books” refer to the idea that there are different elements of battle, just as there are different physical elements in life, as described by Buddhism, Shinto, and other Eastern religions. The five books below are Musashi’s descriptions of the exact methods or techniques which are described by such elements.

  • The Book of Earth chapter serves as an introduction, and metaphorically discusses martial arts, leadership, and training as building a house.
  • The Book of Water chapter describes Musashi’s style, Ni-ten ichi-ryu, or “Two Heavens, One Style”. It describes some basic technique and fundamental principles.
  • The Book of Fire chapter refers to the heat of battle, and discusses matters such as different types of timing.
  • The Book of Wind chapter is something of a pun, since the Japanese character can mean both “wind” and “style” (e.g., of martial arts). It discusses what Musashi considers to be the failings of various contemporary schools of swordfighting.
  • The Book of the Void chapter is a short epilogue, describing, in more esoteric terms, Musashi’s probably Zen-influenced thoughts on consciousness and the correct mindset.

So I believe Wano Kingom is splitted in 5 areas/islands where 5 different techniques of fighting dominating each area/island.
This is also why the names of Samurai are spelled that way!

Foxfire Kinemon is from the Fire area/island where the best fire-technique Samurais came from

Jigoro of the wind is from the wind area/island

Shilew of the rain is from the water area/island etc!

There’s also the earth area/island where they specialized in earth based techniques!

Every island hast a different clima (snow,hot, autumn etc)
Since Zoros favorite island is a autum in a autum island I believe his descendants came from a Wano autum island where all the Sakura trees losing their leaves just like the Japanese love.

But the most important is the void island, it’s very related to the void century, it’s almost destroyed for 800 years ago from the Worldgoverment who were able to control dragons, that’s why Samurai hate Dragons.

Only a Poneglyph left and there are only a few Samurai Grand Masters who know the secret techniques! Zoro will learn those techniques when he shows he’s worthy!

Btw I believe the best Swordssmiths of the world are in Wano and we will know more about the Wado Ichi Monji and that Kojiro is also from Wano!

Hope you enjoyed it guys!

*Theory by Saikō no Kenshi


Okay guys I think we can all agree that Sanji has something up his sleeve that will help him catch up to the insane power we’ve seen Luffy and Zoro display. There have been many theories as to what it is and I’ve had my own theory in my head for about a year so I decided I’d give my two cents.

First I’ll discuss what the technique is:
We’ve seen Oda draw from different mythologies for ideas and my theory has to do with Christian Mythology, specifically the works of Dante and his Inferno. First let’s talk about his current power up.


Diable Jambe is French for Devil leg and involves fire based attacks which makes sense because when you think of the Devil you think of hell and fire. Some of Sanji’s new attacks draw inspiration from this idea and the fact that he just spent 2 years in his own personal hell of Okama land.

So now that that’s been established lets go back to Dante. Anybody who’s ever read Inferno(or seen the Impel Down Arc for that matter) will know that fire and brimstone isn’t all there is to Hell. The lowest level of Hell is actually a frozen wasteland saved for the worst sinners in history. Brutus, Judas, and even Satan himself are imprisoned in ice there.


So fire isn’t the only thing associated with Hell and Satan. You also have ice.
I believe that Sanji unlocked Diable Jambe back at Enies Lobby because he was going through the Hell of losing his friends. Then during the timeskip Sanji descended into another level of Hell(as he had now lost all of his friends and was stranded in the worst possible place he could imagine) and discovered the ability to use a freezing leg to attack.
I believe this new technique would be called Cocyte Jambe, Cocyte is French for Cocytus which is the name of the frozen lake in which Satan is trapped.

Now I’ll discuss the nature of this new power-up.
First is how he’ll activate it
I think the way he would activate it would be similar to how he activates Diable Jambe. He will begin to spin at incredibly high speeds but instead of creating friction for his down leg, he will extend his other leg which will in turn cause his foot to spin much faster because of centrifugal force. This speed will have the wind blowing at it so fast that the air will get colder and his leg will start to freeze over(One Piece physics everybody). This will create an icy shell around his leg which he will attack with.

The advantages of having an icy leg would first be that all of his attacks would be extremely cold and would partially freeze his enemies. Also his leg would now be much harder because it is covered in ice which will add more power to each kick.

Having the option of fire or ice to attack with will give Sanji greater versatility as he may face opponents who can handle the heat but not the cold and vice versa. As far as power goes, on its own it would be just as powerful as Diable. The real power comes when he uses them together. One leg each.

