This theory will explain to us everything about the Will of D  and hopefully tell us what the ONE PIECE is!

Eiircho Oda was inspired from this Tribe Called “Tuatha Dé Danann” that existed in real life and in Irish mythology .

I will Point out the MIND BLOWING similarities between this tribe and the current events in One Piece.

So let’s first state that this tribe is called “Tuatha Dé Danann”.

The first part “Tuatha Dé”

Tuatha means “tribe of the” .. and Dé is the name of the tribe!
Translates to “Tribe of the Dé”

The second part “Dannan” means “those” it was an extra part made by the monks of Ireland because Irish monks began using to the term “Tuatha De” to refer to Israelites.

So they called it “Tuatha de Dannan” to refer to this Ancient Tribe.

So I’m going to show you the legends of this tribe as how it’s so similar to One Piece.

In the Irish mythology, this Tribe was the one of the first advanced tribes to settle on earth, they were explained as gods or fallen angels who were neither good nor evil, they were also known for having super natural powers, and they came to settle on the earth.

Already so far we have Two similarties!

1- Fallen angels or gods who are not from earth?

Doesn’t this seem like the sky island people of birka who had advanced technology and came to earth to settle down?

2- Super natural powers? Does this resemble devil fruits in One Piece?


Look at this picture, this was the tribe’s symbol.
Doesn’t it look so similar to the ones on the devil fruits?!

This Tribe Dé had a lot of rivals one of them was the Fomorians.
Take a look at how they looked like.

This one resembles a One Piece Fishman!

The second thing in the picture i notice a dog-human thing.
I believe it’s the Minkmen tribe.
The white horse in the back … is Doc Q from Blackbeard’s crew! The resemblance is so similar!

The Tribe of Dé Ruled the world and they shared with the other tribes who existed on earth their advanced technology.

Hmmm , do you remember the Ancient Kingdom of Raftel , it was also said it was an advanced kingdom.

But why did the kingdom of Raftel disappear? Well, let’s continue with this story.

And what’s surprising about this tribe is everything about their history is written down , from the name of their scientists and rulers …. Until at one point of time , nothing at all is mentioned. And their kingdom is erased from history as if they no longer exists.

There are many legends and myths about how this Kingdom suddenly vanished, however there is no evidence on how it suddenly vanished.

Some historians said that this tribe vanished because an Army from the Spanish government attacked Ireland and attacked this tribe , and after that they did everything to try to Destroy their kingdom and erase their history.

This is the same thing that the World Government did, and its still doing it to everyone who tries to learn the ancient language of the Ponyglyphs and they get erased from history.

The tribe, Tuatha De Danann had Four Legendary treasures. Which can ONLY be used if you are a descendant of the tribe De , or carry their blood.

So here are the four treasures.

The first one is “the Spear of Lugh” which is a very destructive Spear with very high accuracy, that can hit the target no matter how far it is.

Sounds like something Ussop would use , and that will complete his dream of becoming the brave warrior of the sea.

The Second treasure is “the Dagda’s Cauldron” which is a golden Bowl that never runs out of material or food.

I believe Sanji is the perfect one to use this since he is the straw hat’s cook.

The Third treasure is “The Sword Of Light of Nuada”.

This is known as the greatest sword in the world.

And what’s amazing, lets look at Mihawk’s sword its called Yoru , which means sword of the night.
And this completes Zoro’s dream of being the greatest swordsman in the world.

The last treasure is “The Stone of Fal”

This is what I believe the One Piece is.

This stone is a magical stone that Selects the next King of the Tribe of the De.
The way it selects the king is by talking to him , and only the King of the De can hear the stone.

Does this remind you of how Gol D Roger could hear the voice of all things , and it even said by Silver Rayleigh that they didn’t have the tools or knowledge Ohara did. However Roger could talk to these stones. Which are the Ponyglyphs.

And once Luffy talks to that last stone which is known as the One Piece he will gain the status of the King and the knowledge the stone holds.

Do you remember the first intro of One Piece?

Wealth… Fame… power…

The golden cauldron resembles Wealth.
The spear and the sword resembles Power.
The Stone resembles Fame.

*Theory by Pirate king buggy


  1. There are some clear similarities between that tribe and the world of One Piece but you still completely forget the fact that Oda could have no idea about who those are, maybe he just thought of all those things by himself or got inspired a little by other stuff. I don’t know what those “4 treasures” have to do with this but they don’t make any sense, i mean nothing like that was ever mentioned in OP. And the last think Luffy wants is wealth, fame and power, so if that is what OP is then it will be really dissapointing.

    • actually they were mentioned… they can be the mythical weapons( 3 known so far in the show) and one piece can be the 4th one that is why the would government could be scared( check whitebeard before death). imagine a pirat with a ancient weapon. although the ancient weapon are a bit different in one piece then the tribe ones.

  2. RoronoaZoroII

    very nice theory dude !!

  3. AMAZING!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  4. Am I the only one that thinks that the “Will of D” is the power to turn anyone into allies?

  5. good theory bro!

  6. Very nice of the best i have read….

  7. nico robinll

    Very nice pirate king buggy

  8. Swedish OP Fan

    a thing that keeps bugging me about this theory is

    “The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (usually translated as “people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Danu”), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”),” Notice the last part “Tribe of the gods” and now this Rosinante said: ” Rosinante explained to Law that the “D.” has been secretly inherited worldwide and throughout history, and that in a certain land, the “Family of D” was referred to as “God’s Natural Enemy” (神の天敵 Kami no Tenteki?).”… Just putting it out there!

    Peace fellow OP’s!

  9. Buggy the Great

    Nice theory fellow Buggy-sama

  10. Very good theory. I also found this regarding the tribe: “In Irish mythology, it is said that a race of kings descended from the heavens to the ancient, pre-Celtic culture of Ireland. These tall, bright, shining creatures were elegant and beautiful and brought with them the secret knowledge of the gods. While the Tuatha represent a caste of Irish elemental beings, there are also accounts of them being flesh and blood conquerors of the Fir Bolg, one of the ancient races inhabiting Ireland, coming down and invading from the four northern cities of Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finias, where they acquired their occult skills and magical attributes.”

    Note the words/sentences: “Elemental beings”, “Secret Knowledge” (the ultimate weapons), “Conquerors” (Haki perhaps?), “(…) coming down and invading from the FOUR northern cities”…

    There are so many similarities that I almost sure ODA is also based on this ancient civilization. As we know, ODA loves using mythical stories, movies and even fairy tales to write One Piece.

    This is the source of my research:

  11. Its really a bice theory. But I will still go with the atlantis (most popular lost city with advanced tech) and jayabaya/joyoboyo (resembling joyboy) theories.

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