As we know, in chapter 803 this character was name dropped by Kin’emon and Kanjuro on the final page, he/she is their last comrade to find in their four person party.


I’ve done a little bit of digging around and found some very interesting links to Raizo’s name. Oda has, again, like with Kanjuro and Kin’emon, likely designed Raizo based upon a performer or actor, and their names all have implications and connotations that reside underlying their surfaces as characters. To demonstrate this, I must explain the other Samurai’s first:

Kin’emon and Momonosuke:

[​IMG] mmmnnsskk[​IMG]

-Their names in conjunction with eachother derive from Nakamura Kinnosuke, a Japanese actor that Oda is a massive fan of
-Nakamura Kinnosuke is a flatulist, like Kin’emon
-Nakamura looks like Kin’emon
-His favourite fruit was apparently peaches, Momo means peach, Momonosuke’s Kimono and Dragon form are peach coloured
-Nakamura Kinnosuke played the role of a Samurai in many movies, but he is noted for his role as a dual wielding Samurai
-Kin’emon has a Fox theme
-His epithet is “Foxfire


[​IMG] [​IMG]

-Kanjuro’s name means truth, “seen as it is visual”
-Although he isn’t specifically designed based upon an actor, his appearance draws many similarities with a Kabuki poser, a form of Japanese performing arts
-His talents in caligraphy strongly support this as Caligraphy is often used in Kabuki pieces, makeup also uses huge brushes, like the one he has on his back (obviously to a much smaller scale though)
-Kanjuro has a Bird theme
-His epithet is “Evening Shower


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

-His/her name is the same as a Ninja character from a movie called Ninja Assassin
-He/she is likely named after Raizo Ichikawa, an actor which Oda is a huge fan of, Raizo Ichikawa has been a ninja in the Shinobi no Mono movies
-In the Ninja Assassin movie, the character Raizo is played by a Korean Popstar called Rain
-Funnily enough, in the Shinobi no Mono movies, Ichikawa’s character, called Goemon, had the epithet, “of the rain

So, based upon these facts, what do we know?
-Kin’emons epithet implied he could use fire, we now know he can fight using flames in conjunction with his swords, Kanjuro’s epithet in japanese culture (not ours) implies honesty and truth which is represented visually through his caligraphy, Raizo’s epithet implies he/she can use waterin some way shape or form
-Given the roles of named characters associated with Raizo, he specialises as an assassin

The two known epithets mean it’s highly likely the Wano resident friends of ours are based on a Japanese folklore phenomena called Kitsune no Yomeiri. During wedding processions, paper lanterns can be seen floating away into the darkness, known as atmospheric ghost lights, these are nicknamed the “evening sunshower”. Kitsune means firefox and it is said that Kitsune uses trickery on people to hide his own existence, very similar to Kin’emon and Kanjuro. A Kabuki theatre piece known as Kitsune no Yomeiri Gyoretsu is performed widely. The link here is interesting, and there is a third component to the myth: Shintoist rituals relating to the myths to prevent Kitsune’s interference in Shintoist weddings.

The last component, in my opinion implies two things:

  1. Raizo is possibly female, due to the wedding themes and the possibility of Kitsune (Kinemon’s) interference (in some cases fooling the bride by replacing the husband)
  2. Raizo is Shintoist and designed on Shintoist monks, many of whom were and still are trained in Ninja arts (this is not to be confused with the Ninja clan that is long dead)

So what do we know? If my theory is correct, Raizo:

  • Is quite possibly Female but will have an outward appearance of a man
  • Is Shintoist and could look like this
  • Fights with Water
  • Has the epithet “of the Rain”

*Theory by L o g i a


First of all, I would like for you to read this page from Shaman King explaining the five stars.


The Gorosei represents the balance that each brings to the world( balance between the 3 major powers) and also their ability to create powerful beings via devil fruits.