Now you’re probably thinking that if he used them together then it would just even out the temperature and make it less effective. That’s if he used them at the exact same time. Now if he used them back to back with slight intervals, that’s a different story. I’ll explain

The Characteristics of life are as follows:
composed of one or more cells
undergo metabolism
maintain homeostasis
can grow
respond to stimuli
can reproduce
through evolution, adapt to their environment in successive generations

Now pay attention to homeostasis
If you took the time to read that then good for you, if not, I’ll summarize.
Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Examples of homeostasis include the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity. It is a process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

If Sanji were to kick an enemy with a fiery leg and burn him, then before the body can react to the heat he kicks him with a freezing foot and and freezes the burned tissue then that tissue is now much more damaged than it would have been had he just burned it or just freezed it. When you get a burn or frostbite you are supposed to slowly and steadily return that tissue to its proper temperature, when the change is instantaneous the tissue will be severely damaged.

Not only this but the body will also try to adapt to changes in temperature but will be unable to react quick enough meaning that it will be warming itself up from the freezing as Sanji is burning it, and cooling itself down as Sanji is freezing it. This will increase the damage done by each attack as he now has his opponents body systems working against them and the more he attacked the more the damage he causes will increase.

Eventually because of its inability to maintain homeostasis the opponent’s body will suffer from what is called Homeostatic Imbalance and its systems will start to shut down which can incapacitate a person or even cause death.

So that’s my theory. I believe Sanji will develop a Freezing leg technique called Cocyte Jambe which will give him much more versatility in combat and when used in conjunction with Diable Jambe will allow Sanji to attack person in a way that destroys the body from the inside out as well as outside in.

This idea has been on my mind for a while so let me know what you guys think.

*Theory by Samurai Jack


In this theory I’m going to compare the SH to some people in the old generation but are still active. Once these certain people die/quit/etc I believe the Straw Hat I describe will take something similar to their role. This will be very weird, trust me


Monkey D Luffy is the new Roger, old Pirate king

I think this because, well, you know of course. Luffy carries on Rogers will, and becomes the new Pirate King. No trouble there..


Roronoa Zoro is the new ..Dracule Mihawk Silvers Rayleigh

Mihawk because of the World’s greatest swordsman. Rayleigh cause he’ll be the pirate kings right hand man. Many think he’ll awaken CoC Haki once he opens his left eye. I think that could be a possibility. Most likely after beating Mihawk or Shiliew, he’ll become the WGS.


Sanji could be the new .. Red Leg Zeff Monkey D. Dragon

Yes, you saw it correctly. Monkey D Dragon. Now, put down your pitchforks. Remember this scene:


Now I believe Oda put that for a reason. This could be major foreshadowing for around the end of the series. And Dragon is currently the most feared man, so Sanji taking his place is like being the new Dragon. Plus, many theories of Sanji being a Noble or a Celestial Dragon could affect the outcome of his future. Red Leg Zeff was put because, well, both cooks, same fighting style, the basic stuff. But I don’t think Sanji will have that revolutionary army and stuff like that. I think he’ll be feared for something.. Maybe his heritage?


Franky, Cutty Flam as the new Dr. Vegapunk

It was between Vegapunk or, Ceaser Clown. But CC is too much of a jerk and not at all like Franky. And Dr. Vegapunk is a similar scientist type engineer like Franky. This could be possible. But we don’t know much about Vegapunk and there could be some other people from Roger’s crew that could fit in. And Franky being the new Vegapunk would actually be really awesome.


Nico Robin as the new Dr. Clover

I chose this and not her mom because we don’t know much about Olivia, and I didn’t choose Kuma cause they’re nothing alike. Clover was the major archaelogist in Ohara, and Robin could carry on his will and surpass him, aiding the future Pirate King. A great fit.


Brook as the new ..Brook

Brook was already from the elder times, and is not really similar to anyone else. Brook will be his own man and continue on with his own goals. GO BROOK!


Usopp as the new Shanks Noland Yasopp or Buggy

Montblanc Usopp? Seems Plausible. Usopp is very similar to Noland, and his lies are all becoming true. He could actually be the Usoland. Shanks was just a cabin boy, but became a very strong person. Usopp could awaken CoC and become like Shanks. The usopp pirates and Usopp leaving them is similar to Shanks leaving Luffy and giving him his straw hat. Usopp and Yasopp are both excellent snipers; though Usopp will get stronger and surpass him. Buggy and Usopp both have great luck and have very similar personalities. Both make themselves seem super powerful, but actually aren’t as powerful as they boast. Lol.


