Blackbeard’s Multiple Devil Fruits: Cerberus Theory

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As of now, we know that Blackbeard has two Devil Fruits within him, the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. One of the most popular theories about how BB could have multiple Devil Fruits is the Cerberus theory. The idea is that prior to eating either two of the previously mention devil fruits, BB consumed a Zoan type DF, which has an inept ability to allow the user to consume and use the power or two other Devil Fruits, making three in total. A possible name for the could be: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Cerberus.

So if this DF exists the most appropriate type of Zoan for the Cerberus fruit would be the Mythical Zoan type. For one, it is considered to be a rare type of creature and its power is immense.

There are certain instances that support this theory being possible. The Blackbeard Pirates’ Jolly Roger, Shanks’ wound, and a Cerberus’ appearance in the One Piece world already.

Jolly Roger:

The Jolly Roger, or the Pirate Flag, help determine who belong to whose crew. The designs usually reflect the interest of the captain. At other times it may be physical resemblance or the symbols behind them. In some sense, there is a reason or story for every Jolly Roger design.

For some reason, the design of the flag of the Blackbeard Pirates show three (3) skulls side by side. There hasn’t been any explicit reasons for this but it might be revealed.


Due to this, some think that the flag resembles the skull structure of a Cerberus.

Shanks’ Wound:

One other instance that aids the Cerberus claim, it is the wound on the left eye of Shanks. It consists of three diagonal scratch marks.

In Chapter 434, Shanks speaks with Whitebeard about Ace and eventually about Blackbeard as well. Shanks tells him that it was Blackbeard that caused the wound.

And the fact that a Cerberus has appeared in the series before and was recognized as a Cerberus by the strawhats shows that they do exist in their world, even if only in mythology.

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?

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  1. well cereberus was just a a stitch invention… he is not a natrual monster in the one piece world..

  2. according to your theory black beard can EAT two more df and use both their powers… in reality what he did was extracting the power from whitebeard..

  3. Blackbeard also uses a glove with 3 long blades to attack so maybe that was the cause of the scar on shanks. I m not saying that u are wrong, its an interesting theory but that scar can also be caused by that glove kind of weapon that bb uses.

  4. actually the weapon he used has 4 blades. and back at mock town, when nami asked who is that guy(blackbeard), zoro and luffy responded “its not that guy, its those guys.” so maybe he has three personalities?or maybe three man shared by one body(as per marcos statement that blackbeard has a different body structure)…

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