There are also 5 deities who I believe the goreosei are based on:

1) Jikokuten

Epithets: King of the East, Guardian of the Nation, Kingdom Keeper
Associations = East, Strength, Spring, Water, Green / Blue

*Main characteristic I think serves as a clue: this guy carries a sword.

We know who among the Gorosei carries a sword


2) Zōchōten 增長天
Epithets: King of the South, Lord of Spiritual Growth
Associations = South, Summer, Fire, Red

His identity has a mini theory inside of it. I will discuss it at the end.

3) Kōmokuten 広目天
King of the West, Lord of Limitless Vision. Sees through Evil
Associations = West, Fall, Metal, Awareness, White

I have no idea who in the Gorosei represents him.

4) Tamonten 多聞天
King of the North, Lord Who Hears All
Associations = North, Winter, Earth, Wealth, Black

No idea who represents him.

As you can see all 4 have a direction appointed to them. So each guardian is in charge of a part of the OP world.

Jukokuten is the guardian of the East blue


Ironically although this part of the ocean is considered the weakest, although some of the most powerful people in the OP verse were found in it. Eg: Gold Roger, Rayleigh(Roger found him here), the illustrious Monkey D Family, Zorro, Yasopp, Sabo, Koshiro(?) etc.

Zōchōten is the guardian of the south blue

Kōmokuten is the guardian of the west blue

Tamonten is the guardian of the North Blue

One person is left out.


Epithet: Lord of the Center, Commander of Four Heavenly Kings

First of all, I would like to point out that Hierarchy is important when ruling something. The 5 stars are the supreme power of the WG however, there has to be one person among them who will make the final decision when the others cannot come to common point. This person holds the supreme authority among the Gorosei.

Who is he? I believe he is this guy


How did I come to this conclusion?

Because it seems he is always placed at the center of the Gorosei whenever they are shown while the others are standing or sitting around him.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

*Main characteristic I think is interesting: can revive the dead.


Before I start with the guardian of the south, I need to talk about Sanji.

As the latest chapter has shown, Sanji is wanted alive. Why is that? He is part of a crew whose captain is the son of a revolutionary as well as a guy who punched a tenryuubito. Surely the CD want the whole crew dead.

Sanji was never directly shown in any wanted poster and there has always been talk of him being a prince and also the fact that he said to Kuma about being a bother to the WG in the future.

Sanji, appearance wise tries to be classy and has a gentlemanly posture. His attacks nowadays revolve around a flaming kick.

Who among the Gorosei is associated with Fire? Zachoten, Guardian of the South Blue. I anticipate Sanji got the gentlemanly features (with fire power as a foreshadowing) from his father.


This person looks sharp in the clothes he is wearing and they share blonde hair. And what seems suspicious to me is that he doesnt have eyebrows. I believe Oda decided to do that as it would be a dead giveaway to Sanji’s lineage. Why shave it? Personally I think the swirly brows look weird. Maybe he feels the same way too? In fact no one in the Gorosei seem to have eyebrows! Maybe they all hate brows or maybe it was a misdirection on Oda’s part?

Below are the pictures of the other two. You can see: NO EYEBROWS!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

So, why would this guy want to have a son in the first place?

Well, That’s where Dragon comes in. Dragon stole something valueable that was in the hands of the WG since the void century. This particular item allows longevity and youth. Since dragon stole it, the gorosei most probably decided it was time to have children to continue their work if by any chance any one of them dies.

This particular man had a child and raised the baby along with the mother in the north blue. However, Sanji somehow escaped and ended up with Zeff.

Why keep him in the North Blue and not mariejoa? Because this had to be done in secrecy and made sure that no one could even get a hint as to what was going on. If anyone know the gorosei had successors they might try to kidnap/influence the children and try to extort favors. Also, Dragon might do something to them. Thus all the secrecy. But now the lost son has returned and therefore the “only alive” poster.

NOTE: The Names that I used are not necessarily the names Oda will use for the Gorosei.

*Theory by AWSUMSID


Zou might die after Luffy’s visit.