Tony Tony Chopper as the new Dr Hiluluk

Chopper will carry his will of becoming an amazing doctor, who can cure any disease.


Nami as the new Boa Hancock

Both are pretty tough females and very pretty, and they do show off their body most of the time. Both have a deep love for something (Money, Luffy) and both are overall very similar. I don’t think Nami has CoC and will be a Warlord as well as an ex-slave, but might have a similar role at the EOS as Hancock does. Nami could become the most tough navigator and female in One Piece. I can see Nami becoming a queen-type person. Oh and if Nami becomes the head of Amazon Lily at sometime that’ll be hilarious.

Law = Whitebeard
Kid = Shiki
Thousand Sunny = Oro Jackson
Coby and Smoker are hard ones, but I think Smoker will join the SH.

*Theory by Red Beard


Viola is one of my favourite characters. This is my theory explaining every reason why she should be the next Mugiwara, how events will unfold leading to her recruitment and arguing against common remarks made to derail her support and chances.

I understand you’ll probably disagree, but please hear me out, it’s worth a read

Parallels with Robin:
What stands out to me the most is her uncanny similarities with Robin in terms of plot role. This is not to be confused with physical similarities so many people miscomprehend, there are about as many physical similarities between Robin and Viola as there are similarities between Nami and the latter two. So anyways, Viola and Robin have very similar plot roles, a reason that works strongly in her favour:

  1. Nico Robin was working for the enemy, although for her own protection, this is very similar to Viola working for the enemy to protect her family
  2. The country of their recruitment arc is under the control of a very tactful Shichibukai
  3. Viola and Robin both sided with the Strawhats, initially in secret
  4. Both have very useful devil fruit abilities, it is important to note both are good at assassinations. All three (including Nami) are skilled with stealth, a pattern on the Strawhat crew which Viola fits very well
  5. Both fought the arc villain in a futile attempt to defeat them before Luffy comes to finish the job
  6. Both have nowhere to go after the defeat of the Shichibukai enemy is defeated, I will explain this in more detail later
  7. The port where she plans to leave is filled with Marines, like when the Mugiwara’s left Alabasta with Robin on board

Recruitment Pattern:

There are several recruitment patterns which she fits into:

