Hey guys, here’s my take on the Red Poneglyph!

Something that has been curious to me for several chapters now is why exactly is Momo sick? It has been stated that he “doesn’t feel well” and has been in his room almost since arriving on Zou.


As they head toward whale tree, Oda specifically writes that Momo is still feeling “terrible“.


Kinemon suggests to Momo “wait at the bottom”. Perhaps this indicates that he is feeling worse as he heads closer to the whale tree.

Here’s where it get’s juicy.


Momo says that the closer he gets to whale tree, the more he can hear this “loud voice”. Kinemon comments that Momo is much like his Father and Neko and Inu bring up another person who is “much the same”.

I really think this voice Momo hears is the “voice of all things”. It is very conspicuous that only Momo can hear this voice, given Franky possesses “super hearing”. Neither the minks nor the Samurai are very surprised. Perhaps this suggests others have heard this same “loud voice” as they approach whale tree.

This is a voice that only Momo, his father and the “other man” can hear.

The “other man” is heavily hinted to be Gol D. Roger.


Remember, Gol D. Roger “found the text and followed it’s guidance”. This implies at some point he would have come across this new Red Poneglyph on Zou, giving him the opportunity to here its “voice”.


Note, it’s not until they are inside the tree that Nami can hear Raizou’s screams. This heavily suggests that the voice Momo can hear is not the screams of the ninja.


I am sure Momo can hear the voice of all things!!! And this ability allows him to hear the voice of the Poneglyph on zou and it’s voice is a voice that makes him feel physically ill.

And we learn that this poneglyph Momo can hear has a “different purpose” than the others.


To further my suspicions about Momo, he is not shown at all inside the Poneglyph chamber. This next chapter Momo will reveal that he can hear what the Poneglyph is saying, i’m sure.

So… What could this Poneglyph be saying??

It’s story makes Momo “uneasy” to the point that he feels “sick”. It’s also colored “deep red”. Perhaps you could even describe it as blood red…

I think that this red Poneglyph is a poneglyph that describes a story of death. Could it be a gruesome battle during the void century? Some catastrophe? Perhaps it may just be a representation of the many lives lost during the course of the void century.

My favorite idea, however, is that the Red Poneglyph specifically tells the sad story of Wano Kuni during the void century. Whereas most poneglyphs focus on the Ancient Kingdom and the general history of the void century. I think this is Wano’s Poneglyph.

It’s hard to be sure exactly though, but for sure, this Poneglyph does not contain good news.

Let me know what you think!

*Theory by Joy_Boy


  1. I’ve just read this and I can say it is most likely true as there was one of the Wano’s clan crest with the poneglyph.

  2. i think the next hcapter will show us things that qill change our opinion :c like the history of this place or what happened here

  3. The question is why luffy hear sometimes and sometimes not , is he not awakened this skill , or will he says something also in the next chapter that will make everybody surprises , Gol D roger and luffy are similiar and that’s has been proved by shanks , rayleigh , sea kings , the god in sora jima gan fal , so I wish luffy come into the picture too , I hate the idea that mom hears and luffy not ;s

  4. its already been prooved wrong!!!

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