According to an Indian myth, the world is on the backs of four elephants.
Here Zou is just one elephant in the sea. Zou might have something to do with the 4 seas.
4 elephants:elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant: into 1 elephant:elephant: = 4 seas:ocean::ocean::ocean::ocean: into 1 sea:ocean:the All Blue:globemeridians:
According to the myth, the ‘world’ is on the back of 4 elephants. The world = the world’s secret i.e. the secret of the world government… the void century.

On the back of Zou:elephant: resides a race of people:bustsinsilhouette:, the Minkmen:monkeyface::bearface: who hate humans:holdinghands:.
There was a prophesy that Luffy would bring destruction to Fishman Island and then the Merfolk & Fishfolk:spoutingwhale::tropicalfish::whale: would move to land. Though it might seem like a bad thing, it’s a good thing. To unite humans with the Merfolk & Fishfolk. That was the purpose of the Noah, to transport them.
Much like Fishman Island, the death of Zou is actually a good thing. The 1,000 years old ancient elephant has a cursed expression. It looks tired and cursed. It’s possible it’s cursed to roam the seas for eternity. It might have been wishing to die for centuries but cannot. Luffy might directly or indirectly free it from the curse. Also, it will force the Minkfolk to live among the humans again, uniting the people of the world.

I wonder what role the Will of D. have in this:peace:

*Theory by Capt. Awesome D. Shin


468403-untitled_39There are three Colours of Haki: Armament, Observation and Conqueror. But what is Haki? You can literally translate it as Ambition or Willpower. I think Haki has a strong relation to character’s ambitions and dreams. Depending on those two, you can ‘personalize’ your Haki. Personalization of Colours would be known as Shades.

Rayleigh said that some people specialize in one or two Colours of Haki, and I think that would mean not just using the Colour but also mastering the Shade.

The stronger your will and dreams are, the stronger your Haki and Shades will be.

I will list possible Shades that were shown in the entire series:

Armament Haki
– Enhancement – the invisible Haki that’s used, for example, by Kuja pirates. It can be imbued inside weapons or your body. It was shown when Luffy punched Pacifista, Boo tried to attack Funk Brothers with his haki imbued axe and Zoro cutting Monet’s cheek.
– Hardening – advanced form of Enhancement, it’s basically a black ‘armor’ surrounding your body or weapon. It’s stronger than Enhancement and can be seen by people who posses Observation Haki. It’s been used multiple times in New World. Anybody could achieve this and Enhancement, but you can personalize Hardening (for example, Luffy having Haki tribal tattoo on his body in Gear Fourth, or swirly Haki outside Zoro’s swords)
– Elemental – the most advanced Armament Shade known so far, it allows you to create an element (which can be personalized) and use it in combat. Examples: Luffy’s Red Hawk, Sanji’s Diable Jambe post timeskip, Kin’emon cutting fire, Zoro igniting Ryuma, Vista’s flowers, McGuy’s electric swords

Observation Haki
– Presence – being able to sense other’s presence or auras. Also known as Mantra.
– Clairvoyance – being able to tell what is going to happen. For example, Luffy unconsciously used it in Marineford when fighting Mihawk. Maybe that’s how Madame Shyarly can tell the future?
– Voice – only three known people that can access it, that is: Luffy, Roger and… Coby. Luffy and Roger could hear Sea Kings, Roger could hear Poneglyph’s voice, Coby can’t do that stuff, he can hear human’s voices very well.

Conquerors Haki
– Intimidation – knocking out unconscious opponents [much] weaker than you and paralyzing them with fear
– Charisma – ability to affect matter and energy, for example, Shanks destroying WB’s ship by passing by, Ace, Roger and Luffy vs Doffy CoC clash extinguishing fire, Dragon controlling winds in Lougetown (this could be a DF but it could be haki too)

People with strong will and high ambitions have unlocked stronger Shades (e.g. Luffy and Roger dreaming of finding One Piece and being very confident about it have unlocked Voice) and their Haki would be stronger as well. It’s possible that there might be more Shades as well.