  1. MFMM gender pattern: within each sea the Strawhats have recruited a Male, Female, Male Male sequence. After Jinbe on Fishman Island (an unofficial member as of right now), Viola is the second, and Female recruit.
  2. Most Strawhats decline invitations from crewmates, but accept invitations from Luffy. Sometimes even initially declining Luffy’s invite at first, although eventually changing their mind. As we can see:
      1. Zoro accepted Luffy’s invitation
      2. Usopp accepted Luffy’s invitation, but declined invitations from both Zoro and Nami
      3. Sanji accepted Luffy’s invitation
      4. Nami accepted Luffy’s invitation
      5. Chopper accepted Luffy’s invitation but declined Nami’s invitation
      6. Robin didn’t even ask for an invitation, although it is inferred Luffy invited her, although this is unclear
      7. Franky accepted Luffy’s invitation, he also declined invitations from Sogeking and Sanji
      8. Brook accepted Luffy’s invitation
      9. Jinbe accepted Luffy’s invitation
      10. Viola has declined an invitation from Sanji already, this is foreshadowing that Luffy will invite her aboard, afterall, he will save her from Doffy, which almost matches Robin’s recruitment
  3. Luffy likes her:
      1. Luffy has always liked crewmembers before they join, and interacts with them. The recruits also interact with other members of the crew. They also always end up fighting the Arc villain at some point, even if it’s very brief: of course, Luffy himself likes himself and fought Alvida, so even he fits the pattern.
      2. Zoro was considered a good person and fought against Morgan
      3. Nami was considered a good person and fought Buggy and had conflicts with Arlong
      4. Usopp was adored by Luffy due to his lies, he helped Luffy against Kuro
      5. Sanji fought briefly with Krieg. Luffy witnessed his caring nature when he fed Gin and thought he was a good person
      6. Chopper was seen as a badass meat supply with 7 forms that fought with Wapol, and we know how much Luffy loves meat
      7. Robin was saved by Luffy, Robin fought Crocodile, Luffy deemed her a good person and expressed this view on the Merry before she joined
      8. Franky fought briefly with Luffy against Lucci. Luffy also therefore deemed Franky fit to join
      9. Brook fought and helped fight against Moriah, Luffy loved the guy!
      10. Jinbe was already a good friend with Luffy after Marineford and briefly tossled with Hody
      11. Viola has helped Luffy muliple times, he likes her and she is currently fighting DoffY
  4. She had a chapter named after her. As every other Mugiwara did. This was not the case with Vivi or Monet… so yeah.
  5. She is designed incredibly accurately:
      1. Luffy is Oda’s own reflection on what he was like as a teenager and child
      2. Zoro is an amalgamation of Francois L’ollonais, a buckeneer who was very skilled with swords, who’s name sounds similar to Roronoa when pronounced in japanese. On top of that, his parallels with El Zorro also are clear as he is a good person and yet a wanted man and considered a ‘Demon’, again, Zorro is a good swordsman
      3. Nami is based upon Catwoman. Both have an obsession with money and specialise in stealth and other dastardly deeds. Nami’s epithet is ‘Cat Burglar’, which is another name Catwoman goes by in the comics. She even has a sister and an adoptive mother, like Catwoman. The ambiguity of their allegiances matched back in Arlong Park and they even have similar fighting styles (with Staffs and gymnastics)
      4. Usopp is named after Aesop, the man who initially orated the tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Usopps lies are amazingly all becoming true, he is the ultimate foreshadowing device, much like the boy in the story. He also has a long nose based upon Pinocchio and is an articulate amalgamation of liars
      5. Sanji is based upon Steve Buscemi and Romeo Capulet. The ultimate ladies-man. He dresses similarly to Steve in Reservoir Dogs, but also looks like Leonardo Dicaprio in his role as Romeo from the 1998 Hollywood movie – Romeo and Juliet. On top of that he is a chain smoker, like Steve.
      6. Chopper is obviously designed on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not just due to his discoloured blue nose, but due to the fact he was called an outcast. He also pulled a sled “through the sky” on Drum Island.
      7. Robin is based upon Cinderella. She has a horrible aunt and did a lot of chores around the house, exactly like Cinderella and her step sisters. Robin running away from the World Government is exactly like Cinderella running from the ball. Kuzan’s ice pathway symbolises the glass staircase and glass slippers Cinderella wore.
      8. Franky, at least pre timeskip, looked like Ace Ventura and Popeye the Sailorman. I don’t know much about Ace, but Popeye consuming Spinach made him much more powerful, likewise, this is the effect Cola had on Franky. Franky building the Sunny is also like Popeye building his own ship.
      9. Brook is like a sailor from the poem ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, in which a man’s crew dies because of disease, and they all sing one last song together as they drop dead one by one. He was the first mate of the Rumbar pirates (as was the sailor), and their pasts match this perfectly. The sailor also, like Brook, had the goal to find his friend at the end of the ocean (Laboon).
      10. Viola is based on a woman called Violet Gibson. Of course, the names are very similar, but even greater parallels can be drawn. Both were skilled dancers. Both attempted to assassinate a fascist dictator (Mussolini and Doflamingo, this is symbolised through their fight going on right now). And lastly, her last words were “I can see everything”, alluding to her Giro Giro no Mi. She was remarked as insane and mentally ill which also parallels her decision to fight Doflamingo, her behaviour around men and surely knowing what everyone is thinking would drive you mad.

Clearly, Oda puts in a lot of effort into making the Strawhats very accurately designed. I understand that a lot of people will say he does this with a lot of characters. Which is true, but all of the characters like that are incredibly important to the story and unless Viola becomes a Strawhat, she won’t fulfil this role. It’s a lot of wasted effort if Viola is so well designed and planned if she doesn’t have immense relevance to the story, as she isn’t a world leading figure, she will have to be a Strawhat.


Of course, her past is incredibly sad. Like the rest of the Strawhats. I don’t feel I need to explain them all, but surely being held to ransom for 10 long years, working to save her family and watching everyone getting killed whilst she is helpless is very similar to two other Strahwats:

Nami and Robin. This is yet another pattern she fulfils. Not just as a member with a sad past, but a member with a similar past to the other two members of the same gender. Afterall, Nami was held to ransom and worked to save her village, and watched helplessly as many got killed. Likewise, Robin was helpless to stop the buster call or her fellow researchers from being slaughtered.

