The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.


Roger was executed 24 years ago. Three years difference.


Doflamingo is 41 years old.

41 – 24 = 17

Doflamingo was around 17 when he witnessed Roger’s execution:


Doflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of the National Treasure and escaped from Mariejois.

At the time of the Battle of Edd War, he was around 14 (17 – 3).

Shiki claimed that Roger knew the location of the Ancient Weapon, but hadn’t said which one.

Roger doesn’t deny this and “I have no desire to rule, Shiki!” as well as “You can pressure me all you want,” implies that he can access it, because he rejects Shiki’s offer to use it to conquer the world.

Shiki was informed that Roger knew the location of one Ancient Weapon.
I believe that this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus.

Let me explain why this Ancient Weapon was the Uranus, instead of the Pluton or the Poseidon, through deduction:

– If Roger knew about the Pluton in Alabasta, then why didn’t Cobra mention Roger in the Tomb of the Kings?
Why did Cobra not have a saddened/noticeable expression when he read that Roger was executed?
Instead, he was more worried about the ‘terrible age’ that would begin.


Sure, Roger could’ve used the “voice of all things” to find and gain passage underneath the Tomb, and then used the same ability to learn the location of the Pluton from the poneglyph inside.

The Tomb Of The Kings


But this is highly unlikely and very far-fetched because he wouldn’t have known the secret entrance to the underground of the Tomb to start with; we also don’t know much about his VOAT ability – how he used it and such.

Robin Examining The Pluton Poneglpyh

  • If he read the blueprints of the ‘Second Pluton’, then he didn’t know the ‘location‘ of the Pluton, but the design of it from the blueprints.
Furthermore, it’s been hinted many times that the Pluton in Alabasta will be found and awakened by a group with bad intentions (WGor Blackbeard?), prompting the use of the ‘Second Pluton’ to counter it.
So Roger did not have a newly-created ‘Second Pluton’, as there was no need to build it at that time, so he couldn’t have known the ‘location‘ of it.

The Pluton’s Blueprint


This is all still debatable as Tom didn’t let just anyone examine it; but then again, Roger had befriended him, with Tom having built the Oro Jackson for him.


Thus it’s fair to say that Roger didn’t know the exact location of either of the Plutons.

– Roger probably knew the general location of the Poseidon from the poneglyph in Shandora, but he possibly knew that he couldn’t find it since it hadn’t been born yet, and thus he didn’t know the exact location of it, therefore I doubt it was this Ancient Weapon.

The Golden Belfry & Its Poneglyph


Robin Examining The Belfry’s Poneglyph


Roger’s Inscription Besides The Poneglyph


Perhaps when he went to Fishman Island he realised that the Poseidon wasn’t anywhere to be found.

The Oro Jackson Under The Ocean


Remember when Rayleigh said that “perhaps we […] were too impatient“.
It possibly meant that they were too early, one of the reasons being because:

The Battle of Edd War was 27 years ago.
Roger died 24 years ago.
Shirahoshi was born 16 years ago.

It’s impossible for Roger to have found the Poseidon – he was going to die from his disease soon and the Poseidon would be born 11 years later after the Battle of Edd War; he left this job to a pirate with his will (Luffy) who would be around when the Poseidon would.

Princess Shirahoshi: Poseidon


This leaves the Uranus.

People theorise that it’s the mysterious egg on Roger’s ship, which I strongly disagree with, and I’ll post all of the reasons why on another thread next time – there’s an interesting theory I have. It links with a Ghibli film.

The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Episode


The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Manga


For a start, Shiki and Roger spoke as if the latter knew the ‘location‘ of it, not as if he actually had it with him – the red-polka-dotted eggwas with Roger on the Oro Jackson, so it can’t be the Uranus.

But then again there were different translations – some say he found it, but most say that he knew the location. So we’ll go with the latter.

The Egg On The Oro Jackson In The Merchandise


People theorise that it’s the National Treasure located within Mariejois, which I also disagree with.

Considering that Roger had the location and (implied) access to the Uranus when Doflamingo was around 14, while he was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the National Treasure, how could the Uranus be the National Treasure?

Roger and Shiki spoke as if the former could access it any time – wouldn’t that be difficult if the Uranus was in Mariejois?

Doflamingo informed the readers about the National Treasure at the age of 41, saying that he still used the knowledge of the NT to blackmail the CD, the WG and their affiliates.

Doflamingo’s Trump Card


So 41 – 10 = 31 –> for 31 years Doflamingo had been blackmailing the Celestial Dragons, even while the Battle of Edd War was raging, so the National Treasure is still within Mariejois.

If the National Treasure had to be something, it’d have to be something that they themselves created or stole long ago – what it could be:

  • Something, possibly a weapon, that the 19/20 Kings used to help them defeat the Ancient Kingdom, thus why it’s heralded by Doflamingoas the “national treasure” (implying that the Celestial Dragons do so too and thus take pride in it since it helped them defeat the AK)

Don’t trust me on this though, this is only a wild guess. I’m clueless.[A key to the Uranus? I disagree because there are no keys to activate Poseidon.] [Sure, the description that Doflamingo gives of the National Treasure reminds us of the description of the Ancient Weapons, but that still doesn’t prove anything except that all of these things share being able to ‘shake the public world’ in common.] [Before arguing that “After Roger died, the World Government took control of the Uranus from Roger, and that became the National Treasure.” notice that it’s obvious from this thread that the Celestial Dragons had the National Treasure long before the Battle of Edd War, asDoflamingo was 10 when he gained knowledge of it and the Battle of Edd War was when he was around 14.]

To conclude:

  • Roger had (implied) access to the Ancient Weapon, most likely Uranus, back when Doflamingo was still blackmailing the Celestial Dragons with the knowledge of the National Treasure hidden in Mariejois, and thus this proves that the Uranus and the National Treasure are two different things.
  • I believe that the egg on Roger’s ship wasn’t the Uranus either, as Roger supposedly only knew the location of it – like I said, I’ll expand on this in another thread later.

*Theory by Saffron Kaizoku

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  1. Well thought theory and I like all the math behind it. Great job. Now we just have to see if you are right!

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