*Theory by Athashet


Why is Sanji wanted only alive?

Many people on this board and in the depths of the internet think it could be something related to his past, especially his bloodline.
Perhaps he is a prince, a CD or a son of a Gorosei.
I honestly dont’t believe that his “only alive” poster has something to do with this. There is just to small evidence this could be true.
I do not believe Rocinante survived and had a son who turned out to be a cook on the Odin, or anything related to this.
Of course there is always the possibillity that this could be true. That he is a prince of noble blood. But I just don’t think this could turn out to be true.

In my opinion there is something else. Since Enies Lobby I have a theory about Sanji and Zoro. And since Marinefort I think this theory could actually be true.

So what happened in Enies Lobby?


Our M3 developed techniques they just pulled out of nowhere. In the whole series till to their first apperance there were no evidence or related techniques to G2/G3, Ashura and Diable Jambe.

In Luffys case we had the chance, that Lucci explained Luffys new gained abbilities. But what the hell are Ashura and Diable Jambe? Just why can Marimo and our shitty cook use such techniques?

In Zoros case I thought it could be because of his Kitetsu and the curse of it. In Sanjis case I thought it could be a Heat Dial. But again, to small or even no evidence. As the series did go on I always thought about this particular two techniques.

Also I always thought of one particular thing.
The OPverse Oda created has something I always appreciated: the OPverse is a magical world, without magic!

Every single ability in One Piece is explainable. Either with devil fruits, Haki, or Skill.
In the whole world there is not a single case of unexplainable “magic”.
Please keep this in mind as you go on.

So what the hell are Ashura and Diable Jambe?
To clear this, we have to go a looong way :D

First we start with this:

Oda on Devil Fruits:

D: Excuse me!! May I pose a serious question to the typically-vulgar SBS?? In Volume 46, Usopp said that the same power doesn’t exist twice. But this doesn’t make sense with what you said in the Volume 45 SBS… If theGomu Gomu no Mi was in a book of fruits, then Luffy HAD to have eaten at least the SECOND known example of the fruit! Now, most beautiful and intelligent Ei-chan, explain it all! ✩ P.N. Takafi

O: Very sharp of you. But I’m cool. I haven’t made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. “The same powers don’t exist twice AT THE SAME TIME”. How’s that? For more detail, you’ll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are… Eventually.

This is from SBS 48. We can assume, that this certain professor will be Vegapunk himself. He will explain how Devil Fruits are created and work.

So why is this important for this theory?
Now put yourself in the situation of Oda. You thought, that your Manga will end shortly after Alabasta. But you and your Producers did created something extraordinary good. So you keep on going creating new content. You give it more and more story, and more and more background. One of the main, if not the main mystery in your story are the Devil Fruits. It would fit them, if you not just explain them, but connect the mystery of the Devil Fruits with your protagonists
Four of them already have one. But what would happen, if two more of the crew get fruits? And by getting you create more to their story than just eating them.

In Skypea the time was not right. Zoro had to get a slashing technique and Sanji… well… just wanted a little lighter.

The time to start explaining Devil Fruits came in the Water 7/Enies Lobby Saga.
Again, Zoro and Sanji pulled Ashura and Diable Jambe out of nowhere in a world without magic.
Now my theory: Oda started explaining the mystery of the Devil Fruits with Ashura and Diable Jambe.

Till the Dressrosa arc, both techniques are not explainable. Both are supernatural. But don’t forget, there is not a single supernatural case in One Piece. Everything is explainable.
During the Marinefort Arc I came to the conclusion that Ashura and Diable Jambe are the beginning of two Devil Fruits!
Zoro and Sanji will never eat Devil Fruits, both of them are in the process of creating two brand new Fruits!