Her dream can easily be revealed later. It’s possible her dream relates to the abolition of the Shichibukai, or taking Shichibukai down. Other possiblities are to reduce or abolish corruption in the world, afterall, she can see it all, and she used to be very trusting. This dream would involve taking down or changing the World Government: which ties into the Shichibukai system which relates to Doffy, the villain that shaped her life.

Plans to leave Dressrosa:

Viola had explained to Sanji that she already had plans to leave Dressrosa. This debunks the arguments made about her needing to stay because she is royalty. Besides, she is third in line after Riku and Rebecca


She, being a former pirate of one of the most evil groups we’ve seen thus far will have a bounty and become a wanted woman. We know this to be true because of the Strawhats send off from Alabasta: the Strawhats couldn’t vocally respond to Vivi because she could have been associated with pirates and become a wanted woman:


This is exactly what will happen to Viola. And for her own protection she will join the crew. She already intended to leave the country.

Position on the Sunny:

Obviously she would be a lookout and dancer to go with Brooks music. A perfect combination.

Running gags:

As she has a habit of stabbing those who betray her or cheat her, Viola could have a running gag of chasing Sanji around with her knife trying to stab him after he flirts with Nami and Robin. Due to Usopp’s lies, she could also have a running gag with him as her powers are the antithesis of his habits. She fits perfectly with the crew.

Why she won’t be overpowered:

Her clairvoyance isn’t always active. If it was she would have seen the Donquixote Invasion hours before it occurred.


Simply put, she wouldn’t ruin the suspense or thrill of the sea journeys in the slightest. Her powers probably use a lot of stamina, which also makes sense. A further parallel with Robin, making her a likely candidate is that their fruits are perceived as ‘overpowered’ and yet Oda could and has easily nerfed the fruit powers.

She’s ‘not too’ similar to Robin:

  1. Viola is a close combat fighter whilst Robin fights in long range
  2. Viola is 20cm shorter than Robin
  3. Robins face looks completely different. Eyes are different sizes, and Robins nose is far more flat and square, their hair is also a different style and slightly different colours
  4. They even dress differently
  5. Differences in terms of plot also exist, such as the fact it took Robin 4 arcs to join from introduction, whereas Viola only one (most likely)
  6. Robins history had no reveal until 180 chapters after she joined. Viola’s past has already been touched upon

The argument about being too similar is also very wrong.

Recruitment saga:

What will likely transpire is Viola, already wanting to leave, also being an outcast will say goodbye to her family and find Luffy, Zoro, Kin’emon etc.

She will also show us what is happening on Big Mom’s ship with her Devil Fruit. She will become a plot device.

She will have a bounty placed on her head like the rest of the crew, who may have theirs increased (like when Robin and Franky joined) due to her taking part in defeating Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family. Being a wanted woman, she would have to leave her family behind. Her father: Riku, would probably want her to travel with the Dressrosa heroes: Luffy and Law. As we saw with Vivi, if she became wanted she would have had to leave Alabasta. Because Viola will be wanted, she will have to leave.

*Theory by L o g i a


In this theory I will discuss about the CP0 and Straw Hats in the EOS.


Cipher Pol Zero of the World Government

Let’s talk about the ending of One Piece, the war on Marijoies. In this war, the Straw Hat crew and many allies will face against the Government; from the Cipher Pols to the Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. Many think that the CP0 will face against these guys


But I actually believe the CP0 true enemies will be against Dragon and the rest of the RA

The reason why I think the Straw Hats won’t battle them is because they already are dealing with many enemies. The CP0 are destined to be extreme powerhouses and definitely ensure their enemies much trouble, correct? Well, why would Oda design them to have a battle with the Straw Hats. With the battle against Kaido and the Yonkou coming up, where are we going to get time for a full-out brawl between the Straw Hats and CP0. And, because of the CP0 speculated-power, we’re going to most likely need a whole arc for the straw hats to battle them. Wouldn’t that destroy the whole time flow of the series?

I think the CP0’s strengths will probably be hinted soon in the series, but a battle from them will be fully shown with the RA in the final war.

So basically I think that the SH will be fighting in the war, and then Dragon will come and blow away a CP (The agent could be leaping up to Luffy, and then Dragon attacks him right before Luffy gets hit) like very far away with a super attack. This will give time for Luffy to talk to Dragon and then Dragon to quickly show his son his powers in a super battle against the CP. While he does that the things will continue normally and etc. There will most likely be more than just 3 CP0 agents, so they might have battles with every member of the RA. Or Dragon might take them all on and unleash his full capability and also show the power of CP, and maybe some other people will help Dragon out because CP have to be very powerful.

