So I wanted to do this theory a little differently from all the other Vinsmoke speculations that have surfaced over the past few weeks…. Instead of predicting who the Vinsmokes actually are (Royalty, Mafia, CD’s etc…) I want to go into what I believe they actually do….

Now no matter what route anyone chooses to go with who the Vinsmokes are, there is one thing that is abundantly obvious, and that is that they are extremely influential in the world. I believe they aren’t influential just because of who they are, but because of what they do! Allow me to explain….

Now in the latest chapter (813) there was a huge mistranslation within one of the pages, and when I had read the correct translation, it inspired to me write this theory….. what I will do is, is post one of the scanlations, and then provide the official translation via text.

In the first part of the theory, I want to focus on how we may have already seen one of Sanji’s older brother! But who could the mystery man be? Well we haven’t seen his face, like most people think, but what we have seen is that this group he belongs to has the ability to manipulate the world, and trick them into believing something like Doflamingo resigned from the Shichibukai! If you haven’t guess it by now, I am talking about one of the members of CP-0 who showed up on Dressrosa….


Why him? Well there is no particular reason, but the point is, even if it is not him, I believe one of Sanji’s brothers, is a Cipher Pol 0 agent. Now if you look at the suits CP-0, they are the same exact type of suit Sanji wears, but they are white instead of black…. Now obviously I am not going claim his brother is a member of CP-0 just because of that! Thats like saying Bellamy is his brother cause they have blonde hair…. >:)

What leads me to believe that, is what the official translation of 813 stated. Lets take a look shall we?


Sanji: You can’t kill me can you? What did they tell you? No cuffs? Treat me gently right? My bounty poster says I’m to be taken only alive! If you Kill me, someone is going to be real angry I bet! And whoever wrote that on my poster….Has to be the same person who arranged this wedding! Don’t move! You know who I’ve got backing me up now don’t you? I am going with you, to settle things with them! So don’t you dare touch my crew!

Now in the mangastream translation we see Sanji speaking about a single person being responsible for his bounty poster, but in the official translation, he not only speaks about a single person, but also speaks about “them” which leads me to believe he is talking about a specific group, and he knows exactly who they are! And like I pointed out earlier, CP-0 has already shown to have the authority to even go over the Gorosei’s head, and trick the World. So if they have the authority to do that, then there is no doubt in my mind they have the authority to make someones wanted poster “Only alive”

Now I know that is not concrete evidence to prove his brother is apart of CP-0, but there is a few other things that lead me to believe that! One thing that people have always wondered, was what Sanji ment, when he told Bartholomew Kuma, that one day he was going to be the biggest threat to the World Government….

Well, if you think about it. Doflamingo was able to manipulate the World Government, because he knew about the National Treasure of Mariejois. Now think about it. If the Vinsmoke family have been members of CP-0 throughout the generations, then it would make sense, that Sanji also knows about the National Treasure of Mariejois… Which would explain how he would become a huge threat to the World Government!

Next thing I want to point out…. What is some of the things Sanji specializes in? Information gathering, and infiltration! He had to have learned these skills somewhere, and what we saw from CP-9, they start training their candidates at a young age! So it makes perfect sense for Sanji to have started training to be a member of CP-0 at a young age!

Now the last point I want to make, might sound a little ridiculous, but I believe it was extremely sneaky on Oda’s part to do this! And a little comical as well! We all remember when Sanji fought against Jabra right? Well Jabra is a member of CP-9, and he tried to trick Sanji into believing he was Nico Robins long lost brother!


I believe this is a tricky little foreshadowing on Oda’s part, alluding to the fact that Sanji’s long lost brother, is a member of a Cipher Pol agency! We all know Oda has a knack for making lies become reality!

Now onto the second part of the theory! Like i said earlier, I wanted to go into what the Vinsmokes actually do, and I don’t believe they are a family limited to being CP-0 agents! I believe they are also a family who marry into the family of extremely powerful Pirates! I think they have been doing this for Generations!

I think Sanji was originally suppose to become a member of CP-0 when he was a kid, and one of his other brothers was suppose to Marry into the Charlotte Family! However after Sanji ran away, the brother who was suppose to Marry into the Charlotte family, became a member of CP-0, and now they want Sanji to marry into the Charlotte family, as he is already a Pirate!

What leads me to believe they also become affiliated with powerful Pirates, on top of working for the Celestial Dragons? It’s what Brook said in the latest chapter! (813)

Brook: “V…Vinsmoke is Sanji’s family name?! It’s a name that makes my Backbone crawl…. But it can’t be….”

That right there leads me to believe, that the Pirate crew who wiped out The Rumbar Pirates over 50 years ago were none other than the Vinsmoke Pirates….. Who even back then were affiliated with the Charlotte family!

I believe the Vinsmoke family has their hands in not only the World Government, Not only being Royalty, but also has their hands in Piracy!

One son enters into Cp-0, another son enters into an affiliation with a powerful Pirate crew (A yonko) and the other son remains in their Kingdom to become the next King! The Piracy thing might be a stretch, but the fact that Brook has his backbone crawl whenever he hears the name, is what leads me to believe they had a pirate crew 50 years ago, and were the ones who wiped out The Rumbar Pirates!

And with that I conclude my theory! It’s been a long time since I made one, so I hope you all enjoyed it! If I think of anything else, I will add more to it!

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon


  1. vinsmoke or vinsmock?

  2. The only reason Brook gets the chill is because the Vinsmoke is extremely well known or maybe infamous. It doesn’t mean they have a pirate crew and the crew wiped out Brook’s crew at that time.
    It is like hearing the yonkous’ names and got the chill from it even when you have not met them.

  3. Good theory ! I will not spoil the last chapter, but i’m impressed 😉

  4. I dont think vinsmoke who wiped out rumbar pirate. If that really happened, vinsmoke will be the famous pirate like yonko or something, but no many people know them. Inn it this time i think vinsmoke like revolution army which Everyone know about their power (Monkey.D.Dragon) but its from under world.

    • Vinsmoke is ONLY well known in the underground as a family of assassins. given they have the power to manipulate the wanted posters, they are a family of royalty in the mainstream.

      Perfect example would be Doffy, a king of dressrossa and a shichibukai on the outside, but the top broker in the underground.

  5. Sanji Would be Like Robin.Sanji will be captured and go to somewhere like Enies Lobby. I think

  6. Although Sanji easily fall in love with girls, Sanji will not be married to the daughter of Big Mom. Sanji will not comply with the request Vinsmoke family.

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