But how did I pull that one?
Because of Sengoku!
Just think about it: Sengoku has the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Daibatsu.
Heck, Zoro developed a technique that is basically the same. If you assume that his ability could be transfered to a Fruit, it could be named Hito Hito no Mi: Model Ashura.

So basically my theory to this point is, that Zoro and Sanji are in the process of developing two brand new Devil Fruits.
Something like Hito Hito no Mi: Model Ashura in Zoros Case and something realated with Heat, Rotation or perhaps Passion in Sanjis Case.

Now back to Oda:
As the writer you gave two protagonists a Devil Fruit in progress. But to this point in the story you did not played that card of explaining their abbilities. You professor, who will explain the mystery, is still not part of your story. But now, at 3/4 of your story the right time is coming slowly to explain the big mystery. But not in a ordinary boring, but awesome unpredictable way.

And here comes the second part of my theory.
The WG wants Sanjis Fruit in progress. Many in the fanbase assume, that Sanjis “only alive” status is due to a clear picture the Marines could get of Sanji. I believe his status is due to the actions of Sanji, after the Time Skip.

Their is a huge difference between Sanjis Diable Jambe and Zoros Ashura. After Enies Lobby the Diable Jambe became Sanjis signature move. He used it everywhere. Zoro on the other side pulled Ashura just twice and never again.
So in Enies Lobby only Kaku and Jyabura saw the techniques, no one else. Before the TS there was no marine who saw the Diable Jambe, except Sentomaru, who was not a marine to this moment and the Pacifista, which was barely scratched after the Flambage Muton Shot.
My point is, that the Diable Jambe and Ashura techniques were not confirmed by the WG before the TS. Even the finishing move was Lufffys Gigant Rifle which blow away all evidence of Ashura and Diable Jambe on that Pacifista.

After the TS Sanjis Diable Jambe broke the neck of a Pacifista and was seen by a whole branch of marines in Punk Hazard. The Diable Jambe was confirmed by the Marines and WG, whereas Ashura is still a mystery to everyone except Kaku and Sentomaru.

So why is Sanji wanted “only alive”?

I think there is a possibility, that the WG wants Sanji because they know, that he has a devil fruit in progress. It is possible, that they know, how to transfer abilities in progress to fruits and create new ones.
I even do think, that the national treasure, which Doflamingo knows about, could be a transfer method of Devil Fruits in Progress. (Sad: extracting abilities; Smile: implanting abilities)

This whole thought of me could be the reason why Sanji is wanted alive. If he would die, his ability would die with him.

I don’t know how, but I think that Oda will explain us the creation of Devil Fruits with Sanji and Vegapunk.

I don’t claim that this is the absolute thruth. Of course this theory could turn out to be absolute bull!@#t. Sanjis only alive wanted poster could be literally anything from noble blood theories or anything else. Oda could even pull a typical Okama CD card, who wants Sanji for himself :D
I also know, that this therory has quite sone flaws.
But if Oda takes Sanji serious this time, this could turn out to be true.

*Theory by Deykin


I’m not going to go so in depth as to why I believe this, but here are a couple important things to help back up my claim:

It’s been a week since they first set sail to Zou. Kaido definitely knows what happened to Doflamingo and who brought him down by now.

Not only that, but I bet he’s also been told about the location of “The Curly Hats” most likely from that woman.

Basically what I’m getting at is that Edward Weeble looks lame as hell and even his name sounds lame as hell. Plus, we’ve just seen Luffy take down a shichibukai in the previous arc so what would be the point in Luffy defeating another so quickly? I just really don’t see the point of Weeble being added to the story right now other than to feed Kaido’s hype.

Right here we have Kizaru hyping him up to be at the level of a young Whitebeard. Also, think about it…he’s a self proclaimed son of Whitebeard, tries to look like Whitebeard, and around the strength of a young whitebeard?…And who do we know to have a grudge against Whitebeard?