Maybe Dragon will fight against a Gorosei or Fleet Admiral. But we all want Luffy to fight Sakazuki, right?

*Theory by Red Beard



In the new world their hasn’t been much that has challenged Zoro , neither the 8 sword wielding FishMan or the DD family Elite Pica, he cut down a mountain sized behemoth in a single slash of his swords only causing him to break a little sweat. We all know and believe that both Zoro and Sanji have yet to show their true potential and we all cant wait until that happens.

But Ive been wondering about Zoro lately as a few of the things he has done and said in the new world has made me wonder just how far has he increased he strength and what new abilities has he mastered. Now there are multiple theories on what happened to Zoro’s left eye and the belief that a malicious demon was behind his injury and I do agree that theory is true but slightly different to the general idea that has been thrown around on the forums. What I believe Zoro did in his 2 years training was not just pushing his physical limits but master what was lying dormant inside of him. Let me list what I believe Zoro has learned and then I will provide evidence and a scenario to back those predictions.

1) Skilled in all 2 types of Haki and learned of his own CoC potential
We has already seen Zoro CoO and CoA in the series, his actions in Dressrosa show him finding Pica with CoO and cutting him with blades infused with CoA, but he also learned that he has CoC whilst his training and meditation. One very subtle but obvious hint was his statement once Luffy showed his CoC in-front of the Straw Hats for the first time. After Sanji says that Luffy must be using Conquerers Haki, Zoro swiftly replies that he would expect no less from the captain of the crew. Now Zoro has strong beliefs in what aspects define a captain and the respect that he should always have from his subordinates, his actions in Water 7 regrading Ussop’s temporary disassociation and the Going Merry end strongly support this claim. So his statement suggests that Luffy should have that ability or he would be an unfit captain, now Zoro could only make such a claim if someone else in the crew also had CoC making them superior to Luffy in potential and that person must be Zoro himself. Now he may not have awakened the ability to use it, a dire situation is required to do so examples being both Luffy’s and Ace’s first time using CoC, but he learnt that he has such a strength within him from the demon in the Sandai Kitetsu. Now why would such a blade agree to Zoro using it when all the previous owners of the blade died in battle? because of Zoros animalistic nature, so no swordsman who wielded it before Zoro had bloodlust? Id disagree with that any day but Zoro having the potential to unlock CoC would definately intrigue a demon.

2)Zoro’s eye was lost whilst he made a deal with the demon/cursed demon that resides with the Sandai Kitetsu

Whilst Zoro meditated with his swords to master CoA with his blades before he could continue his training with Mihawk he encountered a problem. He could perfectly turn the Wado Ichimonji and the Shusui into completely black blades that were as strong as his will but the Sandai Kitetsu was not abiding by his will flickered in between states of being normal and black blade. Now knowing that he could not further his training with Mihawk and have his beloved Sake returned until he had completed this task Zoro went into deep concentration and meditation over the blade and was greeted with the demon that resided within the blade. Now in order to have complete control over the blade Zoro must have had to make a blood sacrifice to the demon to create a blood contract between them allowing Zoro free control over Sandai Kitetsu and access to the demon strength if needed. Zoro would not hesitate on such an offer as he believes he could over come such a ordeal.(NOTE like the situation with Mr. 3 and the candle wax cake Zoro was content with cutting his own legs off and continuing his fight.) Thus the demon may ask for one of his limbs he may say that his hands are off limits but other then that the demon could take what ever limb hie choose if it would not kill Zoro. The demon choice his eye as it something valuable to a swordsmen. Now all this may sound absurd but listen me out first but if was only cut then he could open that eye just like Fujitora and on Zoro’s first encounter with Sandai Kitetsu he mentioned an aura that the blade had and once he masters CoA with that blade he can even infuse that Aura with CoA thus showing that blades abides by his will now.


I honestly believe that this is what has happened to Zoro, as physically Zoro is a extremely talented individual amazing strength, a great healing factor and the ability to withstand ungodly amounts strains put on his body . LIKE HE CANT CUT A BLOODY MOUNTAIN WITH SHEAR STRENGTH ALONE. And mentally he has shown great deal of improvements as well.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by TickTocxk