Let’s get the basics that probably everyone knows about out of the way first.

Bonney knows that Big Mam and WB are her parents. As for Big Mam, Bonney is way too similar to her to not know the truth.

Apart from the big appetites, pinkish-purple theme and similar hats, Bonney’s cake ship is very similar to Big Mam’s Whole Cake Island.

The reason WB would hit that(nudge nudge wink wink) is Big Mam most likely looked something like this when younger:
In the world of One Piece, woman are always slim n’ beautiful when young but scary zombies when old.

The reason Bonney was crying after WB supposedly betrayed his allies to save Ace was because she was disappointed that her father that she wanted to meet so much was such a cruel man.

Bonney is ESTIMATED to be 24 years old so her actual age is unknown and 24 years ago, WB was 50. Oda was asked about Bonney’s age and he said “I cant be sure because of her powers.” That it a big red flag. We know for a fact that there are fruits that stops the aging process as seen with Sugar who is 22 years old in the body of a 9 year old.

Lets get to how the WB, Big Mam and Bonney are connected.

WB’s real name is obviously Edward Newgate and the name Edward is an English name that means wealth and fortune. Newgate is a famous London prison.

Big Mam’s real name is Charlotte Linlin and the name Charlotte is the female version of Charles(French name) which means “free man.” Charlotte therefore means “free woman.”

Jewelry Bonney is name comes from the real life Irish pirate Anne Bonney.

Anne Bonney(birth name Anne Cormac) was disowned by her wealthy father. She was cornered by a “King’s Ship” lead by a Jamaican Governor and was captured. Because she was pregnant, she received a temporary stay of execution until she gave birth. It is unknown whether she was released or executed.

Notice how WB, Big Mam and Bonney are all European?

Also, Bonney is from South Blue and the same thing can be said for WB. South Blue is the sea of the poor and as a child, WB was hoarding goods.

WB always wanted a family ever since he was a kid.

Don’t you think WB would’ve tried to have a real family? He had one with Big Mam(who was also a pirate) and she got pregnant with Bonney.

Soon enough, a Tenryubitto ship showed and a certain tenryubitto took the pregnant Big Mam as his wife. WB returned only to find his wife and unborn child missing and returned to his pirate life to start a new family after he couldn’t locate them(Don’t forget that Yasopp had a wife n’ child but left them behind to continue piracy. WB probably did something like that).

This could be the reason WB has no female fighters on his ship. The abduction/disappearance of his first family made him overprotective. WB always says “Son.” Never daughter or children.

Reason I think Big Mam was taken to be a Tenryubitto wife is this:
What Teach said to Bonney just got me thinking of Big Mam.

Linlin Bonney was changed to Jewelry Bonney(probably the last name of that Tenryubitto) and Big Mam spent at least 2 years as a Tenryubitto wife and was fed the Witch Witch Fruit(Tenryubittos have a monopoly of DFs and is known to force slaves to eat them for kicks. They probably anyone they are tired off eat them). Big Mam used her new power to escape along with her two daughters Bonney and Lola(still in the womb) back to South Blue.

Since Big Mam was a pirate at heart, she left Bonney in South Blue and gave birth to Lola while she was sailing the seas. I’m sure Big mam ran into WB again but since WB was now overprotective, Big Mam decided to make her own crew. Big Mam would occasionally visit Bonney in South Blue(or send her crew members to visit her).

Bonney has always wanted to meet her father however and by chance, she meet Ace on his BB hunt. Ace told Bonney about her dad and that inspired to become a pirate and travel to the New World to meet her dad.

Lastly, do you guys know who that Tenryubitto I mentioned is related too?
Black Leg Sanji who is obviously European(French) just like Big Mam, Bonney. I have said before that the Big Mam arc is the arc of Sanji and that this is the arc where Sanji will discover the dark nature of his tenryubitto family.

I believe that Sanji and other SHs will be captured by Big Mam’s crew to bait Luffy(all takes place after Kaidou). Big Mam would originally want to kill Sanji n’ company because she recognizes his eyebrows and this is when Sanji will learn just how much of a devil he really is. Sanji will keep everyone alive by promising to make her sweets.

When the other arrives, they have to deal with Big Mam’s “family.”


Now lets get into Bonney’s devil fruit power. Popular belief is tha Bonney can alter people’s ages to whatever she wants but that is not the case. She can make someone very young or very old.

Don’t buy it? Let me go into more detail then.

First of all, Akainu said a cold-chill went down his spine when he heard Bonney escaped the WG. He was referring to Sabody.
Also, when Bonney said “You people!! I’ll forgive you!!!,” she was talking about the entire WG including the Tenryubittos as they were the ones who screwed up her life in the first place. Her entire family life was ruined.

BB called Bonney too weak and was surprised that she made it all the way to the New World and had 100+ million bounty.

The WG or more specifically the Gorosei, gave Bonney a 140 million bounty because of the potential threat of her devil fruit.

The Gorosei were the ones who gave rise to the DFs. They know exactly of the potential Bonney’s power holds. Bonney was never captured or “Revived the Gorosei to their Prime” nonsense because…..

She is FREE!! A freaking chill went down AKAINU’S back. Why would they let her go!!??? They didn’t. Bonney was saved but by who?Monkey D. Dragon.
Dragon’s tattoo always reminded me of tribal face paint and look at the entire area where Bonney was captured.
Surrounded by tribal totems. It was Dragon saving Bonney that made the Gorosei push Akainu to become Fleet Admiral.

Bonney’s ability falls in the same category of Law’s and Mansherry’s power(also with BB, Brooke and Doc Q).

Law’s power allows him to make someone immortal by sacrificing his own life. Regular use of is power also drains his stamina.

Mansherry can bring a person back to life at the cost of her own.

Here is the hierarchy:
1-Yami Yami-Teach can steal and contain souls
2-Yomi Yomi- Brooke can control and manipulate souls
3-Death Death- Doc Q kills the soul
4-Heal Heal- Mansherry can heal people and restore inanimate objects completely(since its a non living things it takes more power)in exchange for sending a portion of her soul to Yomi
5-Ope Ope- Law can make a soul immortal in exchange for sending his soul into Yomi

Bonney’s fruit is in the middle as she can alter life spans in he extremes(making someone very young or very old). She can also do the same for objects which is why she has so much potential.

Since she can severely alter the lifespan of anything, her own life force is constantly decreasing. She eats so much because she has to in order to replenish her life force. If it runs out, she obviously dies. That’s why she was so impatient next meal in Sabody despite having some food left. She had no time to waste.

The Gorosei are so afraid because she can potentially revive the Anceint Kingdom and/or the Island of Ohara. The same goes for any other place the Gorosei had destroyed to conceal the truth.

*Theory by Vandenreich


  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Vicious D. Joe

    the whole theory is nothing more than a long shot…

    personally i think it makes more sense, that bonny is either aikanus neece or ace’s sister – but i guess we’ll find out soon enough

  3. White beard betrayed his allies to save ace? WHATTTTTTT

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