Kaido, of course. Many speculate it’s because he’s jealous of Whitebeard being able to die and him not being able to, but we don’t know for sure. Kaido also tried to intercept Whitebeard before the Marineford war happened for an unexplained reason too. I’m not saying he’s going to destroy Weeble as an act of revenge, but as OJ loves to say…IT’S FORESHADOWING.

How I see it playing out:
Luffy and co have a mini scuffle with Weeble (Who Displays incredible power and gives them a good fight) to where it eventually ends (By Weeble realizing what his mom is trying to do and becoming friends with the minks or something) and the Straw Hats decide to leave Zou and head for Wano. Just as they leave for Wano, Kaido arrives at Zou claiming something like, “Damn, where the hell are they? Would have gotten here sooner if this stupid Elephant wasn’t constantly on the move.” He ends up running into Weeble (who gave Luffy and co a good fight) and immediately Kaido’s fueled with rage because of Weeble’s resemblance to Whitebeard (which reminds Kaido of the hatred he has for him). Because of this rage, Kaido decides to attack Weeble and destroys him with ease thus fueling the Kaido Hype Train even more.

It’ll most likely play out a bit differently than what I posted above^, but the point I’m trying to make is that Weeble is nothing more than fodder to help fuel Kaido’s hype. He’s going to look tough in the Zou arc when he fights Luffy, but will be destroyed with ease by Kaido in the end. And we may even get the explanation for Kaido’s grudge against Whitebeard in the process.

*Theory by DJ_Punk


Theory on how the people on Zou got on the back of the elephant.

The elephant originally lived on an inhabited island and the villagers adored it.

It kept growing and eventually couldn’t fit on the island anymore, but lived in the waters around the island. (Possibly used by the people for transportation between islands?)

The island was attacked by pirates/marines(Something about the void century? Ponoglyph on the elephant?) and the inhabitants fled the island on the elephant.

They hated people because they thought them scum (if attacked by pirates) or saw how the government easily betrayed their own and decided to create and army/live in seclusion. (if attacked by government.)

The elephant wanders around the ocean to lose their pursuers and continued to do so. (Might be running and the reason for their being attacked because they were a part of the old kingdom that was destroyed.)

So what do you guys think?

*by OnePieceDoesExist


This is a theory about Sanji being Donquixote.

  • he called himself Mr. Prince
  • was called Prince of dumbass kingdom
  • he has an RH- bloodtype; it is theorized that those with RH- blood are actually world leaders who are aliens in disguise

Here is the timeline..don’t bother watching it

Trafalgar’s age is “26”, but he tells Doflamingo that he’ll pay for what he did 13 yrs ago, alluding to Rocinante’s death when Trafalgar was 10, and when we flash back 16 yrs ago Trafalgar was 7yrs 7 months, making him about 23 right now (chap.724 pg.19, chap.761. pg 13).

Age inconsistencies happen all the time in One Piece so it’s no big deal. Honestly, I would say all ages are approximate and have some wiggle room. I think it would make sense if Sanji was a little bit younger as well.

-Both blonde, and Sanji has those prize winning Donquixote family legs
-Sanji was born in the North Blue but grew up in the East Blue (chap. 227 pg. 7)
-Sanji has an unusually rare blood type, maybe it’s because he’s from an unusually rare bloodline?
-Only crew member who hasn’t lost a named loved one, and Oda wouldn’t miss a chance to kill off some kid’s family unless he had something bigger planned.
-Both hard smokers
-Rocinante caught himself on fire..just like Sanji’s leg xD – don’t take this seriously
-Sanji’s coat in Film Z is very similar to Rocinante’s

Why was Sanji working on The Orbit?

-Rocinante doesn’t want Doflamingo to find out about him, because Doflamingo has a habit of killing everyone. If things go sour and Rocinante is revealed as a marine, he would want his kid as underground as possible.

-Rocinante doesn’t want people to know Sanji is related to the Donquixote family because of their heritage. People hated and attacked them when they found out about their connection to the Celestial Dragons.

-He just wanted them to have a normal life and maybe that’s what Rocinante wants for his son too.

Or maybe it’s none of these, but one way or another he gets on that boat.

Rocinante’s personality suggests he may be a father. He loves kids, which is why he tries so hard to discourage Baby 5, Buffalo, and Law from joining the crew. He doesn’t want to see them get killed/arrested. On their quest for a cure, Rocinante treats Law like a son. Is it because he misses his own son?

You may say now that Sanji would know if he is he wouldn’t know,simple because he doesn’t remember his father,he was still kid when guy left him

He tried to see Sanji for one last time before leaving – he got on fire Ch. 49 page 5

And by all this, Sanji will be king of Dressrosa.. someone made a theory that Zoro will be king of Wano Kuni.

*Theory by Bepo


Others have tried to crack the seventh Shichibukai for awhile. Now it’s my turn. Who is the seventh Shichibukai? Many believe he is a brand new character, however, I only half agree. While the seventh character is new to the manga, he isn’t new to the OP universe. I’m talking about Shiki.

I mentioned Shiki’s return in another theory before, so I’ll transfer info here.

So first thing is first, why did Oda bothered mentioning Shiki? It doesn’t make any since for useless info to be added. Knowing Oda, he just doesn’t add unnecessary info to his story. Shiki has some kind of significant purpose outside his feat of breaking out of Impel Down.

We know Shiki is cannon thanks to Oda and that the early events before the story started actually occurred. The movie Strong World on the other hand is not cannon and should be completely disregarded. We also know Zephyr as a character is cannon, with his Z movie also not considered cannon like Strong World. Zephyr was an Admiral for the Marines until he left after losing his men to the very person who became the seventh Shichibukai.

Now look right here:
Now look here:

Shiki the Golden Lion has been around for a long time. Zephyr in the movie died at 74. He was an admiral at 38 and an instructor at 41. That’s a 36 year gap to be filled.

Now Shiki competed with Roger during his days of piracy. Considering how he talks to Whitebeard (example shown below) and the fact that he fought Roger on equal grounds comes to tell you that Shiki is no pushover. But what if Shiki was responsible for causing the incident to Zephyr and was the one who cut his arm off? Shiki is a swordsman after all, though now his swords are his legs.

Shiki marched straight into the former Marine HQ and slaughtered a mountain of marines. It took Sengoku and Garp to bring him down, and he still escaped after being thrown into the impenetrable fortress that is the Impel Down. So this doesn’t surprise me if Shiki toppled Zephyr in a fight.

Let’s continue about Shiki. Last time we saw him, he was on a jungle island somewhere in the Grand Line, it could be Paradise or the New World, it never mentioned which.
But what if this island was actually Zou.
Yes, the mountains look slightly different with the 785 chapter showing an unusual tree species than the Strong World chapter. But also look here:
Who is he/she? (Looks like a she to me) She may be a result of Shiki’s planning.

Note a lot could change, and the mountain could have suffered physical alterations (highly doubt it), but keep Zou in mind. Say Shiki is on Zou, the seventh Shichibukai is yet to be fully revealed. Based on how Oda is introducing these new characters, I am expecting the seventh Shichibukai and third Admiral within the next two-to-four arcs.

Look here:
okAll these characters are only being shown their heads, not their full bodies. Notice what is under Buggy’s head, we have something “furry” of some sort shown. Some are saying that it’s part of Buggy’s shoulder wear. Others claim its Doflamingo’s coat. I say it is neither, it is the seventh Shichibukai. Let’s do an elimination, don’t we?
The marines and revolutionaries have their own panels, so I will eliminate any possibility of them being that “fur” thing. Here are the Yonko:
• Shanks
• Big Mam
• Kaido
• Blackbeard
• Doflamingo Donquixote
• Dracule Mihawk
• Boa Hancock
• Bartholomew Kuma
• Trafalgar Law
• Buggy
• Unknown Shichibukai
Worst Generation:
• Monkey D Luffy
• Roronoa Zoro
• Eustass Kidd
• Killer
• Basil Hawkins
• Scratchmen Apoo
• Trafalgar Law
• X Drake
• Urouge
• Jewelry Bonney
• Capone Bege

As you see, everyone above except the seventh and Doflamingo has their face shown. But that “furry” thing isn’t Doflamingo specifically because the pattern of Doflamingo’s coat and the “fur” object are different. It isn’t Jack either because he shares the same pattern as Doflamingo.
Notice how in both pictures, the coats appear more feather-like rather than a downward spike pattern. But look at Shiki’s hair:
A perfect match from a cone top to a spread as the pattern descends.

With the text bubble in the way, likely on purpose, any evidence of a steering wheel lodged in the way is none. This is likely as Oda doesn’t want us to guess who the last Shichibukai really is, and Shiki’s twenty year old plan will finally come to play during Luffy’s era.

An extra side note, unrelated to the theory, look at the head underneath Akainu next to Fujitora and Kizaru. No doubt that is the thrid Admiral. Keep your eyes out for character with curly dark hair.

Anyway, back to topic, Zephyr left the marines because of the injustice of allowing the seventh Shichibukai to join the ranks of exempt pirates. To be a Shichibukai you have to be well-known with a threat that can put fear among other pirates. But why would Shiki want to join the very group of people that were responsible for Roger’s death. Well he has something planned, and he means to show the world the true terror of a pirate. If you ask me, he will play a significant role in the initiation of the Throne Wars described by Doflamingo, and against the Worst Generation, the Yonko, and the Shichibukai, he will open a wrath unlike any other seen in One Piece. What is he planning? Whatever it is, he is likely pulling a Blackbeard in using his special status.

Before I end this, there begs one last question. Why would the WG allow Shiki to join the Shichibukai? Well he does meet the qualifications to become one, he is also on par with the Yonko as far as strength goes. If anything, the WG were probably desperate for the power needed to fill in the missing strength gap that Aokoji, Blackbeard, Gecko Moriah and Crocodile left vacant. This leaves the WG bouncing back from an almost ruptured power-struggle.

To rap things up:
• Shiki is back
• Shiki is the seventh Shichibukai
• Shiki is responsible for cutting Zephyr’s arm
• Shiki may be on Zou
• Shiki will be revealed in the next arc or two

And done…

*Theory by Phi


I’m going to start off on a bit of a tangent. Has anyone ever wondered why the technology to feed Devil Fruits to inanimate objects was created? In pretty much every instance it would be more beneficial for one to eat a fruit themselves, unless they already had one and would die. I believe DF powered weapons were merely a side result of another project

The Gorosei ordered Vegapunk to perform a very specific task – The artificial recombination of Devil Fruits. For what purpose? To recreate the fruit of life

So how does this relate to Sanji? Many people have connected the spiral pattern in his eyebrows with those found on all Devil Fruits, but what is his connection with them specifically? He is one. Or more accurately, he is two. In his attempts to recombine the fruits, Vegapunk fed a human human fruit model to another Devil Fruit, which resulted in it coming to life

It is reasonable to assume that the feeding of DFs to inanimate objects is a recent technology as it’s still relatively unknown that it even exists. It’s invention likely coincides with the year of Sanji’s “birth”

As to how Sanji escaped, he was probably given away by Vegapunk himself. Vegapunk is, unlike his masters, not a heartless monster, and decided that Sanji should lead a proper life in the real world. He was sent to North Blue

The reason that he is wanted “only alive” is that the Gorosei have deemed him their “property”, and intend to use his body to further research the possibility of recreating the fruit of life. His identity was determined purely through the now complete spiral pattern from both wanted posters, as there is no way the Gorosei or Tenryuubito could recognise someone who was lost to them as a baby from their general facial features

(This one is COMPLETELY crazy but I feel like there isn’t much variety in Sanji theories at the moment)

*Theory by Go D